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“The Proposal.” 

“Why do you do that?” Arnold asks, fed up with being given the runaround. “Why do you always have to take back the way you feel about me?”

“I can’t change who I am.” Was her weary reply. 

“I don’t want you to change who you are! Helga, I love you!”

The two blondes stood there in silence, neither speaking a word. This was the first time. The first time Arnold had spoken the three, sweet words she had longed to hear slip past his red-hot lips. She couldn’t help but reflect on how adorable he looked at that moment. His cheeks flushed a deep shade of crimson, his hair a disheveled mess clinging to his distinctively shaped head. This boy was in love with her. How did she get so lucky?

“I’d never ask you to change Helga, you’re amazing just the way you are.” Arnold softly replies, reaching for her hand. “I’m sorry I never told you until now, I just thought it’d be better if I let my actions do the talking.” He explains, rubbing his thumb gently across her knuckles. “And, well, now that you know how I feel, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you…” he says, smiling up at her as he slowly bends down on one knee. “Helga, will you-”

“Yes! Oh Arnold yes, of course I’ll marry you!” Helga exclaims happily, offering  her hand so he could slip the ring on her finger.

“Umm…Helga, I was going to ask if you wanted to be my girlfriend.” Arnold replies, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh.” There’s a sadness in her voice, but she gladly accepts, nodding her head in response.

“Don’t be sad.” Arnold soothes, wrapping his arms around Helga to comfort her. “We’re still young and have the rest of our lives ahead of us.” He smiles, leaning in to nuzzle his nose against her cheek. “And who knows, maybe I’ll ask you to be my wife someday.” He whispers, pressing a tender kiss to her cheek.

all night long

Summary: Make out sessions are Steve’s favorite thing in the whole wide world, and sometimes he can get just a little carried away…

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: I actually died writing this, so this is my ghost typing. Enjoy xx | masterlist

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Summary: In which being wrapped in your arms is the only place Bucky ever wants to be.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,363

A/N: Title of the fic and the fic itself are inspired by “Wrapped” by Gloria Estefan

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Bucky thought he had seen all of the evil the world had to offer after the time he spent in captivity. Nothing, he thought, could compare to Hydra.

He was wrong.

Evil was everywhere. It was broadcast on the news throughout the course of the day. It was described online in horrific detail. It was talked about at water coolers, interspersed between tidbits of celebrity news and gossip. It was also hidden behind the scenes, in the hands of those who took advantage of their positions of power.

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Ambivalent [ I ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [ M ]

Length: 6.9k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: They say the gap between love and hate is thin, but it was a lie. In reality they were thousands of miles apart, you’d just never realized how fast you were at running.

Ambivalent Masterlist

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The heat blasting from the floor vents into the air made your skin feel too hot, sticky as his lips dragged against yours, bodies pressed together as his fingers raked through your hair, pushing it back from your face. His breathing was heavy, like a fan only circulating warmth into your lungs as you stumbled blindly with his guidance, the hand resting on your back slipping down to your ass as your shoulders smacked into the now closed door. Your hand reached around haphazardly to find the lock, eyes squeezed shut as your nostrils flared, trying to breathe with his lips suctioned to yours, attached like magnets while your other hand tugged down the zipper of the Adidas jacket he had on. His lips detached from yours, making a trail down your jaw as he panted into your melting skin, the grin on his lips growing when a breathy sigh slid past your lips, fingers skimming across his t-shirt covered stomach with the jacket pulled open.

“I always knew you wanted to fuck me.”

“Shut up Baekhyun.”

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bts | firsts

author’s note: okay so i got a couple of requests for bts reacting to you having a thigh riding kink and i was down, but no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t come up with seven distinct scenarios for that, so i’m combining that with another request i had for either you or bts teaching the boys how to give head and ofc i had to expand on that too, so enjoy disssss haha i’m really gonna need some feedback on this it’s my first time publishing something like this in a whileee
warnings: nsfw; smut
disclaimer: gif is credited below as cr.; none of the gifs used here are my own, they are cropped for uniformity and easy reading


“Fuck, why is this so hot?” Jin mumbles out loud as you continue to rock back and forth on him.

When you’d first proposed the idea, Jin was admittedly very confused. Although seemingly self-explanatory, he wasn’t quite too sure what thigh riding entailed. More specifically, why you’d want to get off on his lap and how, exactly.

But now that Jin can feel the wet heat of your core rubbing against his jeans, he swears its one of the most erotic things he’s ever witnessed. The thought of you getting off on him, but without his doing anything, arouses him.

“Ah, fuck, it feels good, Jin,” you moan, gripping his shoulders for support.

“Yeah? I want you to get yourself off, baby, nice and good for me, okay?” he encourages, resting his left hand on the small of your back.

You let him kiss you sloppily, not bothering to slow your movements as he lets his tongue slip into your mouth and explore as he pleases. He squeezes your waist when you moan into him, pressing you down further, increasing the friction between your heat and the denim of his jeans.

“Such, a good girl,” Jin whispers, words dance over your kiss-swollen lips. “You gonna come soon, baby? All over my lap?”

He continues the kissing, this time at your ear, your jaw, down your neck. He adores the way you rock into his kisses, like your body’s coming back for more. And he knows he’ll love the aftermath of it all; know he’ll love the way his mouth stains your skin in the morning.

“Fuck—yes, yes.”

Jin presses a single kiss to your collar and mumbles into you, “Good girl.”

He can tell you’re on the verge of an orgasm by the way your body quivers, and your hands claw at his shoulders. He hears you moan, sees you screw your eyes shut, but he won’t have any of that—his hand quickly grabs at your jaw, forcing you to face him. And with a single phrase he gives you both permission and the command that pushes you over the edge.

“Look at me when you come.”


“Nuh uh,” Yoongi shakes his head through shallow breaths, his words prompting you to stop your movements.

The way you look at him is sinful—neck craned obediently, eyes twinkling through your lashes. It makes him want to kiss you or choke you or something in between. He has to take a couple of breaths before speaking, afraid he could come right there.

“Did I do something wrong?” your breath ghosts over the tip of his cock as you speak, and the genuine innocence behind your words only serves as a reminder to Yoongi about the extremely compromising situation he’s in at the moment.

Because really, who agrees to teach their best friend how to suck dick? A really fucking good friend, was your argument. And Min Yoongi was nothing, if not a good friend.

“Not at all,” he reassures you, hand reaching to you head to slowly tangle itself in your hair, gently guiding your face closer to his dick.

But the more comfortable you got with your hands, the more restless Yoongi became; until a fiery possessiveness bubbled in the pit of his stomach. So, no, Yoongi wasn’t here to teach you how to give head. He was here to teach you how he liked getting head; he was going to fine tune you just enough to wreck you properly when this was all over.

“But you’re being a little too neat for me,” he grins when he sees the shy smile, possibly even a light blush paint over your features. It lights that same fire in his stomach, and Yoongi doesn’t think twice before tugging on your hair, making you look at him directly.

“Be a good girl for me, yeah?” he bites his lip when you nod your head, “Open your mouth. I wanna see how much you can take.”


Having you suddenly straddle his lap and kiss up and down his neck was not something Hoseok envisioned in his Friday afternoon movie-watching plans, but he wasn’t necessarily complaining.

“Hobiiiii,” you whine against his neck, continuing to pepper kisses as he leans to the side to give you more access, “I missed you.”

