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s/o whos usually sarcastic and sometimes even mean when in the wrong mood. she has strong walls and barely anything seems to affect her. except when hanzo/mercy/gabe/jesse (non-poly pls) walk by her room and see that she's on the phone with her parents and she's all smiles and giggles, and looking a little sad. when she's done with the conversation she notices them there and shes extremely embarrassed, she covers her face and tries to find an escape route and all. (thanks! sry if its vague :c )


  • When you try to escape he wont stop you. If you want to be alone he will let you be. But he will not exactly let this drop. Also he’s super confused.
  • It isn’t until a while later that he finally brings it up. 
  • He is well used to hiding his emotions behind a stoic wall and he is worried that you’re suffering behind yours.
  • Encourages you to talk to him, but wont push you if you’re uncomfortable. Just want to assure you that he is here if you do want to talk.
  • Tells you that you don’t have to hide your emotions with him.


  • Will run after you (no guarantee she’ll catch up in those heels tho) to make sure you’re alright. She can’t bear seeing anyone, especially you, upset.
  • Gives you the biggest hug ever. 
  • Her main concern is your well-being, not your behaviour. 
  • If you want her to leave she will but if you allow her she’ll stay with you as long as you let her.
  • Secretly arranges for the two of you to go visit your parents.


  • When you try to run he blocks your path. Good luck getting by that asshole. 
  • Can’t help but smirk at seeing your blush
  • First things first: he’s going to make sure your okay. He knows pretty well how lonely this life can be. 
  • Sees you in a whole new light and loves you even more. The snark is great and all but seeing you giggle like that warmed his dead heart.
  • Once you open up to him he finds he can open up to you a bit more. You’re both peeling away layers of each other as your relationship grows. Reapers are like onions.


  • Stops you from running by wrapping his arms around you
  • Wont let you go until you talk to him. Even when you do tell him he just holds you tighter, telling you that he’s here for you.
  • If there’s one person who knows what it’s like hiding behind a wall it’s him. That cheerful persona hides a very dark past
  • Tells you he prefers this more sensitive side of you. 
  • You can try and hide it all you want but he knows this side of you and will always tease you about it

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☮️ and 707!

☮   - What do they like to talk to their s/o about late at night when they both can’t sleep?

  • SPACE!!!
  • “do you ever think about how everything on this planet was once the inside of a star?”
  • he would explain the dramatic life cycle of a star, his eyes twinkling the whole time
  • he figures it will bore them to death, but the way he gets when he talks about space is so captivating
  • talks about probability of aliens
  • explains very clearly why pluto got demoted to dwarf planet
  • ALSO!!!
  • his past
  • tells dramatic stories of his undercover work, though 85% or it is probably fictitious
  • “i was such a bad ass back then”
  • Seven is a fantastic story teller, especially at 3 am

after midnight headcanons?