pastel gang

🏴 Imagines ; punk/pastel 🏳

🏁 Gang member!Phil and his baby pastel!Dan; Dan’s quite a slut and flirts with all of the other men in the gang. Most of them have learned by now to not give in to his hypnotics, no matter how sexy he’s being, no matter how slowly he’s grinding down on them. But every now and then someone new will come around who doesn’t know the rules. Once Phil caught some guy undressing Dan and broke his nose. Dan sees it all as a game, laughing and teasing him even as Phil has him pinned to the ground with his arms behind his back. Phil edges him and teases him until he’s screaming; until he finally understands that Dan is HIS, and only his.

🏁 Trans!pastel!Dan being really dysphoric at school; he just doesn’t feel right, he doesn’t feel comfortable in his body. Honestly he just wants to curl up and die. When Phil comes up to his locker, he avoids his eyes. “Look, Phil, I’m really not up for having you hitting on me right now.” Phil just pauses, and frowns, and the realization crosses his features. “Dan. I need to show you something.” He lifts his shirt, revealing the binder under the black tee. And Dan feels a little bit better the rest of the day.

🏁 Pastel! Dan and punk! Phil as neighbors; they have a family dinner at Dan’s house because their families are friends. The whole dinner Phil is teasing Dan under the table, drawing his fingertips up and down his thighs and brushing over his bulge. Soon he’s full on palming him, slipping his hand into Dan’s jeans and Dan keeps glaring at him but he just smirks and continues. Finally he interrupts his mum with “hey Dan, I’ve got something upstairs I want to show you.” Their parents agree excitedly, happy they’re becoming friends, when really Phil is fucking him into the mattress, covering his mouth to keep him quiet with husky whispers of “babe, keep quiet, you don’t want them hearing you being such a slut.”

more soon :/


I’m done using her for photoshoots, so this pretty baby is for sale. Clear glass 8.25″ mini with hand-piped and painted acrylic cake details. I put a lotta love into her and she’s gonna shine in someone’s secret fairy castle or cozy princess tower.

Tumblr exclusive, first come first serve! Message me if you wanna be her new mama.

$75.00, including (not pictured) glass slide

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