I believe Io miiiight be gravid. She quit eating a few weeks back, which is very uncharacteristic of her. She locked with Brogan (HGW Mojave) several times during the season so I’ll be expecting eggs sometime in April. Should be some good looking kids - Possible morphs produced include lesser/mojave BELs, soul suckers, HGW pastaves, and many other combinations.

Io is a 3 year old Pastel Lesser. She was over 2000 grams before she was paired.

Hey, peeps!! Just wanting your input about the content you guys are seeing. Do you want more posts a day? More post of my fur baby Jem or less posts about her? I’m going to start posting more new pics soon and I’ll probably start my breeding plans soon too. Just wanted to see what you guys think!! So PM me or send an anon or reblog!! Thank you!! Love you guys!!