Hobi chuckles and snakes an arm around your waist, “I can tell, sweetheart.” He finds your pouting cute and goes in to give you a quick peck.

But you’ve barely seen your boyfriend all week; a peck will not suffice. Instead, you use your hands to cup his face, and deepen your kiss, letting your lips mold together. Hobi loves the sounds you make, the little moans that slip between your lips, and he tightens his grip on your waist. He savors the meshed closed-mouth kisses you share, because the moment you let your tongue snake past your lips, he pulls away with a cutest blush on his face.

“I, uh, I’ve never done that,” he admits shyly, scratching the back of his head.

“Never done what?” you question, genuinely perplexed, because the two of you have kissed plenty of times before—and he’s pretty damn good at it, if you do say so yourself.

“Just, made out with someone before, you know?” he shrugs, “Like with tongues and all that.”

“Oh,” you let out, taking note of the tone of his voice, “That’s a shame. Making out on a couch in-front of a movie is, like, the best part of dating someone.”

“Is it now?” Hobi raises an eyebrow, closing the gap between your faces. He loves the way you bite you lip and nod your head in reply and he can’t remember a time in his life when he’s ever wanted to kiss anybody this badly, “Looks like I’m in the right place at the right time, then. I guess you’re gonna have to teach me.”


“Baby, are you sure?”

You roll your eyes, because this is about the twentieth time he’s asked this tonight, “Namjoon, of course I’m sure.”

He looks into your eyes deeply, searching for even the slightest twinge of doubt. It’s not that Namjoon hasn’t been thinking about this, dreaming of this—because he one hundred percent has, several times actually, even while you’ve been doing it—but he wants to make you sure that you’re sure about this. About the potential consequences of this.

“Namjoon, for the fucking love of god, if you don’t do this right now I’m going to strangle you.”

A smile washes over his features and he kisses you, deeply, slowly as he enters you the same way, taking time to feel you around him everywhere. “Fuck,” he pulls away, forehead resting on yours as he tries to gain control of his feelings.

It’s better than any fantasy he’s ever cooked up. The feeling of you around him, raw, no rubber condom barrier, is heavenly. You’re so warm and wet and Namjoon swears you fit like a glove around him, like you’re made for him.

“You okay, Joon?” you asked, gently wiping his sweat-stuck hair from his forehead.

He chuckles through half-lidded eyes and kisses you softly, “Yeah. You just feel so fucking good, baby. I could have blown my load right there.”

You laugh and kiss him back, “Well don’t okay, you feel so good too, I want this to last.”

Namjoon smiles lazily, begins to thrust shallowly, slowly, sure to take in every moment of this. And fuck, he doesn’t think he can ever go back from this. You’ve ruined him for you and only you.

“Fuck, I love you so much.”


“Chim?” you question as your blonde boyfriend pulls away from your lips, and tightly wraps his hand around your wrist, preventing you from further unbuckling his belt. “I, um, sorry, am I going too quickly—”

“No, no, baby, you’re fine, it’s just, I’ve never—nobody’s ever,” he sighs in frustration, using his free hand to push his hair back, “I’ve never gotten head from anyone before.”

A big, red, question mark pops up in your brain and you look at Jimin’s face for a couple of seconds to properly process the information. Of course, it’s completely okay if he’s been waiting or hasn’t want to do this in the past. It’s just not exactly what you expecting from someone who… well, someone who looks like him.

“Do you want me to?” you ask lowly, looking up for an answer.

Jimin blushes, and runs his hand through his hair again, partially out of habit, partially out of nervousness, “I mean, yeah. Only if you want to, though, you totally don’t have—”

You shut him up with a kiss and pull away with a giggle, “You’re too cute, Jiminie. Of course I want to,” you gently shake off his hand and continue to unbuckle his belt.

“Tell me what feels good, okay?” You say, taking his cock out of his underwear and stroking it slowly. Jimin’s breathing immediately slows down and his eyes are trained on you as you lick a stripe from the base to the top.

“That, that—ah, fuck,” he nearly yells when he feels the tip of his dick enter your mouth, “Fuck, that feels good already.”

With no instructions, one of his hands is already threading through your hair. Jimin’s eyes dare not look away as you continue to tease him. When you look up at him while stroking his cock, Jimin doesn’t think he’s ever been this turned on before. That is, until you speak again.

“Then you’re gonna, love this, Jiminie.”


“You’re joking, right?” you ask, arms crossed, hoping (praying) that Taehyung would burst out laughing and tell you his scheme was just that—a joke, and that he was not at all, in the slightest, serious about this.

“I should be asking you that,” he counters, “It’s fucking ridiculous.”

“It’s ridiculous that I’m a little hesitant on whether or not my best friend was serious about asking me to sit on his face?”

“No, it’s ridiculous that no one’s ever gone down on you before.”

“I’m flattered, Tae, really, but you don’t have to do this. In fact, I won’t let you do this, so why don’t we—”

Tae reaches an arm out to pull you in by the waist, leaving virtually no space between his chest and yours. You roll your eyes at Taehyung’s overdramatic, overplayed gestures and attempt to push him away (keyword: attempt). “Tae, really, can we just—”

“Look,” he cuts you off. When he’s certain he has your undivided attention, he lets the other hand rest on your waist, tilts his head down a bit to look you square in the eye. “I’ll drop it if it makes you uncomfortable. But if you really wanna know what it feels like, I’ll do it to you—for you. Besides, it’s a win-win for the both of us.”

“How so?”

Taehyung licks his lips and lets a hand venture up your spine to cup the back of your head gently. “We both get our fantasies fulfilled,” his grins. “So, you in?”

The image of Taehyung, your Taehyung, fantasizing about you is one too tempting not to explore and entrances you into nodding your head.

“Good,” Tae hums, a gleam in his eyes, “Now, like I said before: get your ass on my face.”


“Please, noona,” Jungkook begs, doe-eyed and far too innocent for the favor he’s begging of you.

“Jungkook, I don’t think you understand what you’re asking me to—”

“Yes I do!” he interjects, but shies away immediately afterwards. The faint blush on his cheeks paints the apology he dares not say aloud. “I trust you.”

You look at him and sigh, mulling over the pros and cons of his proposal. God, he’s cute, you think, taking a good look at him. You watch his eyes dart back and forth between you and floor and smile softly. Yeah, he’s really fucking cute.


Jungkook doesn’t give you time to say anything else before he’s hugging you tightly and chanting thank yous into your ear.

“You’re the best, noona,” Jungkook gleams, finally pulling away and looking down at you in close proximity.

“Alright, Jungkooke,” you say, lifting you right hand to reach the nape of his neck and raking your hands through his hair. His eyes twinkle slightly at your actions, and you smirk, “Rule number one of eating pussy is that you do everything I say, got it?”

Jungkook nods obediently and licks his lips in nervous anticipation. “Got it.”

“Yeah?” you smile, tugging on his hair harder, “You’re gonna be a good boy for me, right Kook?”

Just as you presumed, the praise goes straight to his head; his eyes are something darker and you’d be a damned liar to say the way Jungkook nods and quietly says “yes, noona,” doesn’t affect you.

Something about having this usually arrogant, out-spoken, nearly six-foot tall boy at your command is powerful, sensual. Jungkook is usually one to figure things out himself, master them quietly then show everyone what he’s made of. But he came to you, asking for your help. Tonight he’s under your control. 

