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hello loves! so no, this is not part two to ‘Dust’, and i know that you all have been waiting patiently, so i will be posting part two next time. i haven’t had a ton of inspiration for it, because i always saw it as just one part, but i want to give you guys what you want, so it’ll be out next! this one is a little heavy, and not usually something i would right, but having dealt with this myself, i feel comfortable enough writing about it and sharing it with you guys. anyways, keep sending in requests! i hope you enjoy!

trigger warning: mentions of anorexia so viewer discretion is advised

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Some things are just meant to be together—like wine and pasta, for instance. In honor of National Wine Day, here are three recipes starring this match made in heaven.

Penne with Red Wine Reduction, Roasted Butternut Squash and Asparagus

Spaghetti with Lobster and Marsala Wine Sauce

White Wine Fettuccine with Italian Sausage

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Nyx's s/o knows that hes been more stressed then normal at work and decides to do something nice for them for dinner. So they start making everything pretty and wear nice lingerie and set the table, but nyx ruins it by coming home early because he felt he has been neglecting them to see them bending over and checking whatever's in the oven, maybe accidentally flashing their pretty garter belt?

Very nice, domestic fun, I love it. Hope you enjoy

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Recipe of the Day: Creamy Pasta Primavera        
Toss The Pioneer Womans’s fan-fave pasta with a creamy white wine sauce for the most colorful meal of your week. 

Ann Ahearn

Appearance -

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 5′4″
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Light auburn     
  • Face Claim: Amy Adams                     

The Facts -

  • Birthday:  March 12th
  • Occupation:  Argent healer
  • Sexual identification:  Heterosexual
  • Romantic identification: Hetero-romantic
  • Alignment:  Chaotic good
  • Criminal History:  Unknown.  Was a member of the Scarlet Crusade for many years and committed heinous acts of treachery against the argent crusade along with other organizations in the name of the Light.
  • Documented:  Nothing documented.
  • Undocumented:  The crimes she committed while in the Scarlet Crusade.
  • Relationship Status:  Widowed

Favorites –

  • Favorite food:  Any kind of pasta
  • Favorite drink:  alcoholic: White wine, Non Alcoholic: Grape Juice
  • Favorite artist:  Real world inspiration would probably be Monet.
  • Favorite scents:  Pine
  • Favorite person:  She doesn’t have one anymore, used to her her late husband 

Randoms –

Ten facts about your muse:

⚫  When she was a child she was actually born around where brill is right now, but moved around a lot due to her mother being a magi and being stationed all over the world.

⚫ Her father taught her all she knows about alchemy and herbalism.  They would spend hours in the back yard of wherever they were living and try to find different types of flowers and such to use in potions and he could name all of them no matter where in the world they were.

⚫ She met her husband at a very young age, and with his mother also being a magi they would often get placed in the same areas and they would spend all their free time together.  After a while their mothers caught on and requested to be stationed together doing the same work so their kids relationship would blossom and it did.  They fell in love because of this. 

⚫  With her mother being such a successful magi, Anwyle heard a lot of stories about others that her mother had admired, including  Antonidas.  She always looked up to him even after everything that happened in Dalaran and her mother lost her life to the scourge invasion.

⚫ Ann and her husband were wed in secret on the 25th of December because both of their favorite holiday was winter’s veil and the only people they had there were the priest who officiated and their fathers.    The Winter’s Veil that they were wed was the last holiday they ever spent together due to him being deployed to the war front in the plