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I spend entirely too much time thinking of Tony actually choosing to become an actual villain cause he’s so fucking DONE™ with his “friends” and everyone dragging him down and blaming him for literally everything. Like… he’d go do some villainous shit just to prove that if he CHOSE TO that with his brain and his ability he can bring the world to its knees. And he’d do it in a dapper suit, with pastel glasses and a devil-may-care grin on his face

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“It is true that I have the habit of being always right - but I do not boast of it.”
– Hercule Poirot

dan is staring at phil’s pastel ass


Chungha’s birthday countdown7 days to go

only a week to go until it’s her 21st birthday! One of my most favourite parts of chungha besides her dancing skills is her personality, she is super adorable and cute. She is just straight up lovable and as soon as she appears I can’t help but smile till my cheeks fall off cr. 

No one asked but here are some stories I have from working in retail:

- I worked at Starbucks, and this old man came in to order something for his granddaughter, but apparently she only told him what it was once and he had never set foot in a Starbucks in his life. So he gets up to the counter and proceeds to order a “grande caramel filipino.” When we finally figured out he wasn’t being racist we realized he was trying to order a frappucino and I still can’t think about it without laughing

- I managed a candy store for a while, and the store opened at 10 AM. In addition to candy we also sold lots of life-size cardboard cutouts, which we displayed all over the store. One day I arrive at 9:30 to open up, and there’s a family with young kids hangin’ out at the bench across the way. I go about my business unlocking the door, then as soon as I open it, I hear the mom yell “ITS OPEN, BOYS” and three screaming kids run right past my legs and into the store, which is almost pitch black and very cold. While I’m wondering how to handle this (and what parents think it’s acceptable to let their children run into an unopened store) I hear three small, bloodcurdling screams, followed by the boys running out of the store in terror. Apparently, they ran right into our cardboard cutout of jabba the hut and it fell on top of them.

- We had to kick out a 90 year old woman when I worked at a movie theater because she refused to let us check inside her bag, even though we explained the new policy, that we check everyone’s bag and that we were only doing it for her safety and the safety of others. This saggy crypt keeper in her pastel church suit starts shouting insults at every employee she sees, screaming about how “I HAVE BEEN COMING HERE FOR FORTY YEEEEARS” and “How DARE you suggest i’m some sort of CRIMINAL!” “I AM A GOD FEARING WOMAN!” She goes on like this for twenty minutes, so long that one of the managers literally ASSIGNS someone to sit at the ticket booth and listen to her yell. Finally, when she’s all screamed out, her husband (who hasn’t spoken a word this ENTIRE time) gently takes her by the elbow and leads her away, before turning to smile and mouthing a “thank you” in our direction. It was cryptic and two years ago and i still think about it all the time

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Sweet Pastel Koala Halfsuit: Will be up for auction soon!

More detail on one of the 48-hour challenge suits that I recently cleaned up more.

Comes with: Mask, handpaws, armsleeves, legs/pants.
** Feetpaws NOT included! **
*** I will NOT be making any additional parts or modifications to this suit, at this time! ***

Design was inspired by baked sweets, 80’s cartoons, fairy-kei fashion.

Currently has no assigned name or gender, so it’s all up to the buyer!
Some names that have been suggested are:
Cannoli, Cupcake, Kiwi, Gummy, Sprinkles, & Kewpie.

List of details, measurements, & features can be found here:

concept: wilford slowly tries replacing everything in dark’s wardrobe with pastels and lots and lOTS of pink.

dark just shows up at an ego meeting dressed in a pastel pink suit that has a bunnies printed all over it. his eyeliner had been replaced with pink, too.

From The Dining Table

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You two haven’t spoken in two years.

Not since it all ended that night in the hotel room. When it all changed. When it all came crashing down. When awful words were said that couldn’t be taken back. When it all fell apart.

It started at a wedding, of all places. A friend of Harry’s was getting married in Hawaii, and had invited you both. You accepted the invitation, of course, excited for the chance at a nice vacation with your boy. The whole trip had been amazing up until the reception, when your tiny mistake of catching the bouquet opened up a conversation with Harry you realized you weren’t ready for. Marriage. Of course, you wanted to marry him, but it was never something that you ever discussed aloud. You often caught yourself imagining a life with him, and mini hims running around.

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