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Are you still going to believe zayn leaving is a stunt when the new album comes out in a few months??

1) You’re assuming Zayn won’t be on it, which is still unknown.

If you read The Sun thoroughly (not a pleasant pastime I know), you can read between the lines to see they’re hinting at Zayn returning.  

  • They keep mentioning how fans miss him.  
  • They said that he’s going off the tracks and needs perspective to see how good he had it.  
  • They said he looks unhappy with how things are right now and that he’s regretting breaking up with Perrie, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Who else might he regret leaving that would take him back?
  • They say that it’s inconceivable that anyone would walk away from the amazing luck that was being in 1D for good.

Those aren’t directly saying that Zayn will return, but they lead to one conclusion: If Zayn wants to be happy, he needs to reconcile with 1D. According to their narrative, he just needs to get his head out of his ass and approach the boys.

This part of the narrative may not happen until after Modest is gone because Modest seems to delight in the most damaging narratives, but we don’t know when Modest is out either.  We know Rebecca Ferguson’s  contract was scheduled to end in September/October and that this was because that’s the end of Modest’s fiscal year.  We know this for certain because her contract info was released due to legal orders during her lawsuit.

Modest could be out by the end of September/October and the album is set for November, so even if Zayn can’t return while Modest is around, that doesn’t rule him out of being on the album last minute.  We also don’t know for sure that Modest won’t let the reconciliation happen on their watch.

2) You’re assuming that Zayn not being on the album means that he won’t return, period.  You’re also implying that it means Zayn leaving wasn’t a stunt I think.

Whether Zayn returns or not, there are about 1,000,000 things that point to this being a stunt.  Not the least of which is that the hiatus was planned before/just after Zayn decided to leave according to the official narrative.  

Either it was planned before and Zayn quit despite knowing all of them would be getting a break and starting solo ventures in less than a year (a really stupid move).  

Or the boys and the company let Zayn be run into the ground and only after he left they decided to make some adjustments to save the rest of them.  Yeah, great friends that, only caring after Zayn’s been thrown under the bus.

For more information on why this is a stunt, period: read these posts.

It’s a stunt either way, but I still think Zayn’s return is inevitable.  

  • It’s pretty clear he didn’t leave on his own terms.  That makes it fairly likely that he’ll return as soon as it’s something he’s able to do.
  • Despite the hype, he has no tangible solo career at the moment.  He’s released no official music and last we were told, he can’t release anything due to a non compete agreement.  That may or may not be off now that he’s supposed to be with RCA, but no one has claimed anything in the press about that.
  • Zayn is still being mentioned in nearly all the stories about 1D and vice versa.
  • Zayn and 1D have a set pattern of trading off attention and coordinating stunts since Zayn’s been gone.
  • Zayn and 1D’s US press, as a rule, is much nicer to them than the UK press.  This indicates someone in the US is going to bat for them.  Also, because People, Billboard, Perez Hilton, and iHeart Radio all seem to have a vested interest in both 1D and Zayn, it’s likely that the same someone is helping both.  This was going on before any team changes for Zayn were announced, plus 1D isn’t even supposed to have a new team at all yet.
  • Zayn hasn’t officially been claimed by a new management or PR team. Zayn hasn’t officially separated from Modest or Syco, and we can see signs he’s still tied to them.
  • We keep seeing hints that he’ll return like the random Twitter trends that don’t have clear origins and keep getting press coverage.  Also the narrative I discussed regarding The Sun.

Even if Zayn isn’t on this next album, that just probably means we’ll start seeing reconciliation during the hiatus.  We’ll see him interacting with the boys in a positive way as they do their solo stuff, then he’ll be part of the return after the hiatus.  I hope it doesn’t come to that because that’s a long time to wait, but it’s not at all implausible for that scenario to play out.

I doubt you’ll come back to read this since you’d know my thoughts on this if you regularly read my blog.  This isn’t the first time I’ve discussed this and not even the first time recently.  It was a good chance to write it all out again, though, so the effort’s not at all wasted.

okay i wanna take a picture but i don’t have all the books because I’m on vacation so in response to controlledeuphoria my summer reading list has been

-sleepless nights by elizabeth hardwick (sort of over again)-
-days of abandonment by elena ferrante-
-writing by marguerite duras-
-the odd woman and the city by vivian gornick-
-honored guest by joy williams-
-talk by linda rosenkreantz-
-a sport and a pastime by james salter-
-play it as it lays by joan didion-
-on being blue by william gass-
-myra breckinridge by gore vidal
-how i became one of the invisible by david rattray
-the wedding dress  by fanny howe
-i love dick by chris kraus

the ones with dashes after I’ve finished, the ones without i have not!!! i think thats all but who knows

tumblr has taught me that i’m either very wrong or very right, but isn’t very clear on what’s right and what’s wrong, so i’m constantly waiting for the next long text post explaining why i’m wrong about something, then i experience something irl and i’m like Oh and my view changes, then 1 hour later on tumblr i find out that i’m wrong and this post is right. tumblr has taught me to Trust No 1. the only thing tumblr has taught me that is forever true is that the government is out to get me, aliens exist, making sweet love to dana scully is an expected pastime, and that the x-files is the only reason to live. if i watch the x-files, i cannot be led astray. follow this blog for more quality content aka x-files about my life that i try to solve by watching more of a show about aliens.

