pastry shoppe

Assassin's Aesthetic Feels

(( according to what I think of when I think of them ))

Distant Altaïr: Black coffee, game show network, sudden rain, bitter chocolates, flashlights, late texts, nicknames, matches, petting zoos, apartment, park bench, whispers.

Love Story Ezio: Horizon, shoujo manga, silk sheets, shaggy dogs, art gallery, bath bombs, never sent letters, white shoes, missing hair ties, Netflix, apple cores.

Warm Connor: Slow kisses, beige apparel, bird watching, hand puppets, write apologies, homemade breakfast, gold candy wrappers, coffee creamer, Disney movies.

Hasty Edward: Whiskey, piercings, bear hugs, eye bags, leather jackets, sea-salt taffy, cartoon Saturdays, pearls, maple syrup, ferry rides, light blue, cactus plants, buckled boots.

Urban Arno: Cotton sweaters, city walks, herb charms, chevron, pink lemonade, new books, hellos, night lights, library, pastry shoppes, indie music.

Vague Jacob: Beanies, movie night, Ferris wheel, heavy breathing, tickling, Internet explorer, cold tea, strawberry jam, clocks, fogged mirrors, mementos, faint cologne.

Average Evie: Coffee shop with friends, midnight, melting candles, suitcases, tabby cats, star gazing, alarm clock, pale, blackberry jam, trinkets, orange juice, baggy shirts, keys.

Happy Beginnings (post 3.23 drabble)

Wow, the finale was amazing!!  I’m not sure that anyone in the fandom is still alive to read this but I had to write it anyway in order to stop the flailing lol.  This is my usual fluff but I must warn you that it does get slightly (pg-13) smutty.  I’m so sorry but these two are happy and in love and they make the rules. ;)

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