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POMEGRANATES, PILAFS, AND THE BOUNTY OF BAKU “The capital city of Azerbaijan is home to a fantastical rising skyline, rose-scented markets, and the world’s last great undiscovered cuisine.” - photography: Jason Lang - text: Anya Von Bremzen - Saveur February / March 2017

  • An array of Azeri sweets, including a starbust of almond-cardamom pakhlava (recipe in latest issue)

I was scrolling thought the humans are weird tag and the thought that humans celebrate so many weird things occurred to me so here is a very short piece:

Humans are weird, they’ll celebrate everything. Klixxaan was well aware of this fact after International pancake day. Xe was still unsure what a pancake was but both the Humans, Samantha and Ian had been very excited. Talking loudly about what they were going to put on their pancakes…it was all very odd.

Klixxaan clicked xir mandibles together, “Why is there a human pastry on the table, Samantha?”
“Well, it’s my birthday, so I made myself a cake. Do you like the decorations?”
“Yes, but Samantha, you were not born today. Are you confused as to how old you are?” the fur on the back of xir neck rose a little in concern, “Do you need to see our medic?” Samantha brightened into a human response of happiness, a smile.
“No, I’m celebrating the anniversary of my birth, on earth, its very important, we celebrate with our families. I was born in July, in the warm season.” Klixxaan thought for a second.
“I was hatched in the warm season too. But I don’t know which date.”
“If you like,” she paused a little bit shyer than usual, “You can share my birthday. Although for you I suppose it might be called a hatch-date.” 
Klixxaan’s eyelids deepened to a deep red signalling pleasure.
“I would like that very much Samantha.” Maybe she would let xir taste the Human pastry.

college! au shidge

I may not yet be in college but I am however still a student and really I just pulled these from my butt and accidentally ended up writing a fic ok anyways

  • shiro’s staring dumbfounded at his best friend’s little sister who managed to jump three whole years into his grade like H O W
  • them at the library and pidge cursing her smolness and shiro just hoists her up on his shoulder to the right shelf
  • for some reason they have a lot of classes together. A LOT.

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“Happy Birthday Min Yoongi”

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Yoongi (Birthday) Fluff

Words: 838

Author Note: Sorry we’re not uploading as much, we’re a bit busy and will try harder! (I’ll try to upload once a week) and Request are still open! ~ Yum


You knocked softly on the door that lead to your boyfriend’s dorm, well at least the door you hope was his. You pull the neck of your white turtleneck over your mouth and looked down at your shoes. The door cracked open causing you to snap your head upward at the tall brown haired boy.

“You must be Yoongi-hyungs partner in crime!” He exclaimed opening the door wider to let you in. You and Yoongi had only been dating about 2 months and this was the first time you were really meeting his friends. You walked in passed the brown haired boy and looked at the small place. Everyone in the room seemed to stop what they were doing to look at you, From your slightly expensive sneakers to your eyes.

The first person to talk was a boy who had multiple pastel colors in his hair, “So you’re here for our Yoongi-Hyung?” He asked slightly squinting his eyes. You smiled and nodded and buried yourself farther into your oversized turtleneck.

“Hoseok, leave (Y/N) alone.” Your boyfriend rushed out of the room with his tousled black hair flying in every direction.

“I was just teasing them, (Y/N) seems pretty cool.” The pastel hair boy- Hoseok said in his defense.

Yoongi rushed you out the door before anyone could say anything else. You let your head free of the confines of the turtle neck with a wide grin. “They seem cool.” You murmured with a slight chuckle.

He smiled you as you grabbed his hand shyly started to walk out the way you came in.Once you got outside into the crisp weather of early March he finally asked where you were taking him for his birthday.

“It’s a small cafe that has the best pastries and I love going there to relax and I just wanted to take you for your birthday.” You said without making eye contact. You could feel the heat creep up your neck has he stared at you. You continued to walk down the street with him in tug as you approached a crowd of morning rush workers. You slowed and walked closer to Yoongi not allowing you all to separate from one another.

Walking in silence continued all the way to the cafe, you grabbed him and pulled him through the tiny entrance way. “This place is almost hidden.” He said in aw at the sight of sweet pastries and vintage decorations. You pulled him to the counter to order what he and you would like before finding a small table in the corner.

“This place is so pretty, it’s so nice and secluded.” He said sipping his coffee.

“I also have a present for you,” You said as you reached for the small box inside your pocket.

“You didn’t have to get me anything, taking me here has been enough.” He said shaking his head.

You handed him the small box, without a word. He looked at it in the palm of his hand before opening it and taking out the two small earrings. “When we went shopping for our last date I saw you eyeing them in the store but you couldn’t afford them, so I went back and got them.” You explained.

