pasture board

Barn Drama

Worst part of being a pasture boarder? I’m treated second class. Back in late January I lost my brand new halter. Usually the boys look out for it for me but I had left it off one night since she cut herself and when I cam back it was gone. Last Friday I go in the lesson barn and BEHOLD, guess what greeted me? My Halter. With my name barely still on it. Apparently one of the girls in full board had claimed it as her own. Well, me being me decided to put it back on my horse and I got a call later that night from the barn owner that someone had said my horse was wearing their halter. Best part? She said it was a leather halter but I would never turn her out in a halter that wasn’t break away. I called back and she admitted that she never ever went out there to check. When I went out there, someone already decided to take off her halter. Upon further inspection, I realized she also had saddle marks. 

I’m just sick of this treatment. NO ONE should ride my horse without my knowledge and I’m sick of my stuff being stolen. In fact, I don’t even care about the halter that much, just so much that it was basically taken under my nose. I’ve been having problems with the barn owner, previously a friend for 8-9 years, recently and I believe it might be best for me to leave soon. I’m tired of the drama.


Great night at the barn! Liz was there and cleaned the stalls, so I didn’t have to. I put some hoof dressing on Spanky and sent him out to pasture! Liz brought him back in for a bit to groom him, but then put him back out for the night. Hopefully he settles in nicely. I’ll be checking on him tomorrow.

I sort of ditched my plan from yesterday with Lennox. I thought about it some more and wondered if I could test my footing theory by riding him in the grass pasture that I usually turn him out in (where he usually canters and gallops happily on his own). I first started riding him in the outdoor arena, which had just been dragged. He was pretty stiff and really didn’t want to move forward. After a few minutes, I we went into the grass pasture. Immediately he was looser and actually trotted pretty easily. Then I took him on the track, where he was really forward and trotted huge. I even got him into a really beautiful collected trot in a gorgeous frame - I haven’t been able to get that out of him in a long time. Finally, we went back into the outdoor arena and did a short canter and some lateral work at the walk. He was SO much looser and more forward after we’d warmed up elsewhere.

I think this little “test” was very helpful. It was perfect timing that the arena had just been dragged, as that’s as soft as it ever is. One variable I considered was that it’s not unreasonable for him to come out of his stall stiff then loosen up as time goes on, and that could be why he got better on the grass and track. BUT. I’ve tried to warm him up meticulously in the outdoor and he never seems to loosen up. And the difference between the outdoor and grass was immediately noticeable. So, my final verdict is that our outdoor is too hard. Now I just have to figure out how to remedy that.

OH MY GOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found a barn for Maeve at home that has pasture board!!  And it’s only $250/month, and she’s going to get everything she needs, everything I can possibly give her

This is the best day ever.

How far does everybody travel to their barn? And more importantly…how do you feel about that travel time? I have the opportunity to move to a barn where a USDF judge instructs, and that has a nicer indoor and outdoor than my current barn (for only $10 more). They are also totally on board with pasture board year around vs having to stall in the winter (which is healthier for Sydney). They feed the same grain that Sydney is currently on as well, and seem to have a very active group of boarders which would be awesome. Riding alone all the time isn’t much fun. The downside is that the barn is an hour drive round trip. I love everything about this barn, except that. I need to decide fast too as they are filling up for the winter.


Went to the barn today. No tornados or sick horses, hurray! Lol.

I turned the boys out in the front pasture - with their fly masks on and drenched in fly spray. I’ve been seeing tons of horse flies all of a sudden, and they’ve been tormenting my poor horses. Since Liz was coming out tonight, I didn’t have to clean stalls, but Spanky’s was gross so I decided to clean his.

I also decided that maybe he’d do better on pasture board. It’s an extra $20 a month, but I think I’d save that much in bedding since Spanky’s so messy, so it should even out. Our pasture board is more because our barn is really close to both the big race tracks in our area - Scioto Downs (standardbreds) and Beulah Park (thoroughbreds) - and our BO offers daily pasture board for racehorses. So boarders taking up pasture space actually costs her more money than them being in a stall in the barn. Anyway, Spanky loves living outside and his buddy Scoot’s been living outside by himself for a while and could use a pasture mate, so I think it’ll be a good situation for everyone. I checked with Liz to make sure she didn’t mind and she was on board. I mean, she won’t have to clean his stall anymore so I don’t know why she wouldn’t be.

I don’t understand why more people DON’T want to offer pasture board. Its less work! You don’t have to buy shavings, clean stalls, take blankets on and off, lead horses in and out of the barn… Just throw hay, give grain, and make sure the horse is still in one piece. All I want is pasture board with an indoor. Apparently that doesn’t exist.