Sometimes I feel like the KoeiRP community really does not care about me at all and that they are too busy roleplaying in their own group to notice that I might kill myself one day and they wouldn’t give a damn about it and that they will be happy that I’m dead.

Guys, this is a big no no. Never ever make someone feel left out. Some people take it to heart,and this really upsets me. I understand that we are all busy,but please don’t leave somebody out. It lowers their self esteem a lot.

Fun ways to study Japanese

It´s always fun to learn a new language with someone. Get your friends to do it with you! 

I can highly suggest surrounding yourself with everything Japanese, like anime/jap movies, music, books (later on), etc. Find out what makes studying Japanese for you interesting. Ask yourself what do I want to use the language for? Do I want to read my favourite manga in Japanese?- Great. Do I want to write a letter to my pen friend?- Awesome. Either way start with writing hiragana, katakana and later on kanji to engulf yourself in the Japanese writing. It´s easier to recognize the letters when you can write them and it´s a lot of fun! It´s even more awesome when you´re able to write your own name in Japanese!! ( t h e  j o y! ! !) 

Soon you´ll be able to read a bit. Try to motivate yourself to study everyday, even if it´s just five kanji or an episode of your favourite anime- everything Japanese helps. Sometimes it´s hard to stay motivated. When I am feeling lazy and unmotivated I watch YouTube videos about Japan. I LOVE the channel of QuickRhino, his stories have always cheered me up and helped me stay motivated. Also Rachel&Jun, a cute couple with interesting videos about Japan sometimes recorded in Japanese. I also try to listen to Japanese radio to get a sense of the everyday language and if you like Japanese music it´ll be a lot of fun too!

If you want to speak, not only write/read Japanese I can highly recommend talking to yourself (or someone)! Put on your favourite Japanese show/series/anime/movie and stop when you hear a good/interesting phrase that you´d like to say. Try to copy their accent as well, it´s really funny when you´re trying to sound like a yakuza boss, but have an european accent.

Also search for children songs on the internet and sing along. It helps your pronounciation and you´ll maybe understand some of the lyrics!! 

To remember Japanese vocabulary write them on a piece of paper and stick them to the object it says on the paper. Same goes for kanji (the easy ones like “tree”) or you can learn kanji by etymology. It´s interesting and you´ll remember it more easily this way.  

Have fun!! :D 


You said:

Hi! My name is Basi. Can you give me a classic look-a-alike and a face character?

I’m a curious introvert who loves to have adventures and learn new things. My superpower is sleeping through anything.

(you can post publicly)

I said:

Hello Basi! You are gorgeous. You remind me so so much of Fifi (the broom turned human) in Beauty and the Beast! The eyes, eyebrows, hair, and lips. I think you’d make an amazing Belle face character because you have the same eyes, nose, complexion, and face shape as her. I also chose Sarah Hawkins from Treasure Planet because I think you and her look similar with the face shape, nose, and hair! 

Thanks for submitting! ♥

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Learning Japanese

I’m still just a beginner and I’m still trying to found new ways of turning learning japanese more fun. One of things I found randomly was to listen japanese radios while studying. It’s a great way to get used to pronunciation (especially when there’s shows with people only talking), even if a person doesn’t understand everything (or anything), you can start by trying to hear the syllabes in the words and how they pronounce. After a while you also start noticing some words you’ve studied or the interjections/onomatopoeia they use. It works also well when you’re just studying because it makes you feel relaxed (at least i feel like that, i actually missed having the background noise of a radio station while doing something else).

Tumblr: I changed the settings in the dashboard to japanese to get used to it. I also follow a lot of tumblrs that post lots of things with japanese words. That way, if I come to tumblr, instead of being distracted, my dashboard will have got pictures with japanese words, and every time I see something (even if it’s a sign road, a billboard), I can’t contain and I go check what it means. I do that everytime I see a japanese word here or a sentence.

Also related with words I follow in Twitter people that tweet mostly japanese (mostly it’s some band official twitter or band’s member twitters). This is also good to learn more slang words and not just formal ones.

Youtube channel called Japanagos by Chika. I love it because she does the videos in such a fun way. You learn more about the culture and also some words, sentences. I’ve been enjoying it a lot.

About the kanji, I decided the best way (at least for me) would be to study at the same time I study how a word is written. Instead of memorizing all the pronunciations, in the end you know how to write the word, the pronunciation of that kanji in that word. I think it saves a little bit of frustration and fear of all those pronunciations one kanji can have.

A few days ago I had this idea of trying to make my own “magazine” (more like Zine style but in digital form) and include what I’ve been learning with japanese. I’ve made a list of contents I could put and organized in categories. I want to have things more easily organized (instead of being in a lot of notebooks) and hopefully share it with other people that are learning. Even if there might be some mistakes (but I often try to check in different places to make sure). The only thing I’m having trouble is with illustrations to put and copyrights. Probably I’ll have to do the illustrations myself (although i’m not that good) but I really want to do it and finish at least the first issue sometime soon.

Reading: I found “Japanese Reader Collection“ (there’s more volumes). It’s children stories/fairytales. You’ve got a paragraph in japanese (comes with furigana) and then the translation of words/expressions. I bought through here. You receive a email right after paying with the audios of a japanese speaker reading the stories. Also started buying Manga i like that is in japanese (but that will probably more for later when I can read better).

