“you can’t headcanon that character as poc, it says their skin is white”

i understand that usually if an author describes a character as “pale-skinned” they probably meant that character to be white, but…

1. poc can have pale skin. i have family in india with pastier skin than most white people. east asians can have pale skin. polynesians can have pale skin. arabs can have pale skin. latin@s can have pale skin. all races can have pale skin

2. people forget that mixed race people exist and they often have pale skin

Let’s Talk About PPGD

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi is a webcomic started in the early 2000s by an artist known as Bleedman and centers around the adventures of the Powerpuff Girls as they leave behind the city of Townsville for greener pastier in the city of Megaville, which contains characters from other Cartoon Network shows like the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Samurai Jack, and Courage the Cowardly Dog, along with Nickelodeon shows and even other anime like Medabots. It’s a massive crossover with several moments of awesome.

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Danger and Intrigue

Ok I posted this a few hours ago but it was being stupid so I’m reposting it. 

I’ve never written for this ship before, but I’ve always found it intriguing (hardy har har), and certainly one of the most dynamic of the Zelda ships. So I couldn’t resist writing for one of the prompts. I pictured the Hyrule Warriors character designs while writing.

Zelgan Week, Prompt One: Danger and Intrigue. Rating: M I guess. It’s not smut but I suck at rating things so let’s just be safe mmkay

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