pastel button up

A concept: genderfluid Draco.

Draco on, on male days, lookin really cute in some sort of button up shirt with messy (and long) hair and jeans rolled up over his boots or dress shoes (because he’s always dressed nicer. His dad absolutely would not allow him to dress messy.)

Draco, on female days, wearing cute, chunky heeled boots with a sundress, her hair tied in a messy bun on her head, smiling. She wears light makeup and she is in love with her outfit.

Draco, on agender days, wearing a pastel button up shirt and skinny jeans with their heeled boots and some lipgloss. Maybe.

Oh, and Harry supports them completely.

Genderfluid Draco !!

The Last One

Reader x Yoongi

Summary: BigHit Entertainment was supposed to be the start of your producing career, and when Bang Si-Hyuk assigns you to work with the popular group BTS, things don’t go according to plan because of the hot-headed, perfectionist: Min Yoongi.

Rating: NC-17

Status: On-Going

Prologue  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

“He’s just an annoying guy who thinks he’s the shit and boss around here. You make one hit song and you suddenly think you have superiority over others, if he ever bothers you just let me know.” He finally said.

“You ready to start working again?” P-Dogg asked.

You got up from your chair and sat in the seat in between them and nodded your head.

The next morning you woke up to the sound of your alarm, checking the time and to your relief, it was five thirty. You got up and went to wash up and get ready for the day, and decided to grab some coffee at the cafe near BigHit that you noticed yesterday, hopefully it would make up for being late yesterday. You grabbed your purse off the rack and exited your apartment, making your way to the elevator. You arrived on the first floor and stepped out of the building. The cold wind brushed against your skin, making instantly regret not bringing your coat. It wasn’t worth the hassle to go back to your apartment, so you opted to just suck it up and continue down the street. Unlike yesterday, the streets appeared to be more calm and orderly since it was early. Within minutes you had arrived at the cafe, Coco’s Coffee. It had a cute sign with bears around it, you made your way inside and the aroma of coffee filled your nostrils. It was a simple and cozy interior, with wooden flooring and aesthetic furniture. Thankfully there wasn’t a line which gave you plenty of time to figure out what you would order for Rin and the others. You thought to yourself what each of them would want to drink; a iced latte for Rin, two Americanos for P-Dogg and Yoongi, and two iced caramel Macchiatos for you and Namjoon. After confirming your order, you made your way to the front counter, catching the attention of the employee. He was handsome and had features that could easily be mistaken for an idol.

“Good morning, miss. What can I get for you today?” He said with a husky voice.

You smiled at him and gave him your order, apologizing for the length.

“All that coffee for you?” He chuckled.

“No, it’s for my co-workers, I was late to my first day on the job.” You replied with a light giggle.

“Oh really? That must’ve sucked, where do you work? If you don’t mind me asking?”

“I just work at a company nearby.”

“Oh okay, I see. Well good luck today hope you make it on time.” He smiled brightly.

“Thank you–” You looked at his name tag on his uniform, “Mino.”

After getting your order, you headed to BigHit, the same two ladies greeting you as you made your way down the stairs, towards the studio. With one hand holding onto the cup-holder, you used your free hand to open the door to the main studio, revealing P-Dogg and Rin sitting on the two seats near the DAW (digital audio workstation). You sat on the sofa in front of them and placed the drinks on the table ahead of you.

“Morning Y/N.” Rin smiled at you.

“Good morning. I brought some coffee, I wasn’t sure what you guys liked so I kind of guessed. I wrote your names on the cups, so feel free to just grab it.” You chuckled.

P-Dogg grabbed his cup of coffee and took a sip.

“Black is fine. Thanks for this, because it’s going to be a long day.” He grinned.

“When are Namjoon and Yoongi coming?” You asked.

“They’ll be arriving later on today, they have other schedules to attend first.” Rin answered, “But since it’s still pretty early, we can go grab some breakfast in the cafeteria. We usually don’t start til seven anyways. You hungry?”

“Yeah that sounds good.” You smiled, “Did you want to join us, P-Dogg?”

