My closest friends are down to get lost with me(I hope)!

Getting lost is one of my favorite pasttimes. Is that weird? When I enter a new enviornment I’ll often wander(not aimlessly) to get a feel for my surrroundings. I started doing this freshman year of college. It’s good for the creative juices. Plus, it makes you realize that “not knowing” is GREAT. It forces you to use your brain and become an adaptable problem-solver. In the end, you’ll have had a few good experiences and probably increase your innate sense(or lack thereof) of direction!

I could tie this in spiritually but I’ll just spare you…..

for now.

Pasttime- Daathic

Sync sat alone at the foot of Ion’s bed. In his hands, he held the headpiece that Ion wore as the Fon Master. He looked down on the headpiece and thought of what he could have been. He could have been the Fon Master instead of Ion, if only he were strong enough. In a sense, he was jealous. He was stronger than Ion, so why was it that he could not be the Fon Master instead? Was it only because he lacked the amount of power that Ion had? The power that would allow him to read the score?

Sync stood and walked over to the mirror. He looked just like Ion, yet he was not. He was worthless. He placed the headpiece on his head. He thought he looked ridiculous. If anyone knew what he was doing, no one would be able to take him seriously. Yet when he looked in the mirror, he could see a life that was not his. A life that he wanted.

((Is that a good starter?))

Two of my favourite things in this world, a good cup of hot #tea and a well written #book to get lost in. I am currently reading A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin and absolutely loving it.