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Twin Plus Color Pen Set

5 beautiful pens with 10 uniquely gorgeous colors? Yes, please~!! Write, doodle, draw, and craft to your heart’s content with the versatile Twin Plus Color Pen Set. It features dual pen tips with different sizes that make it perfect for highlighting, too! It’s a must-have for your pen collection. 😍😉



Hey! I never close for commissions but every now and then I like to remind everyone, they are available! These are my primary source of income and I really truly value the support I receive from everyone <3 

I’m just about to begin an extra qualification on my bachelors in illustration that stipulates I spend a year building my professional prospects - commissions have always been the foundation of my career and I hope I can continue to count on that! <3

£15 for a rough colour sketch - example

£40 for a full illustration, simple or no background - example

£50 for a full illustration, background - example

Feel free to browse my archive

In the event a commission is for a product that will be sold thereafter or is exceptionally complex, prices may be higher, but I always like to try and swing low!

I take payment via paypal, please send me the details of your request at