pasture pony

stablehand gothic

  • one of the boarders constantly refer to their horse as “she.” you’re confused, because “she” goes into the gelding pasture at night. you check when the boarder isn’t looking. “she” is a gelding. the boarder corrects you if you call “her” a gelding.
  • there are two barn cats, stella and oreo. a gray tabby lives in the indoor arena. a black cat and a calico cat live in the break room. an orange tabby never leaves your side.
  • the feed room is in a constant state of disarray, but everything is always in the same place. you spend hours organizing the feed room. the next day, everything is back where you started. you organize the feed room again. the next day, the cycle repeats.
  • theres a horse whose boarder you’ve never met. when you ask about it, you’re told that the boarder comes out “every day.” but you’re out there every day, and you’ve never seen them.
  • you’re watering the horses when the water pressure drops. when you check, no else was watering horses. the shower stalls are dry.
  • when bringing in horses for the day, you ask about the palomino in the back of the pasture. the other stablehands tell you to ignore it. they leave the gate open. after a few weeks you get worried, since you’ve never seen anyone feed the palomino. you ask the barn manager about it. “we don’t have a palomino here.”
  • one pasture seems to fade in and out of existence. sometimes it’s there, behind the pony pasture. sometimes there’s just overgrown woods. on days where the pasture isn’t there, no one recognizes the names of the horses who live there.

the best mane in iceland by Danielle Nelson
Via Flickr:
Oh, you beautiful horses, you. Image made with my Hasselblad 500 C/M.