He shook his head no and continued to work on something. You both got up from your seat and walked out of the studio, making your way to the second floor where the cafeteria was at. As you entered the room, you noticed it was much quieter in the morning than in the afternoon, since all the trainees were still asleep.

“Quiet, huh?” Rin said, it was as though he had read your mind.

“Yeah, super quiet.” You laughed.

You both arrived at the cafeteria and you were about to grab a tray until Rin stopped you.

“No, no. Last time you barely grabbed anything to eat, so this time I’ll pick your food, you just find a seat and sit down.” He laughed.

You nodded and made your way to a booth near the corner. A soft ballad filled the room as you waited for Rin, you turned your head and looked out the window, the sun had started to rise, causing a orange/peach gradient like color in the sky. Rin’s footsteps turned your attention away from the window and towards the food. Rin placed your tray on the table, you looked down and saw two sunny side eggs, a small bowl of what looked like Ramen, a bowl of rice, and some seaweed soup. You thanked Rin for the meal and you both digged in. By the time you were done it was already 6:45. You both decided to head back to the studio, since it was almost time to start. Making your way towards the studios again, Rin spoke about a future meeting that was about some getaway, but you weren’t really paying attention as mind was on other things. As you both entered the studio, you saw Namjoon sitting next to P-Dogg and Yoongi, sitting by himself on the sofa, earphones plugged in. Namjoon turned and waved to you.

“Morning, Y/N. Ready to start the day?” He smiled brightly.

“Yup, I am.” You replied.

“Whose are these?” Yoongi groaned while pointing at the cup of coffees.

“Oh that’s right, I bought one for each of you.”

Before you could hand Yoongi his coffee, he coldly held out his hand, stopping you.

“I already bought my own.” He dismissed you.

You took a deep breath and put on a smile before placing it on the table again. The air went cold, for a few moments before Namjoon spoke up.

“Well thank you, it’s actually kind of amazing that you’ve managed to guess my favorite coffee.”

You smiled in response and made your way to the seat next to him, turning on the equipments and getting ready to start.

“Today we’re going to just start with some sample tracks and work from there.” P-Dogg explained to you.

You nodded and placed your earphones in and began working. Throughout the next few weeks, you guys continued to work on some samples tracks, getting some instruments recorded, and weeding out the bad and grooming to the good. You, Namjoon, and P-Dogg had long, restless nights to create a demo-track for their new album. You felt confident in your contribution to the work. After mixing things around, P-Dogg was going to let the boys listen to what you guys had so far. The morning of, you felt a little queasy and nervous to present in front of BTS, but you knew they wouldn’t be too harsh, except for someone. You and P-Dogg had fixed some tweaks before the members started filling in the room.

“So, have you guys created a hit?” Hoseok excitedly asked.

“You mean a “BigHit”? Jin laughed while clapping his hands loudly.

Out of the corner of your eyes you noticed Yoongi with an expressionless face towards Jin, while everyone else gave small smiles, yourself included.

“Well, I think you guys won’t be disappointed, we made sure it fit your guys’ concept.” You answered Hoseok.

“Yeah, I have to say Y/N is quite a hard-worker, only been a couple of weeks since she’s been here, but I’m not too disappointed with her work, I feel as though she’s always been a part of the team.” P-Dogg patted your back.

You smiled at the compliment before turning towards the computer and clicked the play button. A slow soft jazz/R&B jam filled the empty room, the song continued and the tempo increased when the bridge to the chorus started. After the song ended, you looked at the boy’s facial expressions, awaiting for a reaction. You noticed the corners of their lips rising and saw their eyes widen. Taehyung was the first to speak out.

“Wow! That sounded amazing! I really like it!” He exclaimed.

Jungkook smiled and gave a thumbs up.

“It’s actually not too bad, not that I was expecting it to be.”  

You smiled and looked over to Yoongi, expecting hear an insult or some negative comment, but to your surprise he looked content, nodding his head solemnly.

“You guys impressed?” P-Dogg asked.

“I guess all of Bang PD’s bragging wasn’t just utter nonsense.” Yoongi muttered.

“Well that’s a good enough compliment. Rin will help with the arrangements, so you boys could come up with lyrics and practice your vocals because we’re going to record soon.”