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General Appearance:

Height? 5 foot

Eye color? Blue

Glasses or contacts? Neither

Braces? No

Fashion style? Skinny jeans, band shirts, flannels, vans/converse/boots

You in General

Where are you from? Canada

Siblings? Two younger sisters

School you go to? High school

What kind of student are you? Nerd, I study all the time

Do you like school? Sometimes it’s annoying but I know it’s important

Favorite TV shows? Spn, ouat, dr who, black butler, the fosters, parks and rec, the 100, bones

Favorite movies? Lotr, Harry Potter, Not Cool

Favorite books? Looking for Alaska, Perks of being a Wallflower, I Hate Myselfie

Favorite pastimes? Acting, music, horse back riding

Regrets? Not being myself

Dream job? Therapist or writer. I’d also love to be a musician but idk

Do you want to get married someday? If I find the right guy

Would you like kids someday? I guess, idk

Are you a girly girl, regular girl, or a tomboy? Tomboy kind of

Do you like shopping? Depends on what for, I like shopping for clothes and makeup but not for groceries or anything like that

What countries have you visited? Brazil and Mexico

Scariest nightmare? I don’t remember what happens in my dreams

Enemies? Homophobes, racists, transphobes, people who abuse other people, ect

Significant other? Nope

Do you believe in miracles? Kind of

Your Music

Put your music on shuffle and write down 30 songs that come up without skipping.

Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens) by New Politics

A Different Beat by Little Mix

Better off Dead by Sleeping with Sirens

Saltwater Room by Owl City

Cherry Pie by Warrant 

Hot Blooded by Foreigner (Bones fans will understand my love for this song)

Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback

Hell Above by Pierce the Veil 

Novocain by Fall Out Boy

Uma Thurman by Fall out Boy

Follow me Down by The Pretty Reckless

The Girl With The Denim Eyes by All Day Sucker

What Kind of Man by Florence + the Machine

Take It Home by The White Tie Affair

Applause by Lady Gaga

The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver by All Time Low 

Castle of Glass by Linkin Park

Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

Twixter by Make Out Monday

Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

Face in the Crowd by Jeff Keyson

About a Girl by The Academy Is…

It Ends Tonight by The All-American Rejects

Dementia by Owl City

Dead Inside by Muse

Old Scars/ Future Hears by All Time Low

English Girls by The Maine

Ghost Town by Adam Lambert 

Break Your Little Heart by All Time Low

Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan

Guys Don’t Like Me by It Boys

(I think that was 30)

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Pastimer - Paper Moths

Andrew Frank writes: 

Dear Mark,

About a year ago, around the time I started recording this album, I took a strange job giving tours of a museum in Massachusetts. Strange, because the museum, which was really just an old house once occupied by a wealthy family, was (and is) falling apart: lead paint peals from the walls, mold creeps up the corners, spiders and moths cover the windows, and the whole things slants dramatically to the north.

The work itself also had its fair share of absurd moments: orchestrating elaborate tea parties for elderly locals; getting accosted by ghost hunters and condescending history buffs; guilting local businesses into donating pastries to our events. Add to that the sense of always performing–repeating the same partially-fabricated history to visitor after visitor, telling stories about a family as though it were my own–and you might begin to imagine how daily life there could sometimes feel like an elaborate farce. I got to know a lot of local eccentrics in the process, but they didn’t get to know me.

In reality, though, most of my time at the museum was actually spent alone, wandering through the house or around the grounds, trying to make sense of the changes that were happening in my ‘real’ life. Which brings me to the second half of the story, and the part that certainly covers more familiar territory: My time at the museum corresponded pretty much directly with the end of a four-year relationship. Or, with the beginning of the end, so to speak. She was leaving for the other coast, and I wasn’t following her, and we knew, for months, that the end was coming. I began to treat my time at work as practice for being alone. I wrote lyrics there, and I even tried recording my voice in the empty rooms once or twice, half-imagining that I’d hear the sounds the ghost hunters claimed turned up on their hidden tape recorders.