“I’m going to have so much fun with you.”

yoongi scenario | stuck on you

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While wrapping gifts you end up super gluing your hand to Yoongi’s… not completely on accident…

prompt: I can’t wrap Christmas presents to save my life, but you’re amazing at it. Please help me!

pairing: yoongi x reader

requested by anon | 3.2k words | fluff, neighbour au

Why is gift wrapping so difficult? Why is wrapping paper so flimsy? Why are gifts such irregular shapes? Why is sellotape so hard to cut? And why is the whole palaver such an embarrassment when you can’t do it properly, crossing the corridor to the apartment across from yours with shamed red cheeks, as you knock on the door and ask desperately, “Could you possibly help me? I might have tied my hands together with ribbon…”

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When Victor pulled away, he did so with his hands cupped over Yuuri’s. Wings cocooned tight around them, and Victor did not think to break from Yuuri until they loosened. He let the siren cling, even as Victor cleaned Yuuri’s hands of blood with the hem of his shirt. Yuuri would not be letting Victor out of his protective grasp anytime soon. Victor stayed, until Yuuri started to tremble against him.

“Yuuri… Yuuri, it’s fine. We’re okay.”

“I-… I don’t-…” Yuuri struggled to find words, unable to get them out past his tremoring lips. Victor could see the shock cycloning behind his eyes, the fury in them faded back to soft, frightened brown. “I’m so sorry… You could have– he could have…”

There was still far too much about siren culture of which Victor was not aware. Outside of Yuuri, all his understanding came from stories. Whispered against the wind, boasted by drunk sailors in taverns. Yet so many of them had been disproved simply by Yuuri staying at his side. “How many people can say they’ve had sirens fighting over them? And after witnessing such a breathtaking dance?”

Yuuri buried his face in Victor’s shoulder without answering, yelping a moment later. The bottom of Victor’s shirt was stained pink with siren’s blood, but along his ribs seeped a bright, fresh red. “You’re-… your wound….”

“It’s just a pulled stitch, don’t worry.” Victor assured. “Your wings are a bit too strong for me, lovebird." 

Yuuri’s head hung and his wings retracted.

Victor lifted his chin back up. "As lovely as this place is, it isn’t the nest we’ve made together. Let’s fly home?”

“What if…” Yuuri trailed off.

“He comes back? I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. I can definitely scream louder than a parrot if I have to, I’ve had lots of practice.”

Yuuri’s worried lips cracked into a smile and he spread his wings again, sweeping Victor up into his arms, taking care not to nudge against his side.

Throwing his arms around Yuuri’s neck, Victor laughed. “Lovebird, as much as I love seeing you in the nude, perhaps you should redress first?”

Yuuri yelped again, this time clearly out of embarrassment as the markings around his ears produced feathers along with his blush. He nearly dropped Victor in his scramble to grab his robes from the lagoon.

Criminal (m)| one-shot

Originally posted by nnochu

Pairing| Jungkook x Reader

Genre| Smut

Word Count| 5,168

Summary| As a rogue werewolf, you know the dangers of trespassing on a pack’s territory, but you don’t really have a choice.

A/N| Here is the better-edited reupload of Criminal! Hope you all enjoy~

You hadn't planned on getting caught. You had hoped for the exact opposite, actually.

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anonymous asked:

a suggestion for the next part!!!: harry tries to confront y/n about whats up and they end up hate fucking again but harry feels empty after it cos he doesnt want to just fuck y/n anymore !!!!!! aahhh

“aahhh” indeed!!!!!!!!!!! this is gonna hurt me to write so thanks!!! i love the pain !!! this is a continuation of this blurb :-) if u like this piece, please don’t hesitate to give me feedback here!! it really motivates me ♥

Harry feels great, because he hasn’t thought of you once.

He rushes offstage that night, his body thrumming and his veins flooded with adrenaline. The screams and chants of the crowd can still be heard, the noises cramming in his ears and only adding to the immense amounts of energy in his system. He’s grinning widely as he hears Mitch playing the closing chords of the last song.

“Good job!” 

“Great show mate, honestly.”

Some members of the stage crew congratulate him, and Harry accepts the praise with clasped hands, smiling warmly. The nape of his neck (and the rest of his body, really) is tacky with sweat, and though Harry does love a good Gucci suit, all he craves at the moment is a nice, thorough shower.

He’s floating on a cloud as he navigates the halls backstage, a stupid, happy grin still pasted to his face as he waves at various technicians and designers. Finally, he turns right, knowing that his dressing room is secluded and at the end of the hall.

He stops in his tracks.

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The Danger Of Red Lips // A Dylan O’Brien Smut

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: *cracks knuckles in preparation because this is tHE DIRTIEST SMUT I HAVE WRITTENNSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Ice Play, Moan Play, Cum Play (Is that even a thing?) Oral (Both), “Creampie”, Facial Ejaculation, Titty Fucking, Dirty Talk, Overstimulation, Public-ish Sex, Unprotected Sex, So Much Teasing, Dom!Dylan but also Sub!Dylan, Swearing, and Dylan O’Brien is one kinky motherfucker.

Word Count: 8,835

Song: Drunk In Love by Beyoncé Ft. Jay-Z

A/N: I was in the mood to write something absolutely filthy without any real plot so … this happened. I really think it’s the dirtiest fic I have ever written, I did not hold back at all. Thank you to @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading. This is pure porn y’all, enjoy! And ladies never underestimate the power of red lipstick, put it on and conquer the world.

P.s. I couldn’t decide between these two gifs, so I just put both.

Chewing on my lips until they became swollen, I tried my hardest to concentrate on my work on the table front of me which soon became long forgotten as I felt a warm and comforting hand settling on my shoulder. Looking behind me, I see a smiling Dylan as one of his hands began beautifully massaging my shoulder and his other hand held something behind his back. My eyes were too focused on his skillful massage to care about what he was hiding. His long fingers rubbing at just the perfect amount of pressure, my chest involuntarily sighing in pure bliss. The veins on Dylan’s hand were what attracted me the most, my body feeling this sudden need to trace them with my tongue.

Without a single word pushing past his lips, Dylan pulls out what he’s hiding and hands it to me. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion, but mostly intrigue, as I take the tube of lipstick he was holding and examine it in my own hand. His free one moves to my unattended shoulder and, now with both hands, he expertly massages my tense shoulders. I stare back up at him, my mind more confused than it’s ever been.

“Why did you just give me one of my lipsticks?” I asked, my head cocking to the side.

“Put it on.” Dylan nodded towards it.

“What?” I chuckled slightly. “Why?”

“Just do it.”

“Okay, but why?” I pressed.

“Don’t you trust me?” My husband shrugged, challenging me. “Just put on the lipstick, kitten.”

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BTS Reaction - Giving them road head [NSFW]

Thanks for requesting ♡

Seokjin [Jin] -

Jin quickly pressed his foot on the brake, causing himself to jolt forward slightly before the car behind you loudly beeped it’s horn. He’d try to keep a clear head, trying his best to ignore the feeling of your lips wrapped around his cock. But he knew that was easier said than done. Jin gnawed at his lower lip, restraining himself from moaning out as you continued sucking him off. He’d quickly let lose though, feeling himself come undone as groans slipped out of his mouth.

“What are you doing to me?”