They all nodded and agreed. Everyone turned their attention to the creaking of door, as their manager Sejin came to get some of the boys.

“I have to take some of the boys to their schedules.” He said.

“Mm, that’s fine. They’ll just have to come back some other time and catch up.” P-Dogg answered.

Five out of the boys left, and P-Dogg went over to studio #2 to talk with Rin about the arrangements, leaving you alone with Jimin and Yoongi. For a while the room had awkward tensions, only the sound of the occasional foot tapping from you. Yoongi sighed loudly each time you would begin tapping, looking up to your direction.

“Can you stop?” He groaned.

You looked over to him with puzzled face, not knowing what you did wrong this time.

“Stop what?” You asked.

He pointed at your foot and rolled his eyes.

“That. That annoying sound coming from your foot.”

“I’m sorry it bothered you that much.” You replied.

He went back to putting his earphones in, sighing loudly once again before continuing. Jimin stood up and made his way from the sofa over to you. You looked towards his direction and smiled. He had on a pastel blue button up shirt, with the first two buttons loosened. He pushed back his light brown hair before taking a seat next to you. Jimin bit his bottom lip and adjusted his position on the chair.

“So, Miss. Y/N, I had some lyric ideas. Do you mind helping me?” He spoke with a soft tone, a rosy tint appearing on his cheek.

“Hmm..I don’t know if I want to.” You teased, “I’m just kidding, Jimin. Show me what you have.”

He laughed while scooting his chair closer to yours, until both your shoulders were touching. He leaned and placed his phone in between both of you. You read his notes, and nodded head at some verses. In the middle of some parts, you began to get a little confused, so you turned to look at him, and realized you were mere centimeters apart. Both of your eyes widened before turning away from each other. You cleared your throat before speaking.

“Um, so…this, I kind of got lost.” You fumbled as you kept your eyes glued on his phone.

You could feel his eyes on you, making your cheeks heat up. You heard a small chuckle from Jimin before he answered you, explaining himself.

“Ah~ actually, I had trouble myself, I was hoping you could help me out.”

“Oh okay, tell me what you wanted to say here.” You said while pointing at the screen.

You felt Jimin’s body heat getting closer, as it warmed the left side of you. You noticed a sharp scent of cologne following him unlike before. A wave of goosebumps as you felt his breath on your ears, as he whispered.

“I like you.”

That was it for part 4! Sorry it’s a little short, but I’m sure it was worth it right? *wink*wink* lol. I’ll have part 5 updated ASAP! I’m working on it as of right now, and will update it either tomorrow or the next day! Thanks for reading it this far! Hoped y’all liked it! Until next time, xoxo. 

Study Dates and Twisted Fates (Pt. 1)

part 2


POV: Third Person

Words: 484 

Category: fluff and a bit of angst i guess?

Summary: Evan comes out to Jared and the two of them have a productive study “date” :)

A/N: too lazy to edit, so y’all are gonna have to deal with this the way it is.

Evan took a deep breath and held it as he pressed Jared’s contact and the phone began to ring. He’d been trying to work up the courage to call him (and not immediately hang up when he heard the phone ringing) for a good half-hour now, and he promised himself that he wouldn’t turn back this time- 

“Hello?” Well shit.

“Um… H-Hi Jared, it’s Evan.”

“Ah… Yes, Evan. As if I couldn’t already tell it was you by the heavy breathing into the phone. Or the stuttering. Or the contact name.” Both boys chuckled. “So, to what do I owe this pleasure?” 

Evan always secretly swooned over the way he spoke to him. He spoke to him with such sarcasm at times, but on other occasions, he’d unknowingly woo him with his intellectually stimulating gentleman-speak.

“Oh, um, well, you see, there’s something I need to tell you, and there’s also- um- something I need help with? Both are kind of lengthy things so I totally understand if you don’t have time and I can call you back later if you want or-”

“Heyheyheyhey… Calm down, okay?” Jared said in a new tone of voice that Evan hadn’t heard before. Was that… true concern?

“Yeah, yeah, okay. I’m-I’m calm.”