Many of the songs on this album were begun far before that end came into sight, but all were arranged and completed at some point during our protracted stumble toward closure. Few songs were intended to be as big and complexly orchestrated as they are now, but I couldn’t seem to stop myself from pushing each and every one toward a breaking point. As my job petered out and then ceased entirely, writing and recording became an increasingly desperate act of filling time–hence the name Pastimer, at first a sort of dark joke made to myself. And as I moved from subletted room to subletted room in the months afterward, that feeling of being alone in a space that wasn’t my own, and of rewriting history (in this case, through song), stayed with me.

This email got real long, real quick. Hope you made it through. At any rate, as I mentioned above, the Bandcamp has made the rounds with friends, but a post would constitute a premier for any of our songs–in fact, it’d be a premier for the band itself. Please know that I appreciate you taking the time to read and listen. Thanks again.



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Cubism Meets Nintendo In 8-Bit Watercolor Paintings by Adam Lister

It’s not all too often we align the modernist artistic movement that is Cubism with the middle school pastime that is Nintendo, but artist  is showing us the two realms share an unlikely bond: an aesthetic predilection for all things flat. The New York-based artist created a series of “8-Bit Watercolors,” exploring the relationship between past and contemporary modes of representation. For the series Lister transforms familiar visuals, from Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” to Wonder Woman, into horizontal fields of pure color and line.

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buncha elf doodles, since i’ve been thinking about people Bren has done smooches with. this is necessary information, totally. the lady up top is also Raedin’s older sister (he and Bren both went to the conclave together but in canon he dies there, sorry dude)

and my fussy baby daughter Amin just cause

sharing stories...

This comes from a combination of prompts, one from drunkenssoldier for pizza and netflix (sorry, forgot the pizza!) and euphoric-melancholyy who asked for more cuddling. Just a ball of fluff set in the happy six weeks between 4A and 4B, with a sprinkle of Captain Cobra Swan for good measure… 

At the end of their second date, she’s the one to ask for another, her smile as wide as his when he had done the same after their first. She reminds him of her invitation to come over and watch Netflix, an activity that at the time still a mystery, but will eventually become one of his most cherished of pastimes.

The first night, they’re seated shoulder to shoulder on the couch in the loft, Emma’s portable magic box on the coffee table in front of them as she tries to explain the rather complicated technology this Netflix entails. Realizing she may grow weary of his inability to grasp this realm’s magic, he merely nods as if he understands, making a note to seek out young Henry for a lesson the next day.  He’s proven quite helpful during their weekly sailing trips, doing his best to explain electricity and cell phones, microwave ovens and even airplanes, a contraption he hopes to never need the aid of. The swell of the ocean beneath a sturdy boat sounds infinitely safer than a flying metal bucket, no matter what engineering has supposedly mastered its buoyancy.

He couldn’t tell you the name of any of the stories Emma chooses to watch, the flashing pictures and franticly paced dialogue often a bit much for him, but being next to Emma for this prolonged stretch of time manages to make it all worthwhile. 

The second time she invites him upstairs and they stretch out on her bed, the movie she chooses this night is one filled with fantastical characters and singing, the story of a young princess fighting her way through a labyrinth to save her younger brother from a seductive king’s grasp. Finding himself completely engrossed in the vibrant images, he almost flinches when Emma covers his hand with hers, embarrassment tinting the tips of his ears as he tangles their fingers together and her head falls to his shoulder. The end of the film comes too soon, both for the entertaining story and the simple intimacy of feeling her hand warm in his with no intention of letting go.

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So much of the “Nathan is as equally responsible as Mr.Jefferson” crap reeks of the double standard about abuse between boys and girls and it drives me insane. Cause I bet if Nathan was a girl a significantly less amount of people would want to hold him equally as accountable.  They’d be able to see that he is also being preyed on by Mr.Jefferson but just cause he’s a boy god forbid that’s an option waaahhh.


The Wrong Side of History

At home and abroad, for socialists and democrats alike the problem is the same.  The future is a blank page and we don’t know what will be written on it.  But one thing is certain, when people come to believe they are not masters of their own fate ‘because history is not on their side’ they will be less likely to take their own fate into their own hands.

Pick your issue.  It may well be true that same-sex marriage is here to stay, that Americans will never relinquish their gun rights, or heck, that soccer may actually become America’s pastime. But the only way such victories are assured is that those opposing them preemptively surrender based on some potted assertions that defeat is inevitable.

That is what is so undemocratic about the idea that there is a right side to history.

Liberals like Obama also like to say a similar statement when regarding climate change - “the science is settled” or “the debate is over.”  It is basically stating, “if you oppose my opinion, you are automatically wrong.”


Hi I’m Lauren and I have some confessions to make…