The Great German Bake Off: Eating my way through every German Pastry

Episode 2: Schokobrötchen 

The Germans have a long history of baking and loving bread. A particular fondness for “brötchen”, or shaped “dinner rolls” are a traditional staple in the German meal ritual, and not just at dinner. Buns and rolls are served at every meal, topped with everything from jam to smoked salmon. The Germans, particularly in the north, take their commitment to rolls and buns very seriously, so much so that local governments have set weight guidelines to ensure high quality bakes. 

Perhaps the greatest savory-sweet brötchen crossover comes in the form of the child’s treat: the Schokobrötchen. A milk-based, savory bun studded with dark chocolate, you don’t have to be a child to enjoy one of these. With so many neighborhood bakeries in Germany, this is a fairly standardized treat that you can bank on ordering no matter where you are (good for those of us who are limited in their German language skills). Am Ende des Tages, this is a scrummy tradition that surely deserves a Paul Hollywood handshake. 

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