“Hey! I have an idea!” He exclaimed. “I actually have something to tell you as well, and I need help with our math homework, so maybe if your mom isn’t home tomorrow, we could hang out at your house and talk and work. What do you think?” Evan was blushing furiously as he was talking.

“Th-That sounds good! Does around noon work for you to come over?”

“Sounds good! I’ll bring snacks, too.”

“I’ll obsessively clean until you get here then.” Jared laughed, and like a bubbling brook, Evan’s stomach fluttered with love.

“It’s a date, then.” Jared said. Evan could practically hear him holding back a smile. “See you tomorrow.”

“It’s a date…” Evan repeated dumbfoundingly. Click.

Evan paced the living room anxiously, tugging on the end of his pastel blue button-up shirt. Jared should be here any minute, and the pastel-dressed man had done anything and everything to make himself and the house as pristine as possible. But it still wasn’t enough. He feared that nothing he did would ever be good enough for Jared. Evan shook his head in an attempt to clear his thoughts and took a deep breath.

“It’s okay…” Evan said, rubbing his arms softly. “It’s all gonna be okay. Jared’s your friend. He wouldn’t judge you for anything.”

“You’re right! I wouldn’t!” A muffled voice said through the door. Oh shit. Jared. Evan quickly unlocked and opened the door and was taken aback by the gorgeous man that stood before him.

The love of his life - sorry - Jared stood before him in a pastel yellow polo and khaki shorts, and an adorable grin plastered onto his face.

ABC’s of Nyongtory: S is for...

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Nyongtory x Reader (Poly!Triad)

Synopsis: Staying in and Safewords

Warnings: Smut, in the second half only. Very, very NSFW and 18+. As usual, it is separated with a line of asterisks. So if you don’t want to read (or shouldn’t be reading) the explicit content, please stop at that line. There is also just a tiny bit of guy on guy in this chapter.

Author’s Note: I am finally freaking finished with this chapter. Hopefully the length feels rewarding for those of you who have been super kind and patient while real life wreaked havoc on my writing schedule. Thanks, so much! (Also, please be sure to read the note at the end if you read the second half.)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


Staying in

The first few weeks that you spent at home after spontaneously quitting your job were fun. It was almost like a mini-vacation, even though you didn’t actually go anywhere. It was nice to wake up when you wanted to, have a leisurely breakfast in your pajamas, and then do whatever the heck you wanted to with the rest of your day. You had read, caught up on dramas that you had been meaning to watch, thoroughly cleaned the entire house, and you’d been able to do a lot more cooking for you and the guys.

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Two-Face (Lay x Reader)

Request/er: Lay smut / Anonymous

Written By: Admin T.Pot

Characters: Lay x You

Summary: Of course Yixing is sweet and nice, but just cause he’s sweet and nice, doesn’t mean he’s not a guy. He still has his needs, but he wants to treasure his girlfriend. Protect her until marriage. Y/N, on the other hand is very outgoing. But just cause she’s outgoing, doesn’t mean she’s experienced.

A/N: OH GAWD TT You all have to bear with my horrible smut writing again;;; IT’S A REQUEST TT and since the anon wants it like the Sehun one;; then I guess I have to write it TT so here it is !! I’m not sure how similar you want it to be anon;; it’s quite similar;; aaand !! I hope you’re happy anon !! I had to rip my hair out to write this … I literally dedicated a day of just EXO smut reading;; it was my way of studying… PLUS YOU WANT YIXING ??? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD THIS WAS ?? I mean Sehun’s was okay cause he’s a chunk of mad sexy but Yixing is my pure little baby TT I’ve dirtied him in this one shot;; don’t hate me guys;;

Word Count: 4030

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An Angel In A Leather Jacket (Ch.4)

Read it on AO3!

Summary: An argument starts it all. Hell comes after for Dan Howell, the school pastel boy. He only wanted to help, but got backstabbed in the end. From safe position in the school hierarchy, Dan is up to neck in an affair he never had and starts finding threats in his locker. He needs someone on his side if he wants to make it to the end of high school. A mysterious punk boy promises him protection. The condition he needs to meet, though, is far from normal.

