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college! au shidge

I may not yet be in college but I am however still a student and really I just pulled these from my butt and accidentally ended up writing a fic ok anyways

  • shiro’s staring dumbfounded at his best friend’s little sister who managed to jump three whole years into his grade like H O W
  • them at the library and pidge cursing her smolness and shiro just hoists her up on his shoulder to the right shelf
  • for some reason they have a lot of classes together. A LOT.

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POMEGRANATES, PILAFS, AND THE BOUNTY OF BAKU “The capital city of Azerbaijan is home to a fantastical rising skyline, rose-scented markets, and the world’s last great undiscovered cuisine.” - photography: Jason Lang - text: Anya Von Bremzen - Saveur February / March 2017

  • An array of Azeri sweets, including a starbust of almond-cardamom pakhlava (recipe in latest issue)

As part of a series called My Big Break, All Things Considered is collecting stories of triumph, big and small. These are the moments when everything seems to click, and people leap forward into their careers.

In The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DeCaprio, forms a shady team of stockbrokers looking to get rich quick.

Among Belfort’s team is the boisterous Chester Ming, played by Kenneth Choi.

Director Martin Scorsese told him his character was like Oddjob from James Bond — heavyset and larger-than-life. So Choi gained 20 pounds for the role. One of his most memorable scenes takes place during an interrogation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Instead of answering questions, Chester Ming eats all of the pastries at the table. It was completely improvised.

“It’s Chester Ming, he’s a glutton,” Choi says. “That was a surreal experience. It was so much fun.”

Choi grew up in Glenwood, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. Since as far back as he can remember, he’s wanted to become an actor.

“So I told my extremely conservative, uber-traditional Korean father, ‘Hey dad, I know what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to be an actor’,” Choi says. “And I remember we were standing in the kitchen and he looked at me with this discerning look that he’s given me my entire youth. And he said, 'I cannot believe one of my sons would say something so stupid’.”

How Running Away From Home Opened Doors In Hollywood

Photo: Joe Pugliese/NBC


Little Brother and I sketched a drawing of a table we saw online at  He was visiting me in Austin and we just love working on projects together.  We thought to ourselves… “This can be done." 

We set to work.  Sketched a sweet drawing with measurements.  We used our brains and mathematical knowledge to figure out the specifications.

We made a list of materials we would need.  Then we went to the store.  First Lowes, then Home Depot.  The staff helped us cut the wood into the lengths we required.  We found some table leg bottoms that were tapered at the bottom that I wanted to use. 

Then brother had to go back to Phoenix and a few weeks past.  One night my anxiety over the unfinished project made me restless so I painted all of the pieces of wood dark blue.

Then another week past, my anxiety hit again and my boyfriend helped me assemble the pieces into the sweet table you see today.

It took a trip to Hobby Lobby for dowel rods to put between the joints of everything painted in blue and another trip to Home Depot for more screws.  I bought the wrong ones at first.  They required a square drill bit and I only had Phillips, flat and octagon drill bits.

Everything we wrote worked… except the part where we wanted the bottom to be at an angle.  The original table legs are too long, 3” too long.  The table bottoms were taken off so the height of the table would be ergonomic. 

We glued some shelf liner to the bottom of the table legs instead so they would grip the floor and not leave scratches.

Voila la tabla!

Awesome table complete.

i want to go on a trip with a boy I love. I want to wake up early and walk where there are trees and get breakfast and coffee somewhere with big windows and white tables and pastries. i want to drive to the ocean close to the Canadian border where it’s always overcast and bright and we would listen to that obscure punk cd we found in a thrift store in seaside. eat bread on the beach and talk to seagulls