pastries *o*


camp weewees is back for its yearly update and its a whopping twO fully detailed pages this time!! we’ve come such a long way :’)

i love boys. boys who look at boys the same way his parents looked at each other. boys who cry when they see all the worms on the sidewalk after it rains. boys who spend hours with flour on their face and clothes trying to create the perfect pastry for their s/o. boys who have cuts and bruises all over their body from doing hard work. boys who are fat, and are content with toe they look. boys who would rather spend their time painting than throwing a football. boys who think volley ball is the only sport for them. boys who run into the rain, dancing and singing. boys who curl up by the fire with another boy in his arms. boys who wear makeup and boys who dont. boys with bed head, and boys with perfect curls. theyre so beautiful and i love them.