“Where did you find that kind of money for these?” He asked very confused.

“I have a little extra money to spare so I went back and bought them. Although I think I cried a little when i was handing over the money.” You joked with a slight chuckle.

“I don’t know what to say,” he looked up at you, “Thank you.”

You watched the lady came to your table with the freshly baked pastries and a warm smile. You thanked her has she set the plates of pastries down on the table. You looked up at the tousled dark haired boy with a smile before as you dug into your Danish pastry.

Standing up and stretching as you got ready to leave, you said bye to the barista’s and walked back out onto the slightly less busy street. You both walked the streets aimlessly talking about small things like work and what they had for dinner the night before.

“I suppose this is your stop.” He said pointing at the building. You turned to see your apartment complex with a bit of sadness knowing this date has ended.

“I didn’t even notice,” You gave a small chuckle, “I suppose it is.”

“Thank you for this birthday date.” He said rocking back and forth on his feet.

“Oh no, it wasn’t anything much, you should probably get back to your friends, they probably have something planned for you.” You said grinning.

“Yeah you’re probably right,”He said turning around.

You don’t know what it was that propelled you to call out his name, you didn’t even realize you did until he turned. Without thinking your lips touched his cheek in a light kiss. You pulled away after a moment and smiled at his shocked face. “Happy birthday Min Yoongi”

*Jealous* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Hello! Your writing is amazing! Could you do one where the reader and Tina have become super close so they start spending a lot of time together, and Newt becomes jealous of Tina because reader isn’t spending as much time with him anymore?

❤ Thanks, dearie! I hope you enjoy! ^_^

You never expected to make such a wonderful friend while your time in New York. However, Tina Goldstein quickly became someone you trusted and confided in quite a bit. 

You and Newt had returned to the city after the release of his book and you couldn’t be more excited to once again see Tina.

Clutching his case tightly, Newt walked beside you down the gangplank towards customs. He sensed your eagerness and how you kept standing on your tippy toes to see if you could catch a glimpse of Tina in the crowd. 

“Patience, Love…” he reminded you. Smiling, you looked over at him and clapped your hands together.

“I’m just so excited!” you exclaimed. 

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Mr. Grumpy Pants

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Originally posted by thearkenstone-ck

Summary: It’s Kili’s birthday and you have to bake pastries causing you to ignore your hubby.

Pairings: Dwalin x Reader

Word Count: 702

Warnings: None

Requested by: @mirajanefairytailmage; #96, “Stop being grumpy. It’s lame.”

Master List

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Monday Blues

Prompt: “Can I request a prompt where the reader is in charge of repairing the costumes, and Lin (or anyone, really) keeps on popping up and asking the reader to sew up menial things.”

Pairing: Lin x reader

Y/N: Wow, 1,890 words. I feel like I say this every time, but the ending isn’t the best. Constructive criticism is welcome! Please! I’d love to know how to improve my writing! I’m open to requests, it challenges me to be more creative! I hope you guys enjoy, and feel free to message me anything you’d like! I may be weird, but I don’t bite!

Perhaps it was the Monday blues, but you just couldn’t seem to get it together. You woke up later than usual, forcing you to skip out on your usual morning run. On your way to work, your coffee slipped from your hands and fell on the pavement. The brown liquid splattered all over the asphalt and subsequently all over your white jeans. You tried to move past the incident, not thinking much of it, but you were already ready for the day to be over once you arrived in front of the stage door, where an obviously new security guard was looking down at you with contempt.

“I told you, I don’t have my badge. I must have forgotten it at home,” you explain once more, exasperated.

You were met with silence.

After grumbling not so nice things under your breath, you reach into the pocket in your backpack where you usually kept your phone. You pause when you feel nothing. Your frustration builds as you search through your backpack and come up empty.

With a steadying breath, you turn back to the burly security guard. “If you could kindly ask someone inside, I’m sure someone would be able to reassure you that I work here.”

Without a word, he lifts the walkie talkie to his lips. “I have a…” he looks at you expectantly, as if you didn’t say your name to him three times.

“Y/F/N Y/LN.” you say slowly.

He repeats your name, and you hear a faint voice from his earpiece.

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Let’s Start With Coffee | Jungkook

Scenario: You’re the super hot server at a restaurant who said ‘enjoy your meal’ and I accidentally replied ‘I love you too’ and now I can’t look at you
Genre: Lots of fluff. 
Word Count: 1,190
Author’s Note: Because I’ve been in the bts fandom for about 4 months at this point, and finally caved (the blood sweat and tears music video didn’t help)


Let’s just say you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him from the moment you and a friend entered the corner coffee shop.

