My Pastel Prince

Summary- Punk!Phil and Pastel!Dan in high school.

Word Count- 5.1k

Fluff- near the end.

TW- Mentions of self harm

A/N- Once again I wrote this on my phone at 1am so I’m sorry for any issues there inevitably are.

Dan Shrugged his backpack off his shoulders and placed it on the hook in his locker switching the books he would no longer need with the ones he would be using for the remainder of his own personal day in  hell, or how others referred to it ‘School’, the very word sends shivers down Dan’s spine. Dan’s head hung low, his eyes focusing in on each speck of the hideous pattered floor, praying to every God and Super Hero alike that he could just blend in to his surroundings, doing everything in his power to draw no attention to himself. But it just so happens that being an openly gay, sixteen year old boy that wears pastel pink sweaters, white jeans, pastel purple high top converse and colour co-ordinated flower crowns in a homophobic, narrow minded school with a bunch of dickhead teenagers you tend to be the target for a lot of bullying; In other words, the ‘Ideal Victim’.

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