The Worlds Most Awesomest Recording Studios: Entry One

Once a week (until we run out) we are going to scour the internet for cool, unique, crazy, and beautiful recording studios of the world. The massive recording studios of yesteryear are slowly headed to the wayside. Studios with massive drum rooms and the ability to record a full orchestra are quickly becoming a thing of the past due to affordable home recording and advancements in technology. But, after watching the Foo Fighters Sonic Highways on HBO we got inspired to talk about these studios, to share the ones we know, and to research the ones we don’t. It was awesome to see these hollowed out corners of the Earth ready to launch music’s next big rock band. 

Today’s studio is Ocean Sound. Tucked away at the end of the world, on the edge of the sea in Giske, Norway, lies the beautiful location seen in the photos above. 

Ocean Sound has been the home to many of our favorite bands records including: Arcade Fire, Travis, Bedroom Eyes, and Sondre Lerche. The studio is fronted by a Rupert Neve designed 5088 Shelford Limited Edition console; the same console that was used for portions of Radiohead’s OK Computer, and The Bends, as well as Travis’ The Man Who and various projects by Daman Albarn. A full list of the facility and their equipment can be found here. 

Recording studios are all about creating a vibe that gives the artist, client, or player the opportunity to be at their absolute best. We hope these unique studios keep on existing, especially when they’re as rad as Ocean Sound.

Here is the studio to take a bigger look around.