pastoria city

Sinnoh Pokemon League, 2007

Gym Leaders:
Jubilife City: Aaron (Bug, Arachnid Badge)
Veilstone City: Flint (Fire, Blazing Badge)
Sunyshore City: Volkner (Electric, Beacon Badge)
Pastoria City: Crasher Wake (Water, Fen Badge)
Hearthome City: Fantina (Ghost, Relic Badge)
Eterna City: Adriana (Grass, Forest Badge)
Oreburgh City: Byron (Steel, Mine Badge)
Canalave City: Lucian (Psychic, Mystery Badge)

Elite Four:
Vulcano (Rock)
Bertha (Ground)
Draga (Dragon)
Vladimir (Dark)

Dinah (Fossil Pokemon Trainer)

Stat Trainers:
Cheryl (HP)
Riley (Attack)
Deedee (Defense)
Elesa (Special Attack)
Pomelo (Speed)

> Arrive in Pastoria City

> You do that, looking around for your Pokemon friend. Feeling more than a little lost, and looking very out of place, you sit on a park bench and let Zazzle out.

> As she begins curiously investigating the area, you send a message to Jade.

[txt] i’m in pastoria right now. where woUld yoU like to meet?