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Yoongi [Suga] -

Yoongi looked at you from the corner of his eye the moment you laid your dainty hand on his thigh. He growled slightly once he felt you release his cock from his jeans before fully taking him inside of your mouth. Yoongi would keep your head down, smirking once he heard the small gagging noises emitting from your throat. He wouldn’t seem bothered by your teasing but you’d defiantly get punished once you both got home.

“You’re in a lot of trouble babygirl.”

Originally posted by sugasuite

Hoseok [J-Hope] -

Hoseok would absolutely love you sucking him off while he was driving. His eyes widened slightly once he a you zip down his jeans, before fondling his growing length while small moans filled the moving car. He’d desperately squint his eyes as he tried to focus more carefully on driving before you took him in your mouth. Hoseok wouldn’t be able to stop himself from tangling his hands into your hair, leaning back and trying his hardest to keep his eyes on the road.

“God, keep going baby.” 

Originally posted by chiminee

Namjoon [RM] -

Namjoon let out a growl as you licked his tip, tasting the pre-cum as you ignored his protests and warnings. He wouldn’t be amused in the slightest and would try not to show how aroused he really was by your actions. He’d subconsciously push your head down further, taking him fully as he resisted the urge to throw his head back in pleasure. Namjoon wouldn’t loses his focus on the road and would simply let out a few moans, quietly muttering what he would do to you later.

“I think I’ll punish you for what you just did to me sweetheart.”

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Jimin -

Jimin’s voice got stuck in his throat the moment your hand grabbed hold of him, not wasting any time before you brought his erection into your mouth. He’d try to protest but he couldn’t stop the stuttering and cracking in his voice. He tightly gripped the steering wheel, sighing quietly as you continued teasing his needy cock. Jimin would be a little shocked over your actions be he’d get over his embarrassment and gladly welcome the pleasure.

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Taehyung [V] -

Taehyung hissed once he felt you take hold of him under his jeans. He’d try his hardest to keep his eyes on the road, but having your hand fondle him would be too much of a distraction. He lurched forward slightly, hearing another car beep their horn as you leaned over and kissed his tip. Taehyung wouldn’t want you to stop and would merely let out low groans as you continued your teasing on his strained cock.

“You’re in for it later princess.”

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Jungkook -

Jungkook accidentally swerved into the other lane when he felt your hand take hold of his thigh. Heavy pants escaped past his lips but he made no effort to stop what you were doing. He’d let out a sigh of relief once you freed his erection from his jeans before a strained moan caught in his throat, a large hand gripping you hair as he tried to stay in the lane. Jungkook wouldn’t mind this act of teasing but he’d defiantly make sure you would finish what you started.

“Don’t stop babygirl.”

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Green Lace (Grayson)


- You’re shopping for some new lingerie and you decide to show it off to not only Grayson but a little bit of the entire store too. Grayson doesn’t like this very much. Not at all.


Your hands skimmed over the thin lace material of your see through bra and panties that covered your small frame. You couldn’t help the small smile creeping over your lips. It was a forest green colour, in the spirit of Christmas, and also Grayson’s favorite color. 

You unlocked the door of the Victoria’s Secret change room and poked your head out. Grayson stood in the doorway down the hall, his large arms folded over his chest. He looked bored and rather irritated. You had been dragging him from store to store for most of the day and you could visibly see he was mentally (and probably physically) checked out. You stepped out of the change room all the way and Grayson stood upright when he saw you. His eyes went wide before narrowing. You could see his jaw tense and soon he was stalking towards you. He looked around at a few other people that had noticed you too, particularly a boy around your age that couldn’t keep his eyes off you. 

“Are you crazy?” Grayson asked through gritted teeth. 

“What?” You frowned. You expected a far different reaction.

“I wanted to show you." 

"Yeah me and everyone else.” Grayson said with clenched teeth. He gripped your hips and walked you back into the change room. 


Your body fell limp, embarrassment and frustration beginning to consume you. He obviously didn’t like it. You reached to take the garments off but stopped when Grayson’s hand caught yours.

"Leave it on. I’m going to the front to pay for it. Let’s go." 

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Broadcasting Pleasures (M)

Warnings: Oral smut, blowjobs, slight!public sex and slight!degration. If you don’t like any of the following, please do not read.

Word Count: 1402

Originally posted by jimiyoong

“Jungkook, are you sure-”

“Get under the desk Y/N. Now.” you quickly followed Jungkook’s order, squeezing yourself next to the giant gaming consoles and the tangle of wires. You looked up at him with innocent eyes as he sat down; you knew he liked it when you became obedient. 


“Y/N,” Jungkook gently caressed your cheek, the tips of his fingers brushing over the supple skin. “Relax. I want to do this, and you wouldn’t get in trouble, I would. I’m willing to take that risk for this.” Jungkook reassured you with a fleeting kiss. He chuckled as he watched you case after his lips, his eyes growing dark with a smirk on his face.

“Now, are you ready to obey me baby?” Jungkook’s voice dropped an octave and you couldn’t help but nod, your lips parted in anticipation.

“Go ahead and start then.” Jungkook pat your cheek in urgence, pulling out his phone and setting it up against the computer, finding the perfect angle as your hands roamed his thighs.

Jungkook hummed in content as he set up his V-Live system; both in excitement and pleasure and your hand motions. You brought your hands to the seam of his pants, popping the button and pulling down the zipper slowly. You licked your lips at the sight of his growing erection, looking up at him through your lashes.

“Sir?” your voice was soft and airy and Jungkook couldn’t help but chuckle as he looked down at you.

“Yes baby?”

“Would you mind if you stood up for just a second so I can take your bottoms off?” you asked in your kindest voice. Jungkook sighed heavily, rising a few inches from his seat for you to quickly shove down his pants.

“Thank you sir.” you started kissing his thighs lovingly and Jungkook sighed at the feathery touches.

“At least you used your good girl manners baby,” he mumbled. “We’re live in 3…2…”

You watched Jungkook’s mannerism change immediately, a smile lining his lips and his flattering words flowing past your ears for the streaming fans on the other side of V-Live screen. The kisses you placed on his thighs slowly moved up to his crotch, mouthing his erection and fondling his balls through the fabric of his underwear. You heard Jungkook’s sentence falter after a particularly good suck against his clothed head and his hasty apologies, assuring his fans that he was fine and that he just stubbed his toe against his consoles underneath the desk. 

Jungkook ran a hand through your hair, pulling on it harshly and it was a challenge to not moan out from the domination. He slapped your cheek, pushing you down and silently ordering you to remove his underwear, his talking never faltering. With nimble fingers you slowly pushed them down his legs, savoring the skin-on-skin contact before teasingly licking his head. You heard Jungkook chuckle above you, his hand returning to your hair and trying to shove his cock further in your mouth.

“You guys are really teasing all the members lately, it’d be nice if you guys would stop and support us all wholeheartedly. I know we’re all kinda dorky and we love all the jokes! But maybe cutting back slightly would be a little nicer, dont’cha think?” Jungkook giggled to the screen but you can tell he was getting frustrated with your teasing and you couldn’t help but smirk up at him, resuming your tantalizing licks.

You ran your tongue along the entirety of his girth, using your hand to slowly pump and rile him up. Your lips wrapped around his head with the lightest of sucks and Jungkook let out a soft growl.

“Huh? Oh, it’s just one of the cords. It fell out of the socket. I’ll just fix it real quick.” Jungkook suddenly appeared under the desk, his eyes dark. He gripped your face in his hands, forcing you to look up at him.

