((I use to use GIFYO but now I record myself using my digital camera. After I’m done making stupid faces in front of the camera acting, I upload the videos and convert them to GIFs. I have to write out my responses before I start recording or else I’ll have no idea what I’m going to do, so once I’ll done making the GIFs that’s it I’m done tada asks answered. owo/))


((Hey guys, so I’m going to be at Katsucon this weekend with my brother and some friends. I’ll be going as Italy, Chibitalia, and Pitch Black (Rise of the Guardians). I’m going to make a con video and hopefully get some nice pictures to share with you. owo Also, feel free to say hello if you’re going and spot me! I would love to talk.

Okay, now I have to finish up my cosplay because I’m still not done, errrrrr.))