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do you have any thoughts on terushimaxyahaba? i saw it once and i need m o r e

here’s a bucket of some random thoughts I have!

  • Terushima teases Yahaba about his ‘good boy’ image haircut. Yahaba likes it when Terushima chuckles in his ears, fingers ghosting over his bangs
  • dude imagine Yahaba with piercings though??? like damn??? He could have dyed pastel tips and matching nails. CUE Terushima being totally in love with this look
  • oh oh oh imagine their first right? When they shake hands before the Seijou vs. Johzenji match, Terushima is smirking while Yahaba just flashes him his best diplomatic smile (curtesy of Oikawa)
  • Terushima thinks Yahaba only has his pretty appearance in common with Oikawa, BUT he’s pleasantly surprised when the match starts. Seijou is a bit shaky this year but still strong, and Terushima’s like, holy crap this guy isn’t just hot/pretty
  • the tension is HIGH in that match and by the end of it, Terushima just hands Yahaba his email with a wink
  • they’d…bond over their image/appearance vs. personality dichotomy i think. like how Yahaba’s attractiveness deems him to be shallow, etc, even though he’s really not and stuff. and how Terushima’s like a bad boy/party type, but he works hard in school because he realizes his parents want him to succeed and go to university
  • (Yahaba is very frustrated that Terushima is so naturally smart HAHA)
  • imagine Terushima trying seducing Yahaba like all the time, and at first Yahaba’s just not falling for any of it, and he trash talks about Terushima with Kyoutani and Watari, which frustrates Terushima even MORE

DIY Pastel Pink Hair (dyed tips) by RyMingTahn