“If you don’t start doing your job properly I promise that tonight will be a living hell for you baby. You got that?” he threatened with a low hum. You nodded helplessly, feeling your panties dampen as you mouthed a ‘Yes sir’. Jungkook slapped your cheek, shoving your head back down to his cock.

“Suck.” he whispered, sitting back up in his chair to reassure his audience that everything was okay, going back to talking with them.

You finally gave Jungkook the relief he needed, taking him down halfway and using your other hand to pump what your mouth couldn’t reach. With every bob of your head you took Jungkook a few inches deeper and deeper until he reached the back of your throat, gagging slightly against the length. You hollowed your mouth and fondled his balls, hearing Jungkook stop mid-sentence and sigh softly. He used his had to gather your hair in a makeshift ponytail, sneaking a glance down at your tear-filled eyes and flushed cheeks. He bit his lip and returned to the V-Live, guiding your head up and down his length.

You allowed Jungkook to take control of your mouth, trying to refrain from gagging too loudly or moaning out in pleasure. You sucked as he lightly thrust into your mouth, your hands gripping onto his thighs for support. Jungkook wouldn’t let up, in fact, you thought he wanted to get caught at this point. If his deeper breaths weren’t a giveaway, the constant movement of the chair certainly would be. However, the adrenaline rush of getting caught and the dominance Jungkook asserted onto you made you drip with lust. Your panties had to be ruined by this point and your makeup had to be running from the tears flowing down your cheeks and the saliva pooling at your lips. You swallowed around Jungkook and he let a moan slip past his lips, hastily apologizing to the confused and suspicious fans before shutting the V-Live down, allowing a loud growl to slip past his lips.

“God your throat is fucking amazing.” he moaned, shoving you down further and relishing in your throat constricting around him. He pulled you off of his length with a loud pop, and you gasped for air.

“Get on the bed. Hands and knees.” Jungkook ordered and you scrambled onto the bed, face flushed and debauched and opening your mouth wide to him. Jungkook shoved his bottoms down completely,  sauntering over to you before shoving himself back into your mouth, thrusting into you as you bobbed your head.

“Naughty little slut, you love sucking cock don’t you?” you moaned in confirmation at his words, the vibrations causing him to hum in approval.

“I bet you’re soaked, aren’t you?” Jungkook teased, leaning over you to gently run a finger over your clothed slit. You whimpered at the contact, looking up at Jungkook with pleading eyes, begging him to touch you further.

“You’re drenched baby, do you really love my cock that much?” he teased, gripping your hair with both of his hands and taking control of your movements again. You slack your jaw, allowing Jungkook to dominate you.

“Your mouth is so hot and wet, god I can just imagine how that sweet pussy of yours would feel.” his dirty words made you moan, closing your eyes from the immense pleasure. Jungkook’s thrusts started to falter and you could tell he was close, so you loosened your throat, awaiting the release that was soon to come. Jungkook thrust once, twice before he called your name with a loud shout, moaning through his release as you swallowed every drop down.

Jungkook removed his cock from your mouth, leaning down to give you a passionate kiss. His thumb wiped your tears away and he moaned at the flavor of himself on your lips. 

“Are you alright baby?” he asked softly, laying you down next to him on the bed.

“Yeah, of course I’m fine.” you reassured him, but your hoarse voice made Jungkook touch your throat with concern. 

“You sure you don’t want any water?” he whispered, letting his lips place light, butterfly kisses against the hollow of your throat. You hummed in satisfaction, running your hands through his hair.

“You did so good baby, I think you deserve a reward, don’t you think?” Jungkook asked, letting his hand roam down your thighs to cup your mound.

“Please sir?” you begged softly, looking up into his dark eyes.

“Anything for my baby girl.”

True (Steve Harrington x Reader)

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Summary: You and Steve Harrington run into each other while picking up your respective children from the Snowball. It’s the first time you’ve really talked to one another since you got roped into helping manage the Demodogs, and part of that may be because you might have developed a small crush on him.  

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1634

Author’s Note: This is sort of all over the place because I have an idea for a bigger fic but I’m not actually sure if I have enough content to really flush it out. Anyway, I’d love thoughts and opinions and just general feedback! :) 

You’d recognize that car anywhere. After parking next to it for the past two years, it would have been weird if you didn’t know exactly who that maroon BMW belonged to.

And even if you hadn’t been pulling into the spot next to Steve Harrington’s every week day, after all of the shit that had gone down in October, you’d become well acquainted with with his car. 

It’d all happened because you’d thought to bring Nancy her homework since she was out sick, which you can mark down as the last time you ever try to be a decent human being. Not only was Nancy not home, but the next thing you knew, you were being corralled into the BMW to help Steve and some middle school kid with his “code red” because, “Doesn’t your dad work for animal control?”

After stealing one of your father’s animal control poles and swinging by Steve’s house to pick up a bat riddled with nails, you’d been dragged around town to catch the “interdimensional slug” turned rogue lizard turned creepy, carnivorous dog-like monster. 

The pole had done little more than whack a few beasts aside as you and Steve battled Dart—that was the pet’s name apparently—and his friends. It had been more helpful when you used it to wrangle Billy away from Steve, allowing Max to sedate him.

And then, you’d climbed back into the maroon car—against your better judgment—so you could drive to a literal hell hole to help save the world.

It’d been a rough week.

You parked your car behind your old friend (because after all that you two had been together, this car definitely qualified as a friend) and climbed out, walking around to stand next to Steve as he leaned against his car, eyes on the middle school.


Steve turned to face you, grinning as you approached. “Didn’t expect to see you hanging around a middle school dance, Y/L/N.”

You shrugged and rolled your eyes. “I’m picking up my sister.” You looked him over taking in the red sweater and jeans. He definitely wasn’t chaperoning. “You hear for yours?”

“Yeah, I’m Dustin’s ride,” he nodded.

“Mama Steve,” you grinned, leaning back against his car next to him. The two of you sat in silence for a moment, looking at the school, before Steve looked at you again.

“Hard to believe it’s been a month, isn’t it?” Steve asked. You didn’t look at him but instead kept staring at the middle school and nodded.

“Yeah,” you breathed.

Silence once again took over you. Whether it was the soothing calm of not having to run/fight for your lives or the

Silence once again took over you. Whether it was the calm of not having to run or fight for your lives or the awkwardness of two people who weren’t friends before they banded together to save the world and now didn’t know what they were, you weren’t sure. All you knew was that even if it was slightly awkward, you found it comforting to be near Steve. You didn’t feel like you had to act in front of him, and honestly, for a high school girl, that was saying something because you were always acting like something or other in front of people. You were the good student for your teachers, the respectful daughter for your parents, the cool girl for the boys. But Steve had seen you at your most you. He had seen you cry, scream, curse, celebrate, and make a fart joke. You had the feeling there was nothing you couldn’t do in front of this boy. Except maybe strip naked. Not that you would mind if…

You stopped yourself.

You hardly knew each other.

You weren’t friends.

Maybe he had saved your life by whacking a Demodog away from you in the junkyard.

Maybe you had cradled his head in your lap as Dustin and Will ransacked the house looking for band aids and ice.

Maybe he had hugged you uncomfortably tight, burying his face in your neck, after the headlights died down and you realized that it was over.

But that was over a month ago. And while Steve and you had been friendly in the halls, and sure your heart quickened a bit whenever he was around, and once you could have sworn you’d caught him staring at you—he was still Steve Harrington, and you were still that girl whose dad once brought Tommy H.’s dog to the pound by accident.

