Elements of Investigation: Dragon Quest, pt 1

We are not trained in forensics, scorch-mane, but rely on local resources such as Miss Pastern. Miss Dust Cloud found the body originally, and was kind enough to repeat her story and lead us to the scene.

(( The post was going to be longer, but already it was taking way too long. So part 2 will be in Ponyville. ))

Canford Cliffs Retired

Proven to be one hell of a miler, Canford Cliffs seemed to be on a terrific ascent in the racing world, having beaten three-time Breeders’ Cup Turf Mile (I) champion Goldikova. After the QIPCO Sussex Stakes (Eng-I), it became evident that something went awry with the muscular bay colt when he seemed to swerve coming down the final meters while chasing the eventual winner Frankel

A check-up following the race concluded that Canford Cliffs had suffered a pastern injury and was recommended for retirement. The winner of multiple Grade I feats, he will be represented at stud by Coolmore.

His trainer, Richard Hannon, was tremendously saddened. “He is without a doubt the best horse I have ever had in over 40 years as a trainer.”

While I’m disappointed to see that Canford Cliffs won’t be making the Breeders’ Cup, I’m hopeful he’ll make a great stallion for future turf runners. He had a great turn of foot and tenacity you don’t see in an everyday horse. Get well soon and best wishes.

Limb Symmetry and Conformation; how it affects your horse and his feet.

This is the best picture I could manage of Sonny’s front feet. As you can see he turns out at the knee on his right front, and pay attention to the way his hoof is balanced under his knee, fetlock, and pastern. His fetlock sits to the inside and turns out, and his hoof is sitting ¾ of the way out from under his knee. This causes his medial (inside heel) to jam up and his outside heel has a tendency to roll under because of it. Both of these things encourage his toe to shoot out in front of him. Notice his right front hoof is more upright than the other, he grows more heel than on the left. His left front leg is fairly straight in the knee, and his hoof is pretty balanced underneath it. His fetlock and pastern turn out slightly, which causes his cannon bone to be off center.The next time I shoe Sonny, I’m going to try and remember to take pictures (he’s three weeks into his rotation in this picture, so the toe has begun to drag the shoe forward). I want to show you guys the foot and what shoeing for a long toe/low heel horse entails. It’ll be interesting so stick around! 


Just because your horse isn’t perfectly centered does not mean that he is or will be lame, nor am I saying that he is or will be. These are just things you should pay attention to, because I am a firm believer that the average horse person does not pay attention to their horse’s feet.
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Why the pus that Edward Jenner collected from the infected pastern’s of horses could not have provided the immunity (Created the anti-bodies required) for Smallpox.

thebudfactor replied to your photo: Yep. That’s my horse’s leg. Looks so much worse…

omg! I hope he’s ok :( What’s wrong? what happened??

the girl who leased her had a friend bring her back be ause she doesn’t have a trailer. Somewhere on the ride home from grass valley she cut a huge gash just above her hoof. It was so bloody. They washed it out and wrapped it. I am on crutches, which is another story. I drove her to valcheck who was worried about it getting into the coffin bone. She seems ok, but we will have to wrap her every two days for 6 months probably and give lots of antibiotics. She had to take 100 pills a day for the last ten days, and she’s done with those. Now she just needs bute and to be rewrapped every two days. This picture is the second picture I have of her. It looks a lot worse than the first one, but my friend that’s taking care of her said it’s gonna look worse before it gets better. :/ Here’s the two pictures. The first one is from last week, and the second one is from yesterday. 


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fuzzy-muzzles submitted:

Can you critique my mareface? She’s a 28 year-old Appendix Quarter Horse mare. I retired her from jumping about a year ago and we’re currently focusing solely on Dressage and working our way up there.

She’s looking good for her age! Her head is a good size, attached to a neck that is slightly long and ties on to her chest low and fairly abruptly. She has a good smooth crest. Her shoulder is angled fairly upright. Her body and back are long, contributing to a sway back. Her hip is fairly short. Her center of balance is near level, maybe a little bit downhill. She stands slightly camped under in the front with a good angling to her pasterns. Her hip is small but angled fairly well and I believe that her hind legs and pasterns are probably mostly correct, although possible cow hocked.

Let me know if you have any questions!

dreamingdressage asked:

New horse!?!?!?! WhaaaaT!?!?!???? What happened to Cody????

You’ve missed it all!!!! Poor Cody dude went lame again a couple months ago and X-rays have revealed that he has a degenerative bone condition in his pastern bone, so his prognosis of returning to full work is not good. At this stage he is still lame and is just enjoying a little break in the paddock, but it’s fairly touch and go as to if he will come back into work.

So, after being completely devastated for a few weeks, I have decided to get a second horse! I will always keeps Cody and he will always be my number one, but unfortunately he is getting older and his bone issue is expected to deteriorate, so he is not able to be kept in full, competition work reliably.

