You Touch Me and I Burn - Chapter Forty Four [Archive of Our Own]
Symmetra never expected to have an explosives obsessed lunatic plunge her life into disorder, but he's here and he has and strangely... she almost doesn't mind.
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It’s nearly christmas and Satya is brainstorming for gift ideas~

Satya’s amused exhale joined the laughter of the other adults in the room as more of Torbjörn’s children came over to examine Junkrat’s peg leg. The smaller children were very taken with the ‘pirate’, and badgered him until Junkrat ended up sitting on his chair, a circle of children surrounding him. She had to admit, he looked very out of place as he began an uncertain rendition of the time he’d lost his leg. The expression on his face made her think that whatever children he’d spent time with in the past (if indeed he had spent time with children at all) had not exactly behaved like these ones.

The Northerner

So this is a little oneshot about @s-kinnaly‘s zelgan child Kanisa and her love interest Vidar, set at the moment they first met (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

I may or may not have gotten slightly carried away with all the gooey romantic stuff going on, whoops, but I can’t help it! I really love Kanisa, she’s awesome

Rinku belongs to @figmentforms, of course! :D

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You know what.
I’m cute
I spent good money for this hair and I love it and I’m TIRED of getting dirty looks from other girls, BLACK girls especially.
When I see someone whose cute and confident and looks like they put a lot of work into their outfit. I compliment them or I at least smile if they look my way.

I’ve gotten dirty looks I’ve had people laugh at me and you know what.
Maybe you’re just jealous that you don’t have the confidence to express yourself the way I can. To dress how you feel on the inside without feeling like someone will judge you.
I’m a princess and an adorable fucking candy fairy and I will dress how ever I want.

My mama told me that if a woman gives you a dirty look or side eyes you that means you are in fact just as bad ass as you think you are and you can be even more confident in yourself.

Don’t let dumbass haters get you down

Because I’m not anymore.
I’m gonna dress the way I want and be who I want to be and no one will fucking tell me other wise
Destroy the idea that the presence of another woman’s beauty is an absence of your own.

That just means there are more queens in the world.