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Loose thoughts by Jayalvarrez

I’m usually pretty closed off to sharing any thoughts or feelings but whatever, fuck it maybe I can make someone feel something, these are just thoughts and feelings of MY opinions that I pulled from my list of notes scribbled down in different moments.. I’ve always said it before I barely show 5% of who I really am on social media.. Thank you to everyone who supports me.. I couldn’t live my life like this without you.


Confidence is natural, arrogance is forced.

Never think your to smart that you can’t still be the student, wisest people die still learning and improving.

Focus on your own ideas and directions, don’t let others & your mentors tell you everything and influence everything because even the most helping hand has biased ideas and thoughts

Trust your past self on ideas and thoughts it’s the same person you got you to where you are in this moment

You have to believe yourself and convenice your self to feel powerful about what you say, hearing your own voice has a certain ring to it like no one else’s.

Use yourself for everything you are, you truly are amazing and unqiue be loud about it but be humble & do with love.
You are undefinable, You have no single label or group you belong to.. and your mind isn’t even slightly opened yet.

Being honest with yourself saves you in the long run always.

Never be insecure of your creativity.

Don’t live a life based only around how you look, Spending time on your mind and soul is everything..
Determining your self worth off your looks will leave you empty & with short burst of satisfaction.

Remember where you started from and where you are going, You use to dream of the things you have now.. even though this life style becomes casual never forget what got you to this exact moment.

Girls & Sex

My brain is built more like a female than a males, It’s giving me an emotional reach to deeply understand and open up to any feelings or thoughts of any human being. Being soft & loving is being strong.

If she doesn’t want it as much as or more then me I have no interest, sex is mental and eye contact can give you more then anything, giving love is more then expecting all the other persons attention and actions , unless it’s feeding the soul, passionate with a twisted mind it’s a waste of time.. treat every touch on her body like it’s art. 15 second feelings are nice but a feeling in your mind for hours after is even better.

Gorgeous girls and body’s are easy, gorgeous minds and souls are hard. A girl with a beautiful body doesn’t always make for a beautiful girl.

Remember there’s always far better things ahead then anything left behind.

Being sweet & loving to girls will never not be cool, but regardless of gender actions get reactions.


Never worry about a good looking guy stealing your girl you better worry about that guy who emotionally gets your girl more & makes your girl laugh more 😉.

Getting under a girls skin with just my eyes and words as a connection makes it taste so much better (literally) than relying on physical looks or surface substance to entertain my mind.

I think few people are really built for relationships, I think technology will save us all.

It doesn’t matter how it looks and feels to anyone else it’s how it looks and feels to us.

Don’t let chasing pussy control your life or distract your big plan.

Being physically beautiful is nice but let it be nothing more then the gates to the soul.

Human Relations

i’ve got more personalities then the people i’ve met all together in my entire life combined, I don’t expect people to understand me, more likely expect them to judge me then to ever care to think past clueless first thoughts.

Take everyone with a grain of salt and a open mind, people don’t come with directions.

Peoples opinion of you is their truth, it’s not necessarily your truth or could be even close with to right at all.

The way you talk about the people you hate is a transparency of your own self esteem.

Don’t worry about trusting people, just don’t trust their emotions. Most people can’t understand them self how could they truly trust and understand you, & that’s fine.

Study psychology and history it will give you understanding and every answer you need, the world evolves but human emotions never will, people really aren’t that complex at base.

Don’t fight back into negativity and childishness insecurity, it only makes things worst.

If you want to hurt someone do it mentally, actions are short lived.

If you constantly blame other people for your problems take a look in your own soul.

make peace with your past so it doesn’t ruin your future

Standing up for someone who can’t stand up for them self is the coolest thing you can ever do.

To truly love someone is accepting someone for every thing they come as.

World & thoughts

Language is a forum of communication not always a measure of intelligence, At times I’ve had deeper conversations with just my eyes and touch then I have with words. You could be the most understanding person on the verbal side, but without a emotional understanding you may never be able to communicate with some people.

You don’t need to be any skin tone or ethnicity to practice and enjoy any cultural feelings, every human on this planet bleeds the same blood chances are you ain’t that special.

your not meant to be accepted or fit in, if you were you’d probably not of left that old life.

You can’t blame any one person or culture for anything, this planet is more diverse then you could ever process, Don’t get mad at a person for believing or acting a certain way even if it seems wrong or foolish in your eyes.

Being a good person won’t always benefit you, but there’s some emotional satisfaction in helping others.

You can’t fight science wether you like it or not, it holds the answers to all your fears and to all your questions, It’s a depressing beautiful thing.

Just because the Mass of people believe something is right or wrong doesn’t mean it’s either right or wrong, Most people go off emotions not logic, 1st world go figure.

I feel most alive in moments I don’t feel human. It’s all I really care to live for at times, these split seconds that my mind gives me these chemicals is all I crave at times.


I stand by no perfection and i’m a complete psychopath, I’ve been told i’m crazy outta my mind but attest it keeps me from going insane.. Anything said above can change in the moment & a mind with rules & barriers is limited, a wise & witty mind is what I work towards 😉 I'f any words can make you feel or relate it was worth me sharing! If I annoy and get under your skin for being..well just who I am.. I hope it hurts 👁

Love - @jayalvarrez



“For a 10 year old kid to go through something like that… Of course his personality’s going to be fucked up…”

Because this has irked me somewhat!!

