2/n EXO SocialMedia!AU; D.O.’s Instagram account @DO_ksoo

D.O. is the type who is quiet, cautious and he probably wouldn’t post as much as Sehun haha would only post from time to time to update us of what he’s been up to lately such as movies or photoshoots. I think he is also the type to post a lot of black and white stuff.

1. Chinese New Year message [X]
2. D.O. for High Cut BTS [X]
3. Pure Love BTS [X]
4. Jeollado view (where they taped the film) [X]
5. D.O. for Lotte World promotional video [X]
6. Shoefie! Adidas Stan Smith [X]
7. EXO airport picture (SuKaiDae)
8. Out with Sehun [X]
9. With Chen on his first musical ‘In The Heights’

Inspo: [X] / I made this for @deja-soo​, Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for being nice and for taking the time to talk to me. It is also my first time to receive a handwritten note from someone in tumblr so that’s really nice. I hope you’re having a good day! :)