“But really, you’re totally fabulous and I’m so proud of you~” @ask-the-fabulous-polska



“Remember there’s always someone who loves you and willing to help you whenever you need it!”  @ask-chiara-vargass



“Only you can decide who you are, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”  @ask2promanos

“Others may try to put you down by calling you terrible things like stupid or useless, but their words to not define you. You are you and that’s exactly what the world needs. ”    @pastaaaaaaluvr




















So… Five things that don’t make me hate Germany the potato bastard huh… (You say that like you believe that I like anything about him Feli…)

1. I get to call him a potato.

2.He doesn’t hurt me when I do. (Not that he could catch me if he tried!!!)

3. He bails you out so I don’t have to.

4. He doesn’t smile easily, so I don’t have to see him happy or enjoying himself.

5. He keeps you from killing yourself, even if he is a stupido perverse german.

anonymous asked:

what are your top 5 favorite followers?

{ I don’t play favorites but how bout….

The followers I have talked to on tumblr. AND YOUR GETTING 6

  • jolly-seductive-england { I like have had 1 convo with them and they rock
  • ask-1p-england-love { My bestie
  • freedom-is-sweet-stuff {My other bestie 
  • sweetbunnyprussia {this chick rocks, just gonna say that
  • dieschonedame {We used to talk a bit on my old blog. she’s pretty
  • pastaaaaaaluvr {She makes my day by sending me cute asks and complimenting me. She is a great italy.