A/N: Hi everyone! :)
After as thrilling chapter as the last one turned out to be, I’m here to bring you another one. I really enjoyed writing it, and all in all, so I don’t make too long speeches here, I hope you enjoy it, too :)
This chapter (as well as others) was beta-ed by my awesome friend @yesiwritefanfics. Thank youuu, you’re the best <3

Chapter 1

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Anguish Pt. 7

Originally posted by shitjeon

Genre: Angst/fluff

* Warning * : swearing

Word Count: 2340

What’s worse than falling in love?
Falling in love with your best friend
But what’s worse than being the best friend?
It’s being family zoned

| Chap O1 | Chap O2 | Chap O3 | Chap O4 | Chap O5 | Chap O6 | Chap O7 | Chap O8 | Chap O9 |

A/N: Sorry it took me a while to update you guys but HERE IS THE AWAITED CHAPTER ! Thank you to those who are sending feedback! its much appreciated ! <3 Enjoy ! ~ 

You didn’t want to wake up, but the consistent beeping of a machine and the murmurs of people told you otherwise. You slowly opened your eyes, groaning due to the lights shooting pain into your eyes but also the sore feeling emitting throughout your body.

Your mom runs to the side of your bed, frantic. “Sweetie are you okay? How many fingers am I holding up? Are you hungry? Do you have a concussion?”

Jimin chuckles as he grabs ahold of his mother by the shoulders “Mom relax, she just woke up. Let the doctor play 21 questions with her.” She lets out a huff, and takes a seat.

You lay there stiffly as the doctor examines you, asking you more than 21 questions. You’re wondering why you’ve been feeling so suffocated and why you were warmer than usual, until you manage to move your head to the side. You nearly cursed out loud, heart dropping to the bottom of your stomach from the scare. “The boy wouldn’t let you go, even security couldn’t get him off of your bed.” The doctor chuckled.

He was snuggled into your side, faces so close that the tips of your noses touched each other. His lip was busted and cheeks tinted with hues of purples and pinks. His arm was decorated with bandages and his shirt was painted with blood spots either his or yours and possibly Jiwon’s as well. “It’s fine, he’s had a long day because of me.” you say as you turn your attention back to the doctor.

“You won’t be able to feel the right side of your arm, we had to pull some thorns out. They struck a nerve but it’s nothing serious. Your arm should be back to normal by tomorrow.” He says as he writes a few things down onto his notepad, “If you get a sudden headache, start vomiting, get a sudden ringing in your ear, or all of the above. I highly advise you to come see me again. Other than that, you’re good to go. You can sign her out at the head desk and also get a slip of medications.” He smiles as he takes his leave, your mom following after him.

“How’d I get here– correction, how did we get here?” you ask, putting emphasis on the word we.

“If it wasn’t for Chanmi’s impatient personality, Binnie would’ve looked even worse than he does now,” he said as he got up from his seat. “Your latte was getting cold and she knew how much you hated it cold so we went to go get you and we found you on the floor covered in your own blood and Moonbin getting his ass kicked by Jiwon and his boys.”

“Should’ve seen the look on Kooks face,” your ears perk up from the name. “It was my first time seeing him that angry. It scared the shit out of all of us, even Hobi nearly pissed himself. Jiwon lost a tooth and I think Kooks busted his nose.” You nod your head at the sudden information that was laid out to you, Jungkook’s changed. He couldn’t even hurt a fly, let alone an ant stating that ‘they have feelings too’ but now he’s broken someone’s tooth and nose? It amazed you. “Rise and shine sleeping beauty!” Jimin chimed as he noticed Moonbin’s awakening.

“First ballerina, now I’m sleeping beauty? Perfect.” He mumbled annoyingly. Jimin paused at the sudden mood Moonbin was in, he wasn’t smiles and rainbows anymore but more like sadness and rain showers. Jimin lets out a nervous cough, “I’m going to go get your clothes from mom, I’ll let the two of you talk.” He says as he hurriedly trots to the door.  

