pastoria city

Tsukikagehina hc #7

Pokémon AU!!

Hinata Shouyou is 12 years old when he gets his first Pokémon from Professor Rowan, a little Chimchar that he lovingly calls Fire. He dreams of standing at the top with all his Pokémon, and becoming an ace trainer.

Kageyama Tobio is 15 years old when he watches Oikawa Tooru defeat the current champion of the Sinnoh region on television. He exchanges a glance with his Grotle and vows he’ll defeat him one day.

Tsukishima Kei is 17 years old and one of the youngest gym leaders Pastoria City has ever had. He’s known for his amazing technique in battles, as well as his apparent boredom with everything in the world.

The three of them are 18 years old when they all meet for the first time, in the waters near Sunyshore city. (Hinata and his monferno were drowning, Kageyama couldn’t swim, and Tsukishima sighed as he dove through the water with his Empoleon to save them.)

They are still 18 when they fall in love, exchanging soft kisses and hushed promises of victory under the starry skies of the beautiful Sinnoh region.

> Arrive in Pastoria City

> You do that, looking around for your Pokemon friend. Feeling more than a little lost, and looking very out of place, you sit on a park bench and let Zazzle out.

> As she begins curiously investigating the area, you send a message to Jade.

[txt] i’m in pastoria right now. where woUld yoU like to meet?