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A/N: This is my first piece of smut, I hope it doesn’t completely suck ass. Unless you’re into that, then I hope it does. That’s cool too. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Maybe skipping on wearing panties wasn’t the greatest idea, you thought as you felt Harry’s cum making your thighs stick together.


making the most out of the aftershow adrealine.

You could see it in his face when he walked backstage. He was glowing, a mixture of sweat and adrealine, a smug smirk on his face when he spotted you sitting on one of the sofas. His wide eyes were dark and glossy.

All the praising and love did wonders for him, his confidence soothing to the roof, making him all that more desirable. To be honest, it was difficult for you to watch him dancing and going crazy on stage, just knowing that you’ll get to touch him later.

You gave him a sweet smile as he took a hold of your hand, but squealed when he started pulling you through the hallways of the venue towards his dressing room. By this point you knew what was going on, but you could never be prepared for it.

Once reached the right door, Harry slammed it open and thanked the Lord that there was no one to be seen. He pulled you inside, and pushed your body against the cold door. With a quick flick of his wrist, he locked the door and did the same with his lips on yours. His hands were everywhere - pulling you closer by your waist, squeezing your backside, moving up to massage one of your breasts as the other one found a place on your hip.

Nothing could ever beat Harry’s kisses.

The way he can be so gentle and demanding at the same time makes your legs weak. His soft, raspberry lips feel like heaven on your own pair, making it impossible for you to ever get enough of them. As the kisses grew hotter ad heavier, pieces of clothing were removed and thrown somewhere on the carpeted floor.

His expensive floral blazer was the first to go, leaving you at task of popping open the buttons of his shirt. Harry rid you of your skin-tight dress, the fabric now pooling around your feet. His hands roamed around your body immediately, grazing your smooth skin.

“No knickers, huh?” he raised his brows at the sight in front of him.

Over the years, you two have discovered all the things that made the other one go crazy. Quite frankly, skipping on wearing panties was one on Harry’s list.

He knew that neck kisses were your absolute weakness, so he took his sweet time planting soft, wet kisses all around your neck, up to your jaw, then down again to your collarbones. You could feel your breathing picking up the pace, the familiar feeling slowly taking over your body. He moved your bra straps down so he could lay a few kisses on your shoulders before unhooking the clasp and throwing your bra on the pile of clothes on the floor.

His eyes flickered down to your chest, his other hand smoothing the soft skin as his lips found yours again. Your hands were placed on his tattooed chest, slightly scratching as you let them wander down lower and lower. Harry backed you towards the leather sofa in the middle of the surprisingly spacious room, and pressing you gently against the back of it. When he was pleased with your position sitting on the sofa, he spread your legs and stood between them. You felt his hand lifting your chin so he could lock his eyes with your blurry ones.

“Feelin’ naughty today, then? Wanted to tease me like this, yeah?”

His words made you want to roll your eyes back. As much as you loved sweet, lovemaking with him, you equally loved when he was in this mood. In a mood to have his way with you, taking you, using you. Harry being a man with few words, he sure did know how to use them to swoon you over and over again.

Your hands found their way to Harry’s trousers, starting to rid them of his long legs before he slapped your hands away.

“I asked you a question, love,”

“Did you leave those pretty, little panties at home because you wanted daddy to punish you?”

You closed your eyes at that, he knew that him controlling you was one of your biggest turn ons. Your breathing was rapid now, you could feel yourself getting wetter with each word that left his newly swollen lips. His hand landed on your throat, the gentle pressure making your eyes open. His brows were raised, lips apart, his short curls were wild and he looked like he was carved by angels, even with his palm around your throat.

You just nodded for an answer, fully aware that at this state there was no way you could form a proper sentence.

“Such a brat,” he mumbled under his breath as his hands worked on his trousers, pushing the expensive material down his legs. His hardening cock was covered with a pair of Calvin’s, but the sight alone made your mouth water. Suddenly you were reminded just how good his cock would feel on your tongue, how your hand worked on his shaft as your lips suckled on the sensitive head of his cock. How his hips would thrust forward when you took him down your throat, his hands in your hair, holding it away from your face just so he could watch you making him feel ‘so damn good‘, as Harry would say.

You cleared your throat, your dainty hands landing on his ferns. You looked up at him, your eyes glossier than the moment before and mouth salivating.

“I want to taste you.”

With furrowed brows and the oh so familiar smirk on his lips, he pushed your hands away once again.

“No,” he chuckled.

“Like I said, this is your punishment, remember?”

You groaned and rolled your eyes at him. You wanted, hell, needed to feel him in your mouth. He grabbed your jaw, forcing you to look at him.

“Lose the attitude, or I won’t let you suck my cock for a week.”

He dropped to his knees and licked a broad stripe up your slick folds. You gasped, your hands flying straight to his hair. His mouth worked its magic on you, the way he sucked your clit got you seeing stars. His soft tongue lapped up your juices and his groans made your legs shake.

“Oh, God..”

Harry rested his head on your thigh as he sucked on two of his fingers before slowly pushing them inside of your wet pussy. You let out a loud moan when he moved them back and forth against your walls - curling them just at the right spot. He sped up the movement of his digits and his mouth landed on your clit again. He suckled gently, softly nibbling on the sensitive button, watching your body writhe underneath his touch.

He’d told you so many times how he loved to touch you like this, seeing how your body reacted to his touch. Whether it was how your body immediately relaxed when he pulled you in for a hug, or how your back would arch and legs shake when he made you cum.

Your balance was at risk on the back of the sofa when you got closer and closer to your orgasm, your grib on the leather so hard it made your knuckles turn white. Breathless whimpers left your bitten lips when Harry’s other hand came up to massage your breast, flicking his thumb over your pert nipple. He curled his fingers inside of you, hitting the spot which made you curl your toes and delicious moans leave your lips. You felt the lovely tension building up, you were so close,

“That’s enough,” he pulled his fingers out of you and pushed them past his lips.

Your blurry mind took a minute to figure out what was happening and when it did, tears started coating your eyes. You wanted to kick him in the jaw, but the sight of him, chin wet because of you, fingers in his mouth, tasting you - was too much to handle. He stood up then, took your hands and helped you to steady yourself on your wobbly feet. He slipped the Calvin’s down his legs and took a hold of his now straining cock, giving it a few pumps. He looked at you, the need evident on your face. You licked your lips as you watched his hand easily moving up and down on his thick shaft, a dribble of precum leaking from the swollen tip.

“You wanted to have a taste?” he teased, as his hand lifted your chin and his eyes met your glossy ones.

Your tongue wet your lips and you nodded your head at him, barely audible yes’s coming from your eager tongue.

“Too bad,”

He twisted your body and bent you over the back of the sofa. A surprised squeak echoed in the air when his hand smacked against your ass, making the skin there blush.

“I hate you” 

With a light snicker he smacked your backside again,

“Yeah? Care to explain why your cunt is soaking wet then? Why it’s so easy for me to - ahh fuck -” he swiflty entered his hard cock into your needy cunt.

“So easy fo’ me to fuck you, huh?”

Each one of his thrusts were harded than the one before, and your moans only got louder and louder, his hand smacking your ass every now and then - the skin rosy and stinging in the best possible way. His hands wrapped around your waist, keeping you steady as he watched his cock moving in and out of your dripping pussy.

