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☆┊❝ This ? This is called Iwatobi-chan bread ! It’s super delicious !! It’s filled with cream and in the shape of my school’s mascot ! Isn’t it cute !!Nagisa held up the pastry with such pride that one could consider that he believed said item to be EXTREMELY important to him. Tearing the top of the seal open, he ripped the head right off of the mascot and offered it towards the other.Here !! Try it !


How, how has it taken so long for me to discover the awesomeness that is the Piebrarian? Avid reader and baker Hanna posts literature-inspired pie recipes every other Friday, complete with spoiler-free synopses and analyses of how her recipes relate to the chosen book – like the Bennet Sisters Tea Tart pictured here. 

Chocolate ganache infused with lavender and earl grey in a lemon sweet pastry crust, inspired by Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

The chocolate ganache filling has five ingredients, one for each of the Bennet sisters. Lydia, decadent and silly, is the chocolate. Kitty, barely there (but still important), is the vanilla. Jane, sweet and wholesome, is the lavender. Lizzy, strong and a little bitter, is the earl grey tea. And Mary, sensible and slightly bland, holds it all together as the cream.

You can even browse pie recipes by canon and author – are you in the mood for cult classics? Comedies of manners? Neil Gaiman?

Now, if you’ll pardon me, it’s a perfect weekend to bake some Princess Bride-inspired blackberry-peach pie.

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And just because I can’t resist … WHEN COME BACK BRING PIE!!

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– Petra