pastey white


Greek Mythology: Hades & Persephone 

“Aren’t you afraid of my darkness, my dear?” Hades asked with mischief in his eyes.
“No,” Persephone replied, “You haven’t even seen mine yet.”   kfg

down in a rabbit hole

I heard you fell into a rabbit hole
Covered yourself up in snow
Baby, tell me, where’d you go
For days and days?

Did they make you stay up all night?
Did they paint your face that pastey white?
You’re thirsty but your appetite
Gets chased away

Sun turns us to stone
It’s a cloudy day
But we still can’t go home
I’ve been out that cellar door
Until we see the moon
We’re invisible

No one ever takes the garbage out
A neighbor kid gets dared to touch the house
He runs back only to announce
“There’s no one home”

Because we paint the foil with the flame
Smear the soda, taste butane
For every fear that can’t be named
To calm you down

Your heart starts skipping steps
So you’re farther gone
Than you might expect
If your thoughts should turn to death
Gotta stomp them out
Like a cigarette

Hey, I was getting some abuse in my inbox for ‘Supporting’ blackface by reblogging and obsessing over Hanzo’s new DEMON HALLOWEEN SKIN.

I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that.. 
He is not a human skin tone.
He is not portraying a human.
 He is in a fucking. halloween.costume.

I picked a few colours on photoshop to demonstrate… That he isn’t hurting any cultures as no race on this planet that that skin tone. I mean, he’s still got his Japanese style going on, but I’m talking about skin tone.

While I was in the neighbourhood, I picked Symetras skin tone as well.

Again, her tone is not a human tone. Or even a dead human tone! I believe she was meant to resemble the old school vampires. you know like

The long black hair, pastey silver white skin, all that jazz. I don’t think Blizzard intended for her to be white/caucasian or even intended her to look dead, but rather a fearsome creature! They aren’t saying white skin is more desirable, she is dressed. as. a. monster!
A halloween costume. 

In saying this, I am not invalidating people who are offended. I mean I can imagine, we have these gorgeous dark skinned characters who we looove, and then you have that taken away, and I was shocked the first time I saw Sym’s skin too, then I noticed the glowy un-humaness and assumed they were going for the classic vampire design. Which I think looks pretty accurate with her long black hair and her outfit. But let’s all agree that they’re in costume. They aren’t trying to make any which skin look more desirable, they’re not even human toned at all! Heck, they aren’t even meant to BE HUMANS
But can we not slam people who are just reblogging the skins? I mean if someone was saying that they like her with white skin, that she should be white or something similar, yeah, slam that guy. But I don’t think we need to fight about it. It’s just a halloween costume. 


Let me tell ya’ll how much men ain’t shit.

I live in Brooklyn, so traveling to Manhattan (anywhere in Manhattan) takes me about an hour or more based on using the public transportation.

So, I talked to this attorney who super liked me on Tinder. we spoke on the phone, and besides the fact that he asked 50 million questions, convo was cool. he confirmed plans with me. he said he found me cute & looked forward to meeting me. cool. so the following days after the phone call, i didn’t really hear from him but he would answer my texts (red flag). so then i peeped that he unmatched me on Tinder (red flag). my sister was like oh just leave it, maybe its nothing. so i hit him up just to confirm our plans & he said, yes we’re set to go. i made reservations. i’m like okay cool. i noticed he still wasn’t making conversation really but i left it alone.

the day of comes and i write him, “hope you’re excited to see me later” & he wrote “yes, very excited. see you there” .. so .. i get ready. i’m looking good, ladies. good enough that i put my photo on snap & i had a few guys writing me asking to take me out or how they wanna hang out. this is no lie. so i’m like okay, if they think i look good then this guy should too.

I make my way to West 4th, to this “$$$” Italian restaurant. Attorney guy is running late so i wait. Finally, he walks up and hes giving me this weird look. he’s like, “Lex?” I’m like yes, why do you look so surprised?

this white buffoon says to me, “you look nothing like your pictures.

i’m like HUH???????? Ive never heard that in my life. He says, “yea, i can’t go through with this.” & he turns and starts walking away.

SWEET BABIES, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. I HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN REJECTED LIKE THAT BEFORE. this sounds cocky, but no, i am a fine piece of ass, okay??????? i am completely NATURAL all over. from head to my fucking toes. I AM TALL, I HAVE CHILD-BEARING HIPS, I HAVE BIG TITTIES, I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SMILE & LONG ASS REAL HAIR THAT TOUCHS THE END OF MY BACK. i don’t even wear that much makeup & I HAVE CLEAR BROWN SKINN. and to hear this WHITE PASTEY OLD ASS MUTHAFUCKA say that shit to my face had me DUMBFOUNDED. 

I was just so so .. surprised i wasted my time like that. i could’ve been studying, i could’ve been eating somewhere else, i could’ve been fucking napping. but yet i traveled out to be disrespected. sigh. so i met up with another SB & we went to a bar where we were hit on! I bumped into my tattoo artist, told him what happened & he’s like, “wait, so what if you didnt look like the picture? you’re still hot.” I’m like THANK YOU. i’m confused af.

Sigh. so badly, i wanted to hit up this fool and just go off. but its not worth it. some of my girls were saying maybe he was just plain broke & couldn’t go through with it. WHO KNOWS but there are too many men out here claiming a lifestyle they are not ready for.

shit like this really makes me wanna just throw the sugar bowl lmao.. my patience is wearing the fuck out.

oh my god please stop fucking saying that whitewashing and similar things “dont matter” because theyre “cartoon characters” those cartoon characters still represent very real breathing and alive demographics of people and yes you are right korra or whatever cannot care if you draw her with pastey white skin but lots and lots and *lots* of women can and do and are affected by that

same goes for turning strong women into men. same goes for making the fat characters thin. same goes for denying a queer characters sexuality/gender identity. same goes for taking off and throwing out a characters disability.

it is very real. very very real.

anonymous asked:

It's not flying over white people's heads. Stop being racist. That's the whole fucking issue!! Goddamn. You seriously are racist. Ps- I'm not white!

ok pastey mayonnaise

I thought if love ever came back I would be able to recognize it. But it feels different, and it looks different and I can not recognize love anymore. This time love has freckles all around her body, she has white pastey skin and her smile is as white as snow. This time, love is not shy, but outgoing and spontaneous. Love has hazel eyes that can make you get lost if you stare long and deep enough. Love doesn’t wear make up to hide her natural beauty. I remember love liked having their own privacy, but now love wants everything to do with me and never wants to stop talking. I remember love having an attitdue when I was clingy, but now love is just as clingy as I am. I remember love went to bed at 4 AM and now love is asleep when I’m asleep, and we are in sync. Love is not the same, love is new. A new feeling, and a new look. And I can not thank this new love enough because love doesn’t remind me of you, it reminds me of the new.
—  I love this new kind of love

The cast of Big Brother 16 is being revealed in four days! I can’t wait to meet the model who’s evicted during Week 2, the obligatory minority, and the pastey white guy who Grodner wants to sleep with.