Just a Little Tummy Ache

Pairing: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil (Phan)

Genre: Smut, (light)Daddy!Kink, Punk!Phil & Pastel!Dan, highschool au

Warning: Sexual Content, Near Car Accident 

Word Count: 5300

Summary: Phil meets Dan in probably the most unconventional way. And despite being polar opposites, maybe they’re more alike than they ever thought. The biggest difference? Dan can’t tell a tummy ache apart from a different kind of ‘ache’. Perhaps too innocent for his own good, until he meets Phil that is. 


pastel!dan and punk!phil

anonymous asked:

I want to see you guys dance!!!

Mikasa: I’m actually trying to learn Red Velvet’s Russian Roulette with Annie and Armin for an upcoming video. :) 

Also, I’m not sure if you guys caught it on the vlogs, but Eren loves to put on that ‘Chok Chok’ song by Super Junior’s D&E while they’re in the kitchen cooking.

Sometimes Dad joins in too. ^^;