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“This is the sort of hobby that requires the space to do it at and the equipment. Since you work, do you find you have enough time to BMX at night?”
“(Right) Well…I’m not doing this because I have the time to. I make the time.”

“장소와 장비가 필요한 취미인데, 일하면서 밤에 BMX 타기에 시간이 부족하진 않으세요?”
“(오른쪽) 글쎄요. 시간이 있어서 하나요? 시간을 만들어서 하는거죠.”


I love all my chickens, and all of them have unique, individual personalities. For example:

Diana, my Sultan hen, lives with my bantams, and so lives seperately from my big chickens. However, her favorite pasttime is hanging out by the big chickens, and trying to convince them to fight with her through the fence. Usually no one cares, but occasionally she will convince them she means business.

Hermes, my Ameraucana rooster, likes coming up for belly scratches. He gets picked on by my other rooster (who is a gigantic jerkface, and really needs to leave), but he likes me, and hangs out by me when I hang out with my flock.



Home Run is turning nice and mean though, so that’s fun. I think that vow to not regret lasted about twenty hours? Maybe less?

I do quite enjoy, in an admittedly sadistic sense, how EASILY Home Run unraveled. I can really only compare her to Fang, but I mean for fuck’s sake her father turned into a butcher, slaughtering gods know how many people, including everyone else in her family, POSSIBLY INCLUDING HER, she can link it directly with her wish and subsequent actions, and it’s not like I’m saying she came out of it without a single issue to her name, but she’s keeping it together pretty well, provided you don’t toss produce on the ground.

The boy Home Run likes doesn’t call her, and she’s abandoned even the pretense of moral high ground, has taking up excessive monster hacking as her favourite pasttime, and is trying to guilt her supposed best friend into damning herself.

Like damn, girl, what would you have been like if you’d made it to entrance exams.

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Your tags on that Marius entry have me dying OKAY "#oh man remember that time dorothy dragged marius so hard he caught fire #what a good good time:" WHAT A GOOD GOOD TIME. you are a national treasure and a global icon.

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The only POSSIBLE GIF for such an ego-stroking message. Careful, I may preen and become unbearable under such kind flattery.