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Butterflies and strawberries

Based on: this request by @inlovewithnewt (I hope you like it sweetie! Thank you so much for your patience!!) + this imagine from @imaginexhobbit.

Warnings: some parts may seem slightly, slightly, slightly, slightly stramy…. That’s all because there many and awakward Hobbits, awkward Frodo, awkward flirting…. Butterflies, strawberries, spring and fluffy, fluffy, fluffy, fluffy moments.

Originally posted by credencesbarebone

Frodo’s POV

Frodo sighed and took another sip of his ale. It should have been a nice, quiet afternoon with his friends but how could he stay quiet when she was there, laughing, smiling, being more beautiful than the flowers in her hair and more charming than every blossom of the Shire?

He was going insane.

“What’s up, Mister Frodo?” asked Sam.

“What do you think Sam?” said Pippin placing another mug of ale in front of him “We have left him here to go get other drinks and he hasn’t wasted his time!”

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For the Drabble Games! As requested by anon.

Fili x Reader: “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Warnings: Bees, mentions of allergic reactions, melissophobia, apiphobia, fainting, FLUFF, romance

Word Count: 1190 (That’s it, I give up, they’re all going to end up too long).

Bees. Why did it have to be bees? Why couldn’t Beorn gather, oh, I don’t know, giant butterflies? Why bees? And gigantic, horrifying, vermin-sized bees at that.

You sat at the over-sized table that morning, surrounded by your comrades, entirely unable to enjoy the welcome comfort of the skin-changer’s home. Every bit of you was on high alert, twitchy, uncertain and prepared to lash out if necessary. As such, you barely touched your food and tuned out conversation to keep the enemy firmly in the corners of your vision. Though in flight, the insects seemed to lumber through the room, the buzzing a touch deeper and far more ominous than what you were used to.

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What I See

Request: i really like your Poe imagines and I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is feeling really insecure and Poe notices and tells her that she’s beautiful and he loves her and then you know the rest 😂 – Anon AND   If you’re comfortable with it could you maybe do daddy kink Poe where he calls the reader things like baby girl and baby and stuff??? and maybe there’s oral involved – Anon AND You are really good at what you do. I know you don’t prefer him but can you write a detailed smut of Poe x reader ? Preferably with lots of neck kisses and intense looks haha – Anon

Pairings: AU!Poe Dameron x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, tiny bit of angst

Word Count: 3194

I just combined these requests in one and I decided to make this an AU because it’s easier to write him in. Yey, detailed! Yey, it’s long! :))

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Poe’s POV

5 months ago, I met probably the most beautiful girl I’ve met. She’s the daughter of the owner of the company I work for, Solo Corporation. Mrs. Leia Solo is the CEO of the company, her husband Mr. Han Solo is the operations head who travels for corporate meetings, and Ben, (y/n)’s brother, who goes as Kylo Ren, is the company’s administration head. (Y/n) doesn’t really work for the company but she’s always in the office, she’s more like everywhere in the company.

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Hongseok - Relax

“hi!! first of all, oh my gosh, this blog is a dream, bless you for sharing your talent with us;; i look forward to everything that you post in the future!! so! request time ♥️ i was wondering if you could do a hongseok scenario, where he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed by how quickly things are moving for him and for pentagon, so the first time the both of you have a free day you orchestrate a whole afternoon where you do nothing but pamper him? thank you so much!!!♥️~”

(A/N: This request has been in the ask since like day 3 of this blog’s existence and I am so, so sorry for not getting to it sooner ㅠㅠ I honestly don’t go in order with requests, I more just do the ones that are easiest to do first.. regardless, I sincerely hope this was worth the wait, enjoy!)

Hongseok finally woke from his 14 hours of sleep, groaning as he rolled over to check his phone. As his groggy vision cleared and his senses slowly became more aware, he noticed that someone had left his favorite breakfast pastry on the table next to the bottom bunk. A note was stuck to the rail of his bed, facing him.

‘Hongseok~ You can sleep in today. When you wake up, text me, I have a surprise for you other than the food. Love you!’

He smiled to himself; there was only one person that would do this. He picked up his phone and shot you a quick message. Within a minute, he heard footsteps and the door opened.

“Good morning,” you smiled, well aware that it was 2 in the afternoon.
“Mmm.. morning,” he said back. His voice was still dripping with exhaustion.
“Get enough sleep?”

You picked up the plate off of the table and reached up to put it next to him before climbing up to his bunk.

“If you sleep too much, you’ll mess up your sleep schedule,” you reminded him quietly.
“What sleep schedule?” he said, half-joking.
“Eat up, dork.”

He wasted no time in tearing apart and devouring the pastry. As he ate, he woke up more and more.

