pastel gothi

an anon asked for 5 on the aesthetic drawing meme which is pastel goth and i was like HECK YA i love this aesthetic so much asdfgjhsd 

ANYWAYS here’s sundae’s cotton candy pallet with pastel gothie goodness <3<3<3 aaa i love my fursona they’re the coolest lil thing

Today, someone introduced me to music from one Pastel Ghost. The artist just dropped her debut album, ABYSS. When I listened to ABYSS, I found myself so excited that I shared Pastel Ghost’s music immediately with my good friend. Why? Well, first of all, Pastel Ghost crafts darkwavey, gothy electronic music. Second of all, her gossamer soundscapes and detached, ghostly vocals remind me of (now controversial) Crystal Castles, who both my friend and I are much devoted to, perhaps even without Alice Glass in tow, but the jury’s still out on that. Thirdly, Pastel Ghost is from our beloved town on the bay, Oakland. Stream album track Clouds tonight to get an idea of her droopy, murky, and droning music. But make sure you check out her debut album ABYSS in full, here. While CLOUDS might be the most foggily warm track, there’s plenty of cold, disjointed eerieness to go around in the rest of the album. Count me in for when Pastel Ghost plays a local gig.

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I’m trying a thing so help me out

Hey guys! I thought I should try this out and prove a thing to my mother. I desperately want to dye my hair this shade of lavender

but my mum says that it’s “too extreme.” I want to show her  that it’s not too extreme and that I can totally pull it off. I mean, come one! I’ll look adorable and all like a pastel gothy gay flower child!

For everyone that reblogs this post, I will put your url in a jar and show my mum. To prove that I actually did it, I will take a picture of me holding it with my, hopefully, lavender hair! 

So PLEASE reblog and like this to support me and I’ll show my mum how many people are on my side. Thank you very much dearies!