“Ahh, yes”

“Are those moans I’m hearing? You were supposed to hate this, weren’t yeh?”

Once again his hand collided with your ass, the bite of his rings made you bite your lips and your eyes roll back. You could feel your pussy clamping down on Harry’s cock, the girth of him scretched you out so good and you couldn’t help it.

“More,” you managed to rasp out, your throat feeling like the Sahara desert.

The crack of his hand meeting with the skin of your bare ass echoed in the room, making your legs tremble. Harry snaked his arm around you, pulling your body against his. His sweaty chest met your back as the other hand wrapped itself around your throat, the slight pressure mixed with the pace his cock was pounding inside of you made all the colours on the spectrum burst behind your eyelids.

“Cum for me, love. Do it,” his own breath was now faltering, a sign of his own orgasm creeping up. The arm that was around your waist lowered down, two fingers rubbing sloppy circles on your clit, pushing you over the edge.

You felt your body scatter, your legs jello, skin flushed as the delicious tension was released. Your hand flew to the back of Harry’s neck, desperate to have something to hold onto. He was close, his groans, grunts and moans proved that. His thrusts were sloppier now, losing the rhythm a bit but the force was still there.

“Fuck, ahh ‘m gonna cum..”

You scratched the nape of his neck, words of encouragement spilling out from your lips.

“Daddy’s gonna cum for me? Gonna fill me up nicely?”

With the final thrusts and loud grunts, you can feel his hot cum spurting inside of you. One, two, three ribbons later his body relaxed against yours. You just stood there for a moment trying to level your breaths before Harry pulled out. The feeling of emptiness made you wince, but then you could feel the warmth leaking out from your sensitive core.

“Well, would you just look at tha’’ ”  he chuckled at the sight of you standing there, on your wobbly legs, wild hair and flushed cheeks, his cum making your inner thighs glisten.

“Oh shut it, I still hate you.”

A Little Case of Frostbite

@fandomnationwhore Thank you for the request! Hope you like it.

“Hey could you do a fic where the Avengers come across another winter soldier expect they walk in on her on the kitchen when they come in from a mission and Bucky warns them about how she was more dangerous then any of the others and him combined thank you so much :)”

A/N: Sorry if it sucks. I might do a part 2 if you want. I really liked this request.

Warnings: Swearing (not a lot), mentions of violence, guns, shooting, reader bein’ a sassy badass. Let me know if I missed anything!

“Great job, Tin Can. Wonderful plan.” Sam grumbled through the comms, huffing as he stepped back and forth out of cover.

Most of the team had been separated and outnumbered, finding refuge and hoping to hold out until they knew what to do. Bucky had formulated the original plan and it utterly fell apart to say the least. He was nervous, to be fair, something he didn’t normally feel or know how to handle. The mission wasn’t much different from their normal assignments: enter, extract, clear, and return. It was the same as always, up until he was told what files they were grabbing.

“Alright,” Steve said, standing at the front of the room as the team sat around the large desk, “I won’t over explain because I’m sure we’re all pretty used to this. We’ll go in, grab what we need, and get out.”

The screen at the front displayed the statistics for the upcoming mission, the time, location, etc., and Bucky studied them quickly. The team nodded at Steve’s words, various shades of boredom on their faces. The Captain switched the screen, explaining briefly that these were the files they needed to gather, but Bucky heard nothing. The whole atmosphere of the room changed as he had stiffened in his chair. A face he hadn’t seen in years was plastered on the wall in front and he felt his blood run cold. Everyone looked between him and Steve, confused and slightly worried at his reaction, and Steve furrowed his brow.

“What’s wrong, Buck?”

He didn’t respond, rising from his seat as he stepped closer to the screen.

The blonde inched closer, lifting his hand to keep Bucky calm, “Do you know her?”

He gulped, eyeing the photo as he nodded stiffly, “Everyone who’s ever been involved with HYDRA knows her. There’s no way you couldn’t.”

Who is she?”

Varied forms of the question fell from multiple members of the team’s mouths as they began to rise from their chairs, fidgeting and shifting nervously.

Bucky stuttered as he tried to think, “She…s-she..” he shook his head to clear his thoughts, “She’s the deadliest assassin in history.”

The team returned to their seats with a plop and Steve moved to get one of his own as Bucky took a deep breath and prepared to fill them all in.

“She’s credited with over 2000 kills, and over 100 of them are direct. She’s taken down entire villages, towns, crumbled governments. She’s more dangerous than me and all of the other Winter Soldiers combined.”

Bucky paused, a lump rising in his throat as he shuddered internally.

He turned to look the team in their eyes, jaw set, “She went rogue. She’s been missing since 2010.”

Everyone stiffened and he swallowed thickly,“ They sent me to see what happened. The base was in shambles. There was no one left inside who hadn’t been..well..mangled. That was the last anyone saw of her.”

“Bucky!” Steve’s voice pulled him from his thoughts as a bullet whizzed past his head, barely missing his ear. He shook his head, pulling himself together as he swung out and fired, landing a shot straight to the man’s chest.

Steve was waving frantically at him, calling out desperately, “Come on, we’ve got to go! Nat’s rigged explosives. We have to go, now!”

Bucky set his jaw, closing his eyes to take a deep breath before daringly launching out of his hiding place and bolting towards Steve. Once he felt the man’s firm hand smack his back, guiding him along, he allowed his thoughts to wander once more. The ride home was a blur.


It was a stupid idea, really. Deciding to scale 45 floors of a New York skyscraper. But what else is a person to do? Use the front door? That would have been an even more idiotic approach. With no time for disguise or patience to formulate a good alibi, security would have instantly sounded the alarm. You were in no mood for it. Today had been absolute shit and you were determined to make something go your way. Even if you had to hold it at gun point.

A strong breeze pulled your body and you gripped the building, flattening yourself against it. You groaned, beginning to climb again as you neared the right floor. Reaching the window, you stayed below it, pressing your hand firmly against the frame. Using the sound enhancer in your glove, you insured no one was inside. Satisfied, you hoisted yourself onto the window sill. You hoped whatever alarm system they had you could bypass, pulling out your modified phone to begin hacking. It took you a full 10 minutes and three close calls, sitting on the outside of one of the tallest buildings in the city, typing furiously, to override the alarm and open the window. Your temper was thinning and your usually graceful and deliberate movements turned sloppy as you plopped unceremoniously through the opening. You landed on the cold floor with a clatter, smacking your back against it with your feet still hanging from the window. You huffed, rolling away from the wall and pushing yourself up, brushing off the imaginary dust you’d “accumulated” from the floor. The place was spotless, there probably wasn’t even a single grain of foreign substances.

Looking around, you realized you had landed smack in the middle of their living room. It was lavish, pristine couches layed out across the floor, facing an overly large flat screen. An ornate coffee table sat between them and the entire room embodied the word grandiose. Just beyond the sitting area lied the kitchen. It was just as equally extravagant, if not more so. Each gadget and appliance was the most innovated, sophisticated, and efficient thing someone could get there hands on. The floors were squeaky clean, with not a scuff on the tiles. The counters were shiny, black granite with perfect sliver sinks, a stove, oven, and cabinets. You’d expect no less from a man like Tony Stark.

You walked in, skimming your hand over the cold counters and then dragging under one of the cabinets before checking the tip of your finger.

“No dust. Not even a speck,” you rolled your eyes and rubbed your fingers together, “Figures.”

