paste jewels



Pink and cream silk chiffon layered over silver lamé, metallic lace hem studded with sequins, short sleeve bodice decorated with crossed stylized flowers in white, crystal and ombreéd pink beads, metallic lace insert under tulle, sleeves having cutouts edged in paste jewels, off-center beaded band with ombreéd tassel and three lotus flowers, chiffon underskirt edged in crystal beads, corset interior

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what if Amras was one of the ones who turned aside at Sirion

Oh right sure Anon, like Sirion wasn’t enough of a clusterfuck.

He could not put his finger on what it was that broke him.

Not the screams or the flames or the blood in his hair and in his mouth, not the pain of his wounds, or the certain knowledge that this was as futile as anything else they’d ever done.

Not the moon-faced soldier he gutted like the fish her knife had been designed to clean - if he could not slaughter fisherfolk he’d have burnt at Losgar with his twin.

Not the unpaved roads and rude driftwood huts they fought in. Menegroth had been splendid in its ruin and they could pretend to be the same, but this deed was as pathetic as the defences Sirion mustered against them.

All he knew was that when his blade bit bone and slipped from his grasp, he let it fall and did not pick it up.

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Amends (closed RP)

Well, that was a lovely nap! Jewel wobbled out of Caden’s room, bed head and all. She was taking some friendly advice from friends and the internet to take care of herself, which in her mind meant a LOT of naps. She wasn’t sleeping at night, so squeezing in rest during the day was her only options.

Jewel rubbed her eyes and spotted a blue mass on the couch. Was Caden still working? Oh gods that poor boy! He’s been working so hard on his play. Maybe he needed a quick break~! She waddled over behind her boyfriend and wrapped her arms around him, giving him soft, sleepy kisses on his fins.

“Good morning, my knight~…” she mumbled, already playing with his hair.

Geyser Mountain” 1996, Pat Burke

Following the success of the original Tower of Terror in Orlando, the Imagineers were tasked with revitalizing Frontierland at Disneyland. The initial concept they dreamt up, Geyser Mountain, would utilize Tower’s ride system, but instead send guests shooting upwards, “propelled” by an erupting wilderness geyser. Set, (like its nearby sister attraction, Big Thunder Mountain) at a mining company, Geyser Mountain would take guests through mysterious mines, dripping caverns, past stalagmites & rare earthly jewels. The art here represents the version imagined for Disneyland Paris’ Thunder Mesa, which more resembled a tall tower built into the “mountain.” Both projects were scrapped due to costs, but both resorts eventually received clones of Tower of Terror in their sister parks.

Art ©️ Disney


Gorgeus Georgians.

This coat dates from the 1770s and is silk and linen with extensive embroidery and metallic thread. It’s a court suit designed to impress and it most definitely does. The paste jewels would have glittered in the candle light and the wearer of this waistcoat would have worn a jacket and pair of breeches just as ornate.

I have been fading steadily
on the outside,
after a hundred thousand years
why on Earth should I care?
I shake my head,
any ideas?
Whisper in both directions
pick me up off the floor
put me inside a solenoid
moving your hands
in and out of the coil, with a razor
painfully, appear
a ghostly, grey shadow
hurt me
I’m a metal rose
pasted with jewels
in a shirt and tie
passionate, enchanting,
and legally disgusting.

Proposal (Christian Pulisic Imagine)

For @10cmpulisic22 . Hope you enjoy. 

note: Inspired by an old episode of Modern Family.

Proposal (Christian Pulisic Imagine)

Katie had been carrying around an engagement ring for some time now. She had walked past a jewelers shop in downtown Dortmund one day and for some reason, she thought it would be a good idea to just look through the glass and see what was on display. Immediately, a simple black band with a tiny diamond in the middle caught her attention. Unlike other women, what caught Katie’s attention was not an engagement ring for her, but an engagement ring for her boyfriend Christian.