Stay tuned!!!

anonymous asked:

Do you think putting horses on pads weakens their pasterns and can cause dropped ones? All of our ex-padded horses have the shittiest pasterns, and i don't think they were born like that.i was thinking the pad angle made the pasterns upright, so they eventually 'moved' to a more 'natural' angle. When the pads are off, it resulted in weak, dropped pasterns. Is this just bullshit that i'm thinking or is there some basis?

So the pastern issue comes from several things, the first one being poor breeding. They breed for tall, black, and gaited. Nothing else matters. But the pads do weaken the patterns due to them forcing the pastern into a position in front of the natural angle. So if the horse has long pasterns combined with being on pads most of its life, that will negatively affect them and weaken them to some degree.

For those of you who say those pictures of An Eligible Bachelor aren’t the same, you are so blind and I would like to start a gofundme to afford you all an eye exam.

No, it doesn’t look exactly like the orginal because it’s been P H O T O S H O P P E D to make him seem less fugly. You cant argue with the lighting, shadows ans braids, as well as the breakover of the front pastern thats leaving the ground. I’ve seen better edits on old school HorseLand, for real though.

How come you all wanna bitch about how photoshopped stock horses are until I show you one that is the most photoshopped piece of shit I’ve ever seen?

fuzzy-muzzles submitted:

I thought I might submit this girl for fun because she’s clearly wonky as hell. This is Kelsie, she’s a sweet little firecracker, QH/Arabian mix, I think she’s like 15. She’s short, like 14.2-15. Her owner using her for low jumping I believe. She’s surprisingly good at it as long as she’s not charging the obstacles.

I think that big sway back is making her look more wonky than she is! She’s a little bit long through her body for her height, and built somewhat downhill, but other than that actually measures out pretty well. Her hip is quite small, but her front legs look correct and her shoulder is angled well with a good neck. She might be a bit cow hocked in the hind legs. Her pasterns in the front are a little bit light. Her croup is very short and flat. Really not as bad as she looks at first glance though.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Custom request for mix and match earrings so she could wear asymmetrical or matching. The roll pattern matched a pastern on a pendant she purchased. Garnet and sterling bead accents #earringsoftheday #dangles #asymmetrical #sterlingearrings #custommade #customjewelry #Riojeweler #onmybenchtoday #handmade #earringlove #etsyseller #etsyjeweler #ppenneeonetsy


butterflysnaffle submitted:

I know only one photo is of her standing completely square. I’m sorry I don’t have many photos of her standing nicely. But I’d love a critique of her if you could!!

Adrenalina (Addie) is a registered Quarter Horse mare. She is 15.3hh and her registered name is Sierra’s Romance. She is 10 years old and will be showing and training in Western Pleasure. ☺️

Her head appears to be a good size for her body, and her neck ties onto her chest smoothly. She is fairly narrow through her heartgirth, in comparison to her neck and legs. Her chest is a good size and her shoulder angled well. Her back is long. Her hip is slightly short and she is goose rumped. Her hip is angled fairly widely. Her front legs are mostly correct, faulted by upright pasterns, and they are also light on bone. She is sickle hocked in the hind, and her center of balance is downhill. She’d also benefit from greater development through her topline.

She appears to move well, I like her relatively high headset and her haunches seem to be engaged. Looks like she has a good start for WP!

Let me know if you have any questions. :)

vopoien submitted:

Can you please do a conformation critique on my horse? He is a 17 year old gelding, Connemara mixed with English Thoroughbred. He is currently competing in show jumping, while having lessons in dressage several times a week. This picture is about a year old, he has developed a lot more muscles and lost a lot of fat since then. Would be interesting to hear what you think of him :)

He is a really well put together horse, proportion wise. His head is a good size, his neck is a good length and ties onto his chest smoothly. His legs are slightly long, and his chest could be a little bit deeper, but other than that his back, shoulder, hip, height, length etc. are very good. He is standing slightly under on his front legs, but they are straight with fairly good pasterns. He might be a little bit light on bone in the front, but nothing bad. He is built somewhat downhill, and his hind legs might be a bit cow hocked but are probably straight. His hind pastern appears long but is good and thick. He’s a really nice looking horse! I’d be interested to know if he’s had any soundness issues as he’s aged?

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

more-attitude-less-fear submitted:

Tabs is a 7yo TB, she was raced as a two year old then did a tendon and spelled for a year then raced again. She had some major damage to her whole topline and back and pelvis when I got her that the chiro fixed but she still tends to stand with one back leg forward out of habit, though she can square up now. :)

Think she could do alright in an in-hand competition?

She is a pretty nice looking mare. Her throatlatch is well defined and her neck is a good length, but ties onto her chest fairly abruptly. Her shoulder is quite upright. Her chest is a good size. She is fairly leggy, and her back is a little bit long, but with a large withers. Her front legs are straight but light on bone with long cannons and pasterns. It is a little bit hard to tell from this but she appears to have a good hip and croup. I can’t accurately judge the conformation on the hind neck. My only other comment would be that she is slightly over muscled on the bottom of the neck, causing her to appear slightly ewe necked. Moving that muscle up to the top of her neck would also smooth out the neck’s tie on. :)

Let me know if you have any questions!