Dark Memories of Day Past

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Title: Dark Memories of Day Past

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1.925

Warnings: talk of sexual assault, hurt/comfort, cursing

A/N: I have debated about posting this for a long time. I figured that maybe… it might help someone. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated as always. I love you so much.

Dean watched your body hit the wall next to him.  You and Dean were here to get rid of  a shapeshifter, only to be interrupted by a demon. The shapeshifter got away and the demon tossed you around like a rag doll.  Dean could see how hurt you were.  It tore him up inside.  He was going to kick this demon’s ass.

As soon as Dean climbed to his feet, the demon exited the human it was possessing.  “Oh come on,” Dean shouted.  “You coward son of a bitch!”  As the black smoke disappeared out of the window, Dean’s eyes darted over to your body.  You were still lying on the floor.  You were lying face down, almost in the fetal position.  Dean saw the blood and bruises that covered your face.  He winced, unsure if he should move you at all.  He didn’t want to cause you any pain.  There was no way Dean was going to leave you here.

The Winchester picked you up off of the floor, leaning you against the wall you hit not too long ago.  You were limp in his hands.  He made sure to check your pulse.  You were still breathing, but just barely.  You had cuts and bruises all over you.

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