For the first time in your friendship, there was an uncomfortable silence. Neither you nor Moonbin said anything, and the boy practically avoided any eye contact with you. The beeping’s of the machine were awfully annoying and the cries of the families in the rooms next door didn’t help with the atmosphere. “Binnie I’m–.”

“I’m sorry,” he interrupts you, still not giving you eye contact. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you.”

“Binnie its fine–.”

“No y/n it’s not fine! You got hurt because of me, because I’m weak! I couldn’t even protect you–!”

“Moonbin!” you yelled over him, finally making eye contact with you. You don’t usually call him by his full name unless you’re being serious. “It’s okay, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. It was 1 against 5, it wasn’t fair.”

“Jungkook managed to kick their butts.”

“Oh, is this your way of saying you’re jealous of him?” you coo, wiggling a finger in his face. He lets out a scoff as he grabs ahold of your finger and brings it down to his lap, interlacing your hands together. “As if.” He says as he looks away. You’re about to tease him again, when the door slides open and Jimin pops in, Popsicle in his mouth. He throws the article of clothing onto your bed before leaning onto the windowpane.

“What is this?” you ask, staring at the fabric. “Your change of clothes, what else is it?” he says taking another bite off of his ice cream.

“Jimin, you know how much I hate dresses. I’d rather leave the hospital in this than that.” You spat, throwing the dress back at him with the left over energy you had. “Stop being a baby and just go change, you can’t leave in scrubs anyways. Hospital rules.” You groan as you try getting out of the bed and seeing you struggle Moonbin helps you out.

You can’t help but stare at your reflection for a long time. You’re not a big fan of dresses let alone sleeveless ones. You eyed the dress more, and sighing that it was exactly your mothers’ style; Pastel pink, cotton texture, flowy from the waist down, a slit in front of the skirt starting from the knee going down, and to finish it off a skinny brown braided belt. It was so long that it bundled on the floor or maybe you were just too short, it looked more formal than casual.

You pulled your hair towards the front, covering your shoulders as best as you could not feeling very comfortable with showing so much skin. You nearly laughed at your own reflection, seeing that you looked manlier than girly; the bandages that covered your entire right arm, a few bruises plastered onto your legs, and a big gauze on the left side of your cheek. It was almost as if you came out of those samurai manga. You cautiously came out of the bathroom, feeling more self-conscious rather than confident. You notice that Jimin’s dressed in a pastel blue short-sleeved button up shirt and a pair of khaki shorts that stopped on top of his knees. “Jimin where are we going–?”

“Wow,” Moonbin cuts in, grabbing your attention. His mouth wide along with his eyes. “You look amazing.” He whispers but you all heard it. You can feel your face burning from the compliment and you’re wondering if you’re sweating from how hot it was in the room or from embarrassment. You can see Jimin cringing from where he sat, “Th-thank you,” you stutter as you place a hair strand behind your ear. The door slides open and your mom walks in with the same expression as Moonbin just had.

“You look gorgeous sweetie, I knew I had great taste.” She says as she grabs ahold of your hand, “Shall we get going, we’re already late for dinner.”

“Dinner?” you ask and your mom squeezes your hand in excitement. “We’re having dinner with the Jeons tonight at their home.” You mentally groan before looking at Moonbin. He waves you off, knowing your intentions. “I need some fresh air, I’ll be fine walking home.”

“But Binnie,” you whine and he flicks the tip of your nose. “Don’t Binnie me, besides my house isn’t that far from here, I’ll be fine I promise.”

You sigh, knowing you can’t argue nor persuade him anymore “Okay but call me when you get home.”


As you arrive home, both you and Jimin wonder why you have to dress so fancy. It’s just dinner, you both would pester your mother. She huffs as she gets out of the car “It’s a formal dinner, now quit whining and let’s go!”

“If you told us in the beginning we wouldn’t be whining!” you both said in unison. You’re not really feeling it for dinner and you just want to go home and rest. Your mother rings the doorbell and the door swings open within seconds. Both of the mothers screech in happiness as if they haven’t seen each other in a long time but really they just saw each other last night. Her eyes fall onto you and she lets out a gasp “Oh my, honey what happened to you?”