I tried to resume the best things I’ve found until now and come up with, I hope it helps people.


You said:

Hello I’m Julia! I would love both a face and classic character. :-)

I am about 5’8” in height, I’m planning on auditioning in about a year (for the DCP in Spring of 2016), I am a very bubbly person, I have three favorite princesses who I love equally for different reasons (Aurora, Cinderella, and Merida), and you can feel free to publish this publicly if you want.

I said:

Hello Julia! You are so so beautiful. I love your dress! Anyways, I think you’d make a great face character for Merida. You both have the same face shape, eyes, and smile. You and the Merida face character I put in the collage look very similar. As for your other character, I decided that you and Jane Porter from Tarzan have similar eyes and nose! I wish the best of luck to you when you audition next year! :)

Thank you for submitting ♥

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anonymous asked:

Sometimes I feel like the KoeiRP community really does not care about me at all and that they are too busy roleplaying in their own group to notice that I might kill myself one day and they wouldn't give a damn about it and that they will be happy that I'm dead.

We have decided to answer this one. It’s clear that you feel left out. So listen,it’s true the rp community does have groups,but that doesn’t mean they won’t notice you. Sometimes the rper is shy,or super backed up on replies. Trust me I used to feel the same way,but then a lot of people in this community showed me, that there no need to feel like that. If you want someone to rp with you. Leave a cute little note in there ask,or tag them in starters.~

Hopes this helps!~


about learning languages

Hello! I’m not currently learning japanese but I’d like to do so in the future. However I am learning Afrikaans (its a South African language we have to do at school, its sort of like dutch) so I just wanted to share the way I learn :) bcoz anyone could probably apply it to another language. 

This is what I do:
1. I have a tutor that I see once a week
2. Translate one small article from an afrikaans newspaper every week and add the words I don’t know into my vocabulary book - this also helps to understand grammar rules and colloquialisms and how to translate direct speech.
3. I have grammar rule charts with english explanations on my bedroom walls and I made them super bright and colorful :D if you want to learn something it makes it alot easier if you’re always seeing it, it gets imprinted into your brain and the color helps alot
4. I do revision on a Thursday afternoon of whatever new work we did at school and try to find easy ways to remember what I don’t understand.
5. In afrikaans there are a lot of word orders to remember for tenses and it’s not always straightforward so we make ‘recipes’ that we learn off and apply them when we’re asked to change tense or speech.
6. I also have tables with adjectives and conjunctions (conjunctions are separated into three groups and it just sucks because the verbs go in different places depending on the group -_-) that I use for my writing because we’re given alot of small essay exercises to do. 
7. I asked my tutor to give me revision work sheets that I do when I sit down to revise, they help alot because they are better than what we’re given in school.
8. Another thing I do is watch an old Afrikaans soapie on tv call 7de Laan, Seventh Avenue in english. Like anime, as the actors talk there are subtitles on screen. This helps me pick up the pronunciation and how words can be used in different ways, and when it’s acceptable to use certain words and in what context ie addressing people, place names and idiomatic expressions. 
9. I love listening to the radio, I listen to the radio more than I watch tv :P I tried listening to Afrikaans radio last year but it was horribly boring :( the only interesting and understandable part was story time for kids, which I actually enjoyed because they were cute south african stories about boys that went fishing and stories about animals from the Karoo(our dessert like area). I have since stopped though. But it would be a nice way to learn because it trains your brain to pick up the words and try to remember their meanings and you pick up the grammar patterns.
10. Another thing is listening to music in afrikaans! Local radio stations, the english ones, play some of the best Afrikaans music and it’s like the funnest way to learn and easy to understand. Especially the rap :D we have cool rappers in south africa

I have a really bad Afrikaans teacher at school and its my second language so that’s why I have to work so hard at it, and I need an A+ by June if I want to get into a good university D: but it is a language that has a lot of history behind it and I enjoy doing it, as you can see, even if I’m not that good at it right now but I’m working hard! I want to study it and teach it when I become a teacher :D 

I love languages, especially Japanese! It’s a much more respectful and noble language than modern English is. Everything I know in japanese I’ve learnt from anime and manga and watching NHK (one of japans totally cool major news channels). My brothers have had me watching anime since I was 11 when they started watching Bleach and Naruto. And I used to watch Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon and Digimon as a little kid, I had a good childhood :D I’m 16 this year. 

Any thing you want to learn takes effort. That is something I’ve constantly been reminded as I grew up, and practice definitely makes perfect. There is nothing that you cannot learn.

I hope my study methods will be able to help you and others in learning Japanese and other languages :) Much love from South Africa!!



Submission by Summer Tang Sn

A brittle glass soldier got a greenhouse thorny cactus

He nurtured her with unquestionable love and devotion

and waited for blossoms of blood orange and a dashing of romance

Still he got nothing but a heartbroken sting

triggered the greyish glass

and shattered it into countless scars

The cactus admitted this undesirable murder

so she burnt herself to resurrect the soul

She was disarmed after this fiery fire, Then

her greatest grin was shown to the awaked heart

The soldier picked the flower of fidelity

lived his life with triumphs in eternity


Poignant, lyrical, and melancholic… beautiful