pastel nailpolish


How satisfying is this glitter dream?! 🌙☁️✨💖😍

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anonymous asked:

May I have some HCs for Todoroki and Iida reacting to their SO aplying/buying black and pastel nailpolish on themselves and them, please?


Iida Tenya

  • Surprisingly really good at applying nail polish.
  • Smiling fondly as he watched his S/O carefully painting their nails and his.
  • Happy dance when he successfully paints all his nails on his own without messing up.
  • Ends up looking up YouTube videos on nail art tutorials and practicing on himself so he can surprise his S/O with cool designs.
  • Pastel nail polish is officially his new #kink.
  • Has fun picking out new nail polish colours with his S/O.

Todoroki Shouto

  • Finds it a bit odd at first but comes to enjoy seeing his nails colourfully painted, although he prefers having them black.
  • Prefers it when his S/O puts the nail polish on him, he unfortunately sucks at it.
  • Ends up crusty and uneven, he always gets it onto his skin especially when painting his left hand.
  • Trying nail art designs is a road he does nOT want to go down, he can barely apply a simple coat without messing up, how’s he gonna draw tiny hearts?
  • Uses his quirk to help the nail polish dry faster.

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