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Self Image Jar: Positivity & Confidence

🌻 Ingredients

- Dried sunflower petals

- Dried and ground sunflower leaves

- Dried amaranth seeds

- Dried lavendar petals
- Dried red rose petals

- Dried rose hips
- Dried & ground bittersweet

🌻 Layer Ingredients: The order is unimportant - do what feels right to you. You’ll want to cleanse your jar prior to adding your ingredients; ensure that your jar is dried completely. You can store on your window seal or by your bed.

🌻 Pro Tip:
• Do not add fresh flower petals in to your jar. Drying them prior to adding them helps avoid fuzzy mold from building up in your layers.
• Bittersweet (Nightshade) is poisonous - be cautious when handling and do not ingest.