“So what’s the big surprise?” he asked, dusting crumbs off of his sheets.
“Well, you’ve been really stressed lately. Busy, tired, all that…” you began.
“Today is no regular day off. Today is /your/ day off. Let me take care of you, okay?”
“You don’t need to go for the hard sell babe, I’m 100% fine with that.”

You smiled and leaned over to give him a small peck on the cheek before climbing back down from the bed.

“I’ll go do the dishes and laundry, though, you shouldn’t have to take care of all five of us in this dorm,” he piped up.
“Too late, I did them already,” you hummed.
“Yep. You’re going to relax today.”

Hongseok sat dumbfounded for a moment before realizing what luxury he had. He yawned a bit before hopping down from the bed and following you out to the living room.

He began to space out momentarily, partially from still being sleepy, partially from thoughts of practices and schedules crossing his mind.

“I went and picked up the fans’ gifts for you, too,” you gestured to the enormous pile of bags by the door.
“Huh? Oh, thanks,” he said flatly, his focus riding completely on responsibilities.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, why?”
“You’re stressing. I can see it in your face.”

The look on his face quickly went blank in an attempt to hide from you. Shaking your head, you gently squeezed his and and pointed to the couch.

“Go start a movie, I’ll give you a back rub and we can get your mind off of everything,” you said.

He had no objections, just a grateful smirk, and did as you suggested.

The movie was one of his favorites, one he had seen many times yet was still completely invested in. You slipped in behind him, taking off his shirt and rubbing your hands together to warm them up before massaging his neck. As the movie played, you were slow and gentle with his muscles, and you could feel them loosening more and more.

“Honestly, Hongseok, do you eat bricks of protein?” you mumbled to yourself.
“I heard that,” he laughed, shifting forward a bit to give you more room.

The atmosphere was light, and to your relief, he seemed to be less serious, more relaxed.

“That feels amazing,” he said after you’d ground your thumbs into his upper spine.
“Your back is really tense, I bet it does,” you replied, beginning to work your palms into his shoulders.

After a while, your hands were aching. Your pace slowed, and you eventually came to a stop. A well-kneaded Hongseok stretched before looking back at you.

“Hey, lay down,” he said. His eyes has returned to looking tired, and you knew exactly what he wanted.

Your head rested on a pillow by the arm of the couch, and he didn’t hesitate to move on top of you, resting his head below your chin. It was really unusual seeing him this way, but you loved that he was finally relaxing. You began brushing your fingers through his hair slowly, and felt him exhale contentedly.

“You’re the best, you know that?” he whispered.

Though accomplishing his dream was a matter of hard work, the best part was that he had you to support him.

     two days of sleep deprivation culminated to this moment   –   a very rugged bruce wayne slumped over a styrofoam cup of coffee and a  pastry white box.   the table he’s slumped over wiggles precariously each time he presses a little weight on it,    plastic chair comically small compared to the breadth of him.    however,    he looks nothing of bruce wayne let alone bruce, with his hoodie and jeans and sneakers 

he’s taking a bite into a jelly donut when there’s a shadow basking the table.     “—can i help you?”


anonymous asked:

eggsy never asks for anything; he gets all flustered when somebody brings him a cuppa for crying out loud and god forbid he go out to eat. but he'd do anything for every one else. those at kingsman aren't quite sure why he's like that, until he mentions how he was scared that if he asked for anything, dean might beat his mum and always tried to take the heat off his mum; "better me than 'er, innit?" he says. roxy, Merlin, harry and the others are quietly horrified.

ugh my heart, broski, my heart. i guess i didn’t need it this is fine it’s all FINE i’m not going to be heartbroken while writing this IT’S FINE it’s all fine 

but for real, this is a really good prompt and absolutely heartbreaking imagining this and i definitely made this way longer than i intended to but 

but i’m going to downplay the angst-y part to something that i can handle with less focus on the family-eggsy protecting michelle part and focusing more on eggsy. i can’t handle the heavy stuff with mom stuff, i’m weak like that, but i think i just have to tweak this a bit and i think i got it. thank you for the prompt! i hope you don’t mind me interpreting it a little loosely~ 

(At first, it’s endearing.) 

It’s late, closer to morning than evening, when Merlin hears someone walk in. He has had the day from Hell–Three agents in delicate situations, two techs down thanks to an experiment gone wrong, and the regular workload on top of that–meaning Merlin hasn’t left the office in forty-eight hours. 

He doesn’t turn around, just lets his head thunk to his desk. “If this is another fucking emergency just put me out of my misery now. Gun to the forehead would be preferable.” 

Merlin startles at the hand that picks up his own and wraps it around a warm, ceramic mug. He picks his head up and stares stupidly at the steaming tea now in his hand, before letting his eyes rise to see whoever brought it. 

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