Letting curiosity get the better of you, you began to rummage through the room looking through the cabinets, in the fridge, the freezer, and the pantry. A few minutes had past, you were still putting your nose in everything they had, when a noise filled the air. A door, murmured voices, footsteps.

You stiffened for a moment, before a devilish smirk spread across your face. Stopping your snooping, you spun around and leaned against the counter, watching in wait at the doorway. The voices grew and the clammer of feet became more frequent. You could hear their individual words now, a few of them bantering good naturedly, jesting back in forth, name calling, laughing. You crossed your arms over your chest and your smirk got even bigger just as they entered the threshold.

There they stood in all their glory, the Avengers. But one member in particular held your attention the most and caused a dark chuckle to spill past your lips. All of them had looks of shock and confusion, some were stiff, hands hovering over their weapons, anxious, worried. You could name all of them. You knew every little thing about each and every one of them. But the one you knew most had the look of a deer in headlights, as if you’d just poured a bucket of cold water over his head. He was a bit different than the last time you saw him. His hair was still long and scruff still lined his jaw, but he looked cleaner, nicer, and frankly…good. Not that he didn’t before.

Straightening up, you chose to break the silence and purred, “Long time no see, Winter.”

The whole room seemed to change and everyone swung into gear, grabbing their weapons, readying their stance. Winter set his jaw, unmoving, but with a fear behind his eyes, and the Captain himself took a step forward.

“What are you doing here?” He demanded, shield still in his hand from their mission.

You grinned harder as the metal armed man of the hour took a step forward, eyes locked on yours as he breathed, “Frostbite..”

You unfurled your arms and crossed your legs as you replied nonchalantly, “It’s (Y/N) now, actually.”

Everyone seemed at a loss, staring between the two of you frantically, unsure of what move to make or even of they should make one at all. They were told the stories. They knew who you were.

“What do you want,” He hissed, moving in front of the blonde and placing his arm in front him, a barrier between you and his new found friends, “If you’re here to kill me or drag me back to HYDRA yo-”

You put your hand up to stop him as you interrupted matter-of-factly, “I don’t do that anymore.”

From the corner of your eye you saw the red head grip her holstered gun, finger resting above the trigger and you quickly quipped, “But I won’t hesitate to start again so don’t test me.”

The statement made everyone even more on edge. They tensed even harder and the Widow stared you down with narrowed eyes. You met her gaze with even more intensity before taking an exaggerated bite in the air, your teeth chattering together. She jumped ever so slightly, unholstering her gun, and you smirked, chuckling. Turning back towards Winter with a dramatic roll of your head, you pushed off of the counter, everyone besides Steve taking a step back. His grip on his shield was tight and he stood his ground eyeing you.

Bucky sighed, frustrated, and ask softer, “What are you doing here?”

You clicked your tongue and rolled your shoulders, “There’s a problem,” you shrugged.

He raised a brow, cocking his head, challenging, “And how does that concern me?”

You lifted your finger pointedly, taking a step forward and countered, “Don’t forget you owe me, Winter.”

Just as the word left your mouth the angered tone of Mr. America met your ears as he hissed, “It’s Bucky. His name is Bucky.”

Your eyes widened slightly, lifting your brow as you looked between the two of them, scoffing.

“Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both schoolyard and battlefield,” you mocked the narration of their Smithsonian exhibit, laughing darkly, “Looks like that hasn’t changed. Or…someone’s got a crush.”

Steve took a menacing step forward before Bucky pushed in front of him, holding him back with a shake of his head. They shared a knowing look and the Captain sighed, stepping back. You smirked victoriously.

“How did you even get in here?” A man spoke up from the group breaking the static that had engulfed them.

Shrugging, you smiled at him, “I climbed.”

You spoke as if it was the most natural thing in the world, and many members of the team grew wide-eyed. Some of them seemed to relax slightly, lowering their weapons, but not putting them away.

He crossed his arms, eyebrows shooting up, and questioned, “Climbed? You climbed 45 floors?”

You smirked and looked at him, “Well, Falcon,” you enunciated the name before continue, “You wouldn’t expect me to walk through the front door, would you?”

He put his hands up in mock surrender.

“Anyways,” you redirected the conversation, turning back to Bucky, “As I was saying, there’s a problem. And as much as it pains me to even think it,” you drawled dramatically, “I could use your help.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose, knowing you had him at a loss. He did owe you, big time. And something in his mind had always told him you’d cash in someday. He looked around at everyone in the room, taking a deep breath and swallowing thickly.

He huffed, “What is it?”

You smiled and clapped your hands together in triumph.

Whipping out a photo from your inside coat pocket you flipped it between your fingers before holding it out to him.

“An old ‘friend’ of ours,” you made air quotes with your fingers, “decided to resurface with what appears to be an undesirable agenda. For all of us.”

You looked between Bucky and the Avengers, watching him study the photo with agitation. He growled and handed it back to you, rubbing his hand over his face and pulling at his hair.

“Goddammit,” he mumbled.

Everyone looked around in confusion, trying to weave around to get a look at the photo.

You cocked your head at Bucky and raised an eyebrow, inquiring slowly, “Well..? What do you say?”

He looked at you, studying you thoroughly for the first time in years. He’d been so shocked to see you that he hadn’t taken a second to really look at you. You were different, that he knew. Your hair was healthier, but longer and darker then he’d remembered. Your face was clean, no dirt or grime, bruise or scratch, your clothes were obviously frequently worn but not scraggly, and your stance was stronger. You didn’t look like a puppet or a mindless weapon. You looked defiant, independent, and determined. Your eyes still held a pain he couldn’t unsee, dark circles under them from an evident lack of sleep but their was a fire that burned through it. You kept your chin up and back straight, keeping yourself poised as if you finally held yourself as someone.

He had to snap himself out of his stupor of admiration. But he knew you caught him, a knowing smirk tugging at you lips.

He hung his head before groaning, “Alright. I owe you. The sooner I pay you back, the sooner I’m out of your debt,” he relented.

Something in his tone told you that wasn’t truly his reasoning, feeling a pull towards the man and knowing he didn’t seriously want to get rid of you like that.

You shimmied your shoulders and wiggled your eyebrows and you swore you might have giggled in glee.

“I knew you’d agree!” You laughed, shedding off your jacket and dropping it on the counter.

He rolled his eyes and scoffed. The team had now mostly put away their weapons and even Steve seemed to chill out a bit. If Bucky hadn’t immediately tried to kick you out, the team wouldn’t either. They knew he would have been the first person to jump in to action. While hearing him speak about you, they knew there was more to you two than what he led on. And, if they were honest, they planned to find out, however they could. None of them completely dropped their guard, however, keeping their weapons close. Tony was getting F.R.I.D.A.Y. back online and ready to keep a stern eye on you. Natasha was standing close to Clint, gun still in her hand. They were anxious still, deciding to hide it instead of putting it on display. Maybe if you thought they trusted you, they could get the jump on you. They kept their distance, with every step forward from you, was two back from them. You were dangerous, and the whole team saw nothing less.

Looking around at them and back to Bucky, you decided to make yourself comfortable and moved around the kitchen, pulling back a stool as you plopped down, leaning over the counter.

Pointing to the seat in front of you, you gestured towards Bucky and purred, “C'mon. Have a seat, James,” you crossed your arms, propping yourself on the counter, “Let’s catch up.”