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Relationship Status: Single
Favourite Colour: today? pastel pink!
Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapsticks great but i’m a huge sucker for lipstick
Last Song You Listened To: my dad’s rendition of “Right Here Waiting”
Last Movie You Watched: I just watched Coraline again a couple days ago!
Top 3 TV shows?: The Office, Psych, and Voltron?
Top 3 Characters: of anything? currently Noah Czerny, Ze'ev Kesley , and Puck (SG)
Top 3 Ships: Wolfet, Jim/Pam, and Adam Parrish/happiness
Top 5 Musicals: I don’t watch musicals, sorry!!

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The signs' aesthetics

Aries : Sunsets, Beach curls, Ferris wheels, Waves, Clouds

Taurus : Messy buns, Sitting on the roof at night, Brown eyes, Paper lanterns, Smoke

Gemini : Polaroids, Night swimming, Figi Water, Pearls, Carousels, Brown Eyes

Cancer : Crystals, Lightening storms, lavender, Bath bombs, Sketchbooks

Leo : Tattoos, Dark lipstick, Pastel, Thigh Highs, The moon

Virgo : Oversized hoodies, Perfect eyeliner, Messy buns, Inside jokes, Labradors

Libra : Space, Black Cats, Neon signs, Nostalgia, City skyline

Scorpio : Red roses, Raindrops on windows, 3 A.M. texts, Lip biting, Small Cafés

Sagittarius : Glitter, Opals, Old movies, Smudged makeup

Capricorn : Watercolors, Sunflowers, Art museums, Birds

Aquarius : Forests, Succulents, Mist, Greenhouses, Smiles

Pisces : Old book smell, Stars, Bright eyes, Bonsai trees, Mythology


Makeup Mondays:

Pastel purple sparkle inspiration


Cong He photographed by Richard Burbridge in pop art inspired looks from Dior’s cosmetic Milky Dots’ collection for Dior magazine, May 2016. Makeup by Peter Philips.


Makeup Mondays:

Cong He photographed by Richard Burbridge for Dior magazine wearing looks from Dior’s ‘Milky Dots’ cosmetic collection. Makeup by Peter Philips.