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☮️ and 707!

☮   - What do they like to talk to their s/o about late at night when they both can’t sleep?

  • SPACE!!!
  • “do you ever think about how everything on this planet was once the inside of a star?”
  • he would explain the dramatic life cycle of a star, his eyes twinkling the whole time
  • he figures it will bore them to death, but the way he gets when he talks about space is so captivating
  • talks about probability of aliens
  • explains very clearly why pluto got demoted to dwarf planet
  • ALSO!!!
  • his past
  • tells dramatic stories of his undercover work, though 85% or it is probably fictitious
  • “i was such a bad ass back then”
  • Seven is a fantastic story teller, especially at 3 am

after midnight headcanons?