Didnt feel like editing the music but heres one last dance clip for 2015. I’ve worked tremendously hard to achieve what I have thus far and I am always learning. My journey has taught me to take MY time and To have patience. I accomplished so many goals that I only could dream of. From making it on to So You Think You Can Dance, performing with music artists, battling again, Vogue, making great new friends, booking commercials etc. Overall I am humbled and I never forget that the man upstairs always has my back. I haven’t completed everything on my list of goals and I still have work to do. Dreams dont work unless YOU do. Ask yourself: has anything Ive done lately made my life better? If the answer is “yes”, keep going. If the answer is “no”…Start making some changes right now. I hope everyone has a great new year! One love 😊 // - Britt. #dancelife #liveyourdream #freedom #brittanythomas #purpose #sytycd #vogue #pastrysneakers