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Hi^-^ please can you do some pastel Anakin Skywalker edits please. You never really see any cute pastel edits of Anakin & he's my fav....;_;

I totally agree! People overlook him and Obi because of the quality of the movies themselves, but I think they’re both really solid characters.

Enjoy my lovelies <3


My Star Wars Traditional Art - Painted with Watercolor & Pastel

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Yakuza!Hanzo x Reader

Bring me rich Hanzo pls, I wanna have spouse like him

Warnings: none

You loved your husband more than anything and he took every opportunity to show you he loved you too, like when you found out that he’d made plans for your birthday three months before and spent the entire month of celebrating it with you. Every day brought something new and he took every opportunity to shower you with gifts, like the time one of the new servants was caught talking trash about your marriage and Hanzo gave you a dagger with a pink blade so you could remove his tongue. Or when he’d asked you to murder another yakuza boss and when you went to prepare your bow and refill your quiver you found an entirely different matching set in several different shades of your favorite color.

He’d held a ball in your honor, an honest to goodness ball, and had given you the most elaborate kimono you had ever laid your eyes on. Embroidered cherry blossoms covered the whole outer layer and your obi was pastel blue with the Shimada dragons covering it, it was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen and you didn’t want to take it off which caused Hanzo to laugh.

Your favorite gift, however, was the last one. A handmade katana with an opal hilt and a breath-taking inset of pink topaz curling around the entire handle, you used it all the time, every single time you even thought you’d need it it was at your hip. The only thing you treasured more was the man who’d given it to you.

And you had made sure to express your gratitude in private.