One blink later, she was walking out of the jeweler’s with an engagement ring in her bag and a hefty charge on her credit card. She had no plans of proposing to Christian. Not because she doesn’t want to spend an eternity with him, but more because a woman proposing to a man is quite an unconventional thing to do, and if she was anything, she was conventional, very traditional. She thought of just giving the ring to him for his birthday but come his birthday, giving him the ring didn’t feel right for those motives. So she held on to it, not knowing what to do with it.

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Holy shit, I broke the top 5000 in single player Lux collected in KHUx! And my party (which is just me) almost broke the top 2000!

Once Is Never Enough

I want you - the right way
I want you
But I want you to want me too

imagine from imaginexhobbit + this fic request || Words: 1383 || Characters:  Thorin, Wife!Reader, mention of Dis || Setting: Erebor, before Smaug || Genre: romance, steam, NSFW || More Thorin fics || This fic starts a new Thorin story arc (click here and scroll down to Story Arc #5) || Songspiration: I Want You by Marvin Gaye

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Title: Sugar, We’re Going Down

Summary: Boruto sees Sarada in a different light during the Winter Festival.

Pairing: Borusara

A/N: Awww! They are just too cute, I had to write something about them. Boruto being the dutiful onii-san and being all flustered because of Sarada. Kawaii! Omg. Still can’t believe that OTPs fondued. Ugh.

“It’s itchy, mom.” Complained Boruto as he tried to reach into the inside of his collar to scratch the base of his neck. “Why can’t I just wear my uniform?”

His mother beamed even more, took his hand in hers and smoothed out his collar again. “But you look very dashing in this yukata, baby.”

Boruto smiled shyly, his cheeks reddening at his mother’s compliment. “But mom, it’s so uncomfortable!”

The corners of his mother’s lips turned down, and she averted her eyes to the floor. “Oh. I am sorry, baby, it’s just…mama spent quite a lot of time trying to choose that for you.But I-I understand  if–”

Oh kami…His mother used the technique again, and it was as effective as ever. The sad look on her face was just too heartbreaking, that Boruto had no other choice but to humour her. “All right, mom, I am sorry. I’ll wear it.”

She smiled and clapped her hands in delight. She was upbeat again. “Perfect! I am sure you’ll be the most handsome boy in the entire festival, baby.”

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Since its pretty much movie canon that both Thranduiil and Thror were on somewhat good terms before their fall out, I’m imagining what kind of relationship these two had. I’m sure if anything, it was solely a friendship formed for political power, and there was nothing more than that.

But then I look at Thranduil only taking six guards (or was it four) into the mountain with him when he expected to get his jewels, and then commissioning the dwarves to make the jewels in the first place—for his dead wife.

All jewel lust and negativity aside, I think that is a testament to the kind of trust and relationship there was between the two kings. He feels comfortable enough to commission a dwarf with something so personal, as well as venture into his home (a mountain) with such a small guard.

Thror actually accepts the gift for his friend, and goes through the trouble of creating a jewel to honor the dead wife of an elven king—which no dwarf did, ever.

And then I’m imaging the sad, later fall out of their friendship, when the Arkenstone started to affect Thror’s mind, and Thranduil counseling him the best he could to give it up (because he mentions to Thorin that he warned his grandfather), because it actually pains him to see a king he held in such high regard eroding away—and who better is Thranduil to warn others of what jewel can do to a kingdom, when his own King long in the past took in a jewel that saw the destruction of Doriath.

And still, Thror doesn’t listen, and Thranduil actually is hurt and worried for his friend, and so foolishly thinks there is hope left in him (and of course that all changes when he closes the jewel box in his face).

But imagine even happier times, imagine there being a section in the mountain entirely made for elves and their tall selves, chairs creates specifically for elves. Even rooms where the sunlight pours in so they don’t all freak out. Imagine Thranduil wearing dwarven braids for dwarven festivals. They get so drunk that they cry about their dead wives together, and strange children, and how Thranduil is older than all of them combined.