I have recently begun journaling again, after a huge break from it. I used to be a very avid diarist, penning my thoughts almost daily for a number of years (I have a heavy box of tattered notebooks to prove it). For a while though, ie. most of my university years, I didn’t bother keeping a journal, dunno why. Its possible that my various projects at school deterred me from any potential time to write down any of the constant thoughts racing through my head. Now that I am out of school, and have more time to reflect on various things, I’ve turned to journaling again as a form of self reflection and healing. I find it incredibly therapeutic, scribbling down spiralling ideas and opinions while drinking calming tea and nibbling on a treat or two. Here are a few photos of my journaling escapades. Since starting my renewed journaling journey, I can’t stop writing! I seem to have caught some writing bug. Scanning through old interior decorating magazines has proved to be very inspirational, and I have been filling my notebook’s pages with collage mood boards, so fun to do!