pastel person


Trying this again because my previous post got marked as NSFW… I don’t know why…

Why not start my username change with a personal aesthetic :)

Idea spans from @itstenafterfour @jandjsalmon and @rubyventure (check out their aesthetics) #bughead family aesthetic

I feel like I can’t stick to one primary aesthetic so I chose three. I’m somewhat a Betty Cooper where I have a bright, pastel aesthetic and a dark ‘black and white’ aesthetic.

Here are some things about me: My name’s Annie, I want to reveal my age but then I feel like I’m the youngest person in this fandom (it’s not a weird “I’m six years old!” age… just everyone here seems to be 20+ and I’m under 18 so…) I live in Australia (I’m Chinese though) I enjoy a range of music. I play both piano and violin. My favourite music artists are Halsey, Marina and the Diamonds, Melanie Martinez and Ariana Grande (what a weird bunch) if you’ve been here before, I love art. Performing arts and visual. I love acting and dancing but I enjoy painting and drawing - both seem to be an escape for me.

I’m obsessed with Riverdale and would do anything to meet the cast if they ever went to Australia. OTPs are Bughead and Beronica. I need two just in case.

I tag @krysijoyce to do this just for fun, friend.

tag yourself

a. a gentle soul with big dreams. tending to be melancholic, they can be sensitive and highly emotional, loosing themselves in their own imagination.

b. highly independent and ambitious, they have a clear idea of their goals and priorities in life. always analyzing their surroundings, they are very private, not sharing their deep inner emotions.

c. beams of sunlight, radiating positive energy. kind-hearted, they tend to put others’ needs before their own. the best friend one could hope for.

d. curiosity is their main drive in life. seeking to discover everything this world has to offer, their natural love of learning ignites a strong passion. you find them staying awake at night, fully consumed by their topic of interest.

e. full of ideas and creativity, they seek to make, to transform their thoughts into art and poetry, into beautiful phrases. prone to sometimes being anxious, especially around new people.


170314 // Hii guys 😗 sorry for being absent for such a long time, so here’s a little update: Semester started three weeks ago and somehow I’m already overwhelmed - BUT I’m getting the hang of it thanks to stable routines, bullet journaling and a good balance of work and life 🤗🤗

So here are some snaps of my daily logs (which I tried for the first time, I always do weekly ones) and some handwritten lecture notes.
Happy journaling everyone ❤


I’ve been struggling a bit lately with some chronic pain and anxiety but today I made the spontaneous decision to paint - which I haven’t properly done in over a year - and I am feeling so, so delightful. I haven’t felt this at ease in a long time. I just put on some tunes and sat and made art and my heart feels so light. I feel okay. LOOK AT THE PASTEL COLOURS! I F*CKING LOVE PASTELS! I’ve never been a confident painter, but I was able to mask that by putting my doodling to use over it and I’m sooooo pleased with the result. (The one on the right - the left isn’t finished yet.)