runner’s high

if i move my body
long enough it
will move my soul;
ghoul streaking in
his Nikes from a
tomb of thieves.
god save the
pituitary pin cushion,
punching bag
that i shoryuken
in the AM, all to feel
human again. when
i pipette blood to the  
wurlitzer in my brain,
i puff out all the
bad, sad words and
they cartwheel like
carbon dioxide to
horizons, come back
prehistoric and not
worth remembering.

if i move my soul it
sweats iridescence,
skins me in the fleece
of Quetzalcoatl so i
might soar from my
runner’s lows. doctor
begs me to swallow
pastilles, sugarless
and pastel as a
sunrise served with
black coffee. and the
phone is ringing.
Caduceus is calling
to swamp lungs in
chemical tides,
begging let a little
heaven in.

if i grow weak - carry
me to the depths of
thirst. carry me
to the fridge and wash
these folded insect
legs in pickle juice,
amino acids; all i
want is to stand again
and dismantle the
hamster wheel with
two human hands.
legs wade pavement
and the road
takes the wheel.
come to me, chemicals,
yes, flood the blood
brain barrier. this,
the runner’s high,
fish hooks pulling
kneecaps to the altar
of epiphany.

Îmi doresc să mor.
Nu, nu să-mi tai venele.
Nici să înghit un pumn de pastile.
Sau să sar de pe acoperiş.
Doar să stau în linişte.
Pe fundalul melodiei preferate,
Cu ochii închişi, şi să mor.
Fără durere.
Fără lacrimi.
Să mor în linişte, dar cu adevărat.

Things I’m currently into tag. c:

I was tagged by mrsdanaspooky (ty Holly ;D )

One song: Olly Murs- Beautiful to Me 

Two films: tHE MAZE RUNNER and Guardians of the Galaxy. B) 

Three shows: (ok since this is currently and most of my shows have finished I’m putting MKR here) Agents of Shield, The Flash, My Kitchen Rules c; 

Four people: Real people?? Idk, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dylan O'Brien, Luke Mitchell, and Chris Pratt. 

Five foods: Fruit pastilles, cookie dough ice cream, double chocolate cookies, sour cream and onion pringles, caramel. 

Six people to tag: thelockpickingvictorian phancakeluvr lgkavanagh minty-minho meowlmittens and juliaenerys c:

OK so i had a bit of a cry, a cup of coffee, and edited my paper so i don’t hate it as much, and I’m feeling a lot better. Now I need to get into the shower and use ALLLLLL my new expensive face stuff that I got prescribed (lmao) and my frank body scrub and just feel good and clean and like everything’s gonna be ok!!!! and then once my paper is DONE it is DONE deep breaths maybe i should find some anxiety pastilles or summat idk

T-minus 2 hours, and in the past two days we have so far had:

  1. Mother of pupil ringing up at 8am to tell Maman that pupil is ‘having a meltdown’ over her coming exam.
  2. Mother of pupil e-mailing to say that pupil is worried she may have vocal nodules; since she has three shows plus an exam this week, it’s more likely just tiredness and slight strain; a good night’s sleep and throat pastilles recommended.
  3. A few minutes ago, a pupil ringing up to ask where this ‘M- House’ that the concert is being held in is. Papa: ‘…you’ve been to it. It’s here.’ You know, the place where he’s been coming for music lessons for the past few months.

Papa is getting food and moving chairs, Maman and I are practicing, photocopying and gradually getting washed and dressed. All of us are contemplating the virtues of feeding all the pupils Valium when they arrive so nobody caps it all off by fainting from sheer nerves.

anonymous asked:

Can u make an inspired post on Ari's purse essentials? Like everything she would keep with her? Thanks

Well in the past she did a what’s in my bag interview and here’s what she had at the time:

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Britney Spears - Fantasy

The Pure Bristle Pocket brush by Mason Pearson

Grether’s Black Currant Pastilles

The banana bread flax bar

GIVENCHY Hot Couture

Miaroma Lavender Pure Essential Oil

A Louis Vuitton notebook (I wasn't able to find a link for this)

When you don’t get tired of wearing such an iconic watch for more than two days. @audemarspiguet x @tomford x Grether’s Pastilles. #audemars #audemarspiguet #aproo #royaloakoffshore #audemarsholics #aproo #tomford #thegoodlife #luxury #luxurylife #watchporn #watchcollectinglifestyle #watchcollecting #ap_gallery #aplife #audemarspiguet_official (at

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Fruit pastilles are all i eat when we go back. My tongue will then remain multi-colored for the next month due to the amount of packets I have eaten.

i saw this american girl on youtube try british sweets and she gave fruit pastilles like a 6/10 and i was like???? honey how fucked are your tastebuds that u cant taste how gr8 they are

Okay, so I know it might seem like people from Britain are bad at coping with hot weather (it’s true!) but that’s because we are not used to it. According to the weather forecast, where I live (outskirts of Nottingham/Derby) on Wednesday night it will be 28*C. That’s really warm. So a bit of advice.
Stay hydrated, cliche I know, but important.
Get suncream! Especially if you are natively from here.
Don’t stay inside all day, as the air can get really stuffy and end up even warmer, sit in the shade with a fan and you will get vitamin D too
Stock up on ice lollies. Like idc which, rocket lollies, fruit pastille lollies, smoothie lollies. (If you prefer ice cream lollies that’s fine but they are not as good at keeping hydrated/cool)
Take lots of showers.
Go to the beach. This weather ain’t gonna last.
Idk I’m not good at advice but the heat wave should end in around two weeks time. There will be thunderstorms. If you live in a city, try and go to rural areas bc the heat isn’t as bad there
Okay xxx