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with that total solar eclipse coming up on Monday, I’ve been thinking a lot about Jimjam and that ominous armor of his. i’m dying to see it in action, to know if its going to be a positive force, a negative force, or something neutral. 

its not uncommon for the emergence of a character’s darker side to be represented through a darkening of their outward appearance, and a lot of things seem to point to Eclipse being a more negative force. Heck, a solar eclipse itself is the moon blocking out the sun, literally a darkening of the daylight. But adding the Triumbric Stones to the amulet has also rewarded Jim with new weapons; “leveling up” as he and Toby put it. Which makes me think Eclipse is a more negative force but that, with a lot of self-control, it can be made into a neutral force. That corruption isn’t inevitable if the user actively works against it.

Of course, that’s a lot easier said than done. I’d be surprised (and disappointed) if Jim comes out totally unscathed and unchanged. “All magic comes with a price” after all, and this is a lot of dark magic he’s dealing with. But dark doesn’t always mean evil. I think Eclipse can be used for good, despite the price.

And if it can, if it really is like “leveling up” for Jim, will Jim ever level up again? I’d be interested to see whether Jim can wield Daylight and Eclipse at the same time and combine their powers together into one super powerful cosmic force in the end, like activating God Mode to take down the last big bad, whoever that is.


- “Have no fear… For I am here now.”

Sometimes Todoroki dreams of the past. 

Midoriya lulls him back to sleep with soft touches and heavy nerdiness.

Results of last night’s stream, and one of several title pages for the DOFP PDF! These will include text later!

I dunno if I will post all of the finished textless pages here or not, but at least wanted to give an idea of how they’ll look!

sooooo i found out that in the original version of A Link to the Past, Link has pink hair??? 

also my gf said that link is a nonbinary icon so thats just true