pastry shoppe

Assassin's Aesthetic Feels

(( according to what I think of when I think of them ))

Distant Altaïr: Black coffee, game show network, sudden rain, bitter chocolates, flashlights, late texts, nicknames, matches, petting zoos, apartment, park bench, whispers.

Love Story Ezio: Horizon, shoujo manga, silk sheets, shaggy dogs, art gallery, bath bombs, never sent letters, white shoes, missing hair ties, Netflix, apple cores.

Warm Connor: Slow kisses, beige apparel, bird watching, hand puppets, write apologies, homemade breakfast, gold candy wrappers, coffee creamer, Disney movies.

Hasty Edward: Whiskey, piercings, bear hugs, eye bags, leather jackets, sea-salt taffy, cartoon Saturdays, pearls, maple syrup, ferry rides, light blue, cactus plants, buckled boots.

Urban Arno: Cotton sweaters, city walks, herb charms, chevron, pink lemonade, new books, hellos, night lights, library, pastry shoppes, indie music.

Vague Jacob: Beanies, movie night, Ferris wheel, heavy breathing, tickling, Internet explorer, cold tea, strawberry jam, clocks, fogged mirrors, mementos, faint cologne.

Average Evie: Coffee shop with friends, midnight, melting candles, suitcases, tabby cats, star gazing, alarm clock, pale, blackberry jam, trinkets, orange juice, baggy shirts, keys.