pastel yellow

Greek God Aesthetics
  • zeus:pastel yellow bike rides along the dreary empty highway. clouds crushed under the wind. uneasily swaying powerlines overhead.
  • poseiden:seagulls fighting over bread, university sweatshirts and the winter ocean. shoes thrown to the wind and exhausting games of beach volleyball with not enough players
  • hera:cold lemonade on the front porch, long taffeta skirts blowing in the wind. hydrangea bushes blooming in rows, red ants crawling in the blue bushels
  • hestia:clean sheets, straw hats with ribbons. framed embroidery and fraying pillows. hanging bushels of herbs, thick and full as a bouquet. bits of dried leaves on the floor
  • hermes:old shoes thrown over a phone line, sitting on the curb and feeling the heat absorbed by the pavement. 90 degree weather and sweatshirts. snippets of other people's conversations
  • athena:a single droplet destroying the calm of a lake. misty mornings. soft goose calls. stinging cold morning air, cheeks burning with exhaustion on the morning jog
  • artemis:smoking by the window so your parents don't smell it. hiding things in the lining of your shoes. bugs crawling out from under a book, triumph of catching them with a shoe
  • aries:old diners and motorcycles, driving around town in the middle of the night. other cars fly by in a sea of headlights. a radio playing the old hits.
  • apollo:the sharp glint of sunlight when driving home. being stuck in traffic, flipping through radio stations and finding nothing but commercials. someone in the fast lane drives by with the most beautiful music playing
  • aphrodite:a mouthful of rose petals, over-sized sweaters and thick thighs with cellulite stripes. an hour preparing for a selfie and the one of the false eyelashes keeps coming off.
  • hephaestus:gum wrappers twisted into shapes. tearing up strips of paper to make paper stars. mechanical pencils that no longer work, but you still push lead sticks in
  • demeter:farmer's market stands closed down for the year, but weeds and grasses throng through the fences. little blue flowers bloom through the cracks in the sidewalk
  • persephone:picnics in unexpected places, old bridges and train tracks. evergreen forests dripping with water, moss covered boulders touched by hands with pink painted nails
  • hades:early shifts. the quiet highways before the sun has risen, the world darkness and neon glowing signs. driving with the windows down, cool air soothing nausea