Do not demand from writers or indeed tell them their work is shit. Do you know how hard it is, not only to write about a character that EVERYONE has an option about and is well loved. Getting those character traits is FUCKING HARD. It takes hours of dedication watching and reading everything you possibly can so that you don’t fuck up. 

And another thing 


It takes hours, days sometimes weeks to write a ‘good fic’ and yes when it feels like that 1000+ word document that you spends so long agonising over. Making sure you’ve written everything to the request or indeed your own imagination, isn’t getting a lot of notes. It fucking sucks, don’t even get me started about writing a series fic then suddenly having no inspiration because it’s happened to me in the past and it’s also currently happening to me right now. 

So in summary, don’t send hate. Don’t demand from writers, they will write what they like. They will write whenever they like because it’s their work and their words. It’s their time and effort making sure there is more content for everyone to pour over be it fic’s, fan art. Head cannons, gifs, photo edits whatever. Just be respectful and encouraging to others!!! 

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Harry Styles - Abusive Ex Imagine

[Hope you like it! ]

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ogundertalefan  asked:

Hi Camila, I know you probably answered this before, however I can't find anything on it when searching thru the blog. Why did Frisk name the file "Frisk" in the first place? They should've known better after going down almost every single route imagined. Perhaps Normal Mode is too ez for them, and they looking for a bit of challenge?


Yeah, frisk wanted to see something new. Taking advantage of the glitches, they activated hardmode past the ruins.

You know, usually in a game you get a better reward for completing the game in a harder difficulty. Guess Frisk had the same idea

If you’re ever cheated on:

Do not ask them to tell you exactly what happened. You may want to know at first but if they tell you, it will repeat over and over in your mind forever.

Don’t blame yourself. They didn’t cheat because you’re inadequate, they cheated because they’re too much of a bitch to end things before they were with someone else.

You can forgive them but you’re never going to forget. When you’re mad, when they do something wrong, that will always be the first thing they will remember. No matter how much you love them, it will always be hard to move completely past it.

Don’t let it ruin your trust with everyone. Just because someone’s a piece of shit doesn’t mean you’re never going to find someone who will treat you right. You deserve to be treated right.

glitchynarwhal  asked:

I also have another question: is Betty the result of the timeline's glitches, or was she ALWAYS going to attack the monsters?

It’s a “hard mode” thing. Tho since technically you can’t go hardmode on a normal gameplay past the ruins guess you could also blame the original glitch.

Toxic. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

Originally posted by grantrikerpics

Request: Sebastian from glee wanting to date you but is afraid that your friends will tell you something about all the stuff he had done 

Tags: swearing, sexual innuendo, Sebastian’s POV

It’s short I know O.O

I couldn’t help myself but fall into something sweeter, someone sweeter. She was as kind as a kindergarten teacher on the first day of work and talented like an 80′s legend. You don’t recognize someone who you would fall in love with until you get to know them better and just by having small chats with her at the Lima Bean was one way.

She knew I was the competition and that she is facing me and the Warblers with her glee club this week, and it doesn’t matter who wins, loses or ties with two, I just want to keep in touch with Y/N after the show.

I imagine myself dating her, holding her hand. Get caught in the back seat with her or in the closet somewhere would be one thing if we take it to the next level. Another thing I imagine myself is meeting up with her during her lunch breaks, or after school.

I wouldn’t mind picking her up even though I live all the way in Western, Ohio. The only thing worse is not getting close with her and I’ll eventually lose her to some low life douchebag.

A big problem was that I’m a complete douchebag.

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If someone guesses who the giant is gonna be, I’ll complete this and post it. Read the tags if you enjoy late night blabbering. Also, @sviolet13 this is your fault ;-; your art tempted me and look where it got me

Sebastian Stan Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: hiii! can you please write a sebastian stan imagine where there’s a new guy who’s gonna help with the set and it turns out he’s your ex boyfriend (who was abusive towards you) and than sebastian steps in and comforts you? thanks so much!

A/N: it’s long ;3

Warning: talks about abusiveness

Your alarm went off, making everybody in the room groan with tiredness. You stuffed your face back into your pillow, letting out a humongous groan. It was 5AM in the morning, it was time for shooting your next scene in The Avengers.

‘’Who’s alarm is that?’’ you hear chris groan, sounding irritated.

‘’I think it’s Y/N’s.’’ sebastian yawns.

‘’Y/N can you turn off your alarm!’’ chris shouts, throwing his pillow at you.

The pillow misses you and you reply with a ‘Meh.’ you continued to sleep, you could hear that Sebastian got out of his bed. He soon came over to you and started to poke you.

‘’Seb.. Stop it.’’ you groan in your morning voice.

‘’Have it your way.’’ sebastian shrugs.

You suddenly hear the sound of a sink running which woke you right up. You shot up from your bed and rolled right off, hoping that it wasn’t to late. As you hit the ground, you could hear the laughter of your two roommates.

‘’Wow, we just turned on the sink and you freaked!’’ chris laughs.

‘’Only because last time you two woke me up with a cup of freezing water. So whenever I hear that while I’m still asleep, I’m not taking any chances anymore.’’ you sigh, climbing to your feet.

You let out a big yawn and shut your alarm off, stretching afterwards. A knock suddenly came at your door.

‘’Get up you lazy butts! The new member of the stage crew is here! He’s currently at the set! We’re going to meet him today, now get dressed and we’ll head. So get out here before I turn one hundred years old!’’ anthony yells through the door.

‘’Weren’t you already one hundred?’’ sebastian yells back.

‘’Stan, you’re lucky I can’t pick locks or else I’d pick myself in there and beat your ass up.’’ anthony threatens.

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