You let out an awkward laugh, placing a strand of hair behind your ear “it’s a long story,” “Come in, come in then we can talk over dinner!” she says as she opens it wider.

“We just set the table, everything is still fresh!” you walk pass thousands of photo frames, most of them landscape photos and some of Jungkook as a child. You really want to stop and admire them but Jungkook’s mother continued to scoot you all into the dining room. “We’re sorry we’re late!” your mother says as she helps bring out the plates.

“I should be the one apologizing, if I had known y/n was hurt I would’ve rescheduled.”

“Its fine mama Jeon,” you lied forcing out a smile, as much as you love her you love your body just as much and right now it was screaming for help. “I know your cooking will make me feel better.”  She laughs as she pinches your uninjured cheek.

“Despite all these bandages on your body you still look absolutely stunning. I’m excited for Jungkook’s expression when he sees you.” She chimes as she heads back into the kitchen. “Jungkook is in the shower, he should be coming out soon.”

“Someone called?” Jungkook chimes, and his eyes immediately falls on you. The pastel pink goes great with your complexion. He wonders how your hair falls effortlessly down your shoulders even with all that had happened to you. Even though your body was practically covered in bandages, you still manage to look amazing.

You couldn’t help but be in awe as you took in Jungkook. Although his choice of formal wear was the simple white long sleeved button up and slacks, it hugged his body so well. The sleeves on the button up defined the muscles of his arm, while the slacks made him look taller than he originally was. Stunning? Handsome? Those words didn’t seem to fit how Jungkook looked at this moment. He notices he’s been staring too long and so he takes a seat next to you. You try to calm yourself down, wondering if you can take him just sitting next to you.

After the distribution of food, mama Jeon announces that we can finally eat. You silently curse yourself, wishing the food was soup and not chicken breast. You’re trying to move your right arm, so hard that your face would contort. Jungkook seeing you struggle, lets out a chuckle before cutting the protein for you.

He stabs a piece for you and holds up towards your mouth, “Thank you but I can take it from here.” You say as you grab the fork from him.

“Thank you for having us over for dinner.” Your mom sighs as she takes a sip of wine from her glass. “Dinner with my best friend along with her family and mines,” she lets out a sigh. “If only your father were here, it would have been just as perfect.” You stop eating at the mention of your dad, placing your fork down as you suddenly lost your appetite. “Mom, let’s not right now.” Jimin whispers.

“Jungkook when are you going to date my daughter and marry her already? That way I’ll feel at ease knowing that she’s with someone whom I know and adore.”

“Mom, I think you’ve had enough wine for the night.” Jimin laughs nervously, trying to shut up her up before things turn more uncomfortable than it already is. He notices that you’re not even looking up from your lap, hand fisting the dress.

“Y/n so how did you manage to get your pretty self all beaten up–?” Mama Jeon asks but was interrupted by Jungkook.

“Ms. Park I don’t think of your daughter that way, she’s like a little sister to me.” it was as if you went back in time only this time, it was more embarrassing than before. You’re feeling even more dejected and your finally feeling some type of pain in your right arm. You’re so concentrated in not crying then and there that you don’t feel your phone vibrating until Jimin nudges you.

You get up abruptly, almost falling over as you excuse yourself as you step outside.

“Hey Binnie,” you say and you hear him chuckle on the other end. “Is everything alright, you sounded way too excited when you answered my call. Did I save you from something?”

“Moonbin…” you croak out and there was a long silence on the other end. “Meet me at the park.” He says before the line cuts off.

Moonbin’s already waiting by the time you get there. He doesn’t wait and run towards you the minute you come into his view. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” he bombards you with thousands of questions and only stops when he hears a sniffle from you.

“It hurts,” you croak out, and Moonbin examines you frantically. “Where does it hurt? Your head? Does your arm hurt? Do you want to go back to the doctors? Do you feel nauseous?”

“My heart hurts.”  

saw these two dudes in chipotle with mophead haircuts and terrible sunburns on a rainy day in the middle of may and one of them was wearing a pastel button up w/ a tie and a pair of khakis and the other had a baby blue shirt with a whale on it so long story short i saw two trump supporters at chipotle