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[HIV stigma] also gives people the impression that HIV/AIDS is not treatable, which makes it harder for them to see it as a medical problem, one for which you can and should seek medical help.  

this is a really good way of putting it, especially since nondisclosure is so frequently conceptualized as “murdering” or “effectively murdering” one’s partner (sometimes even when no transmission has actually taken place!)

as i see it, stigma divides HIV+ people into two groups, the “innocent victims” who are imagined as already dead, and the living who are seen as suspect and morally sick. conceptualized that way, there is no need for medical treatment, and so little emphasis is placed on it. but in reality, there is just one group. they all have a morally neutral, treatable medical condition, they all need access to medical care, and they are all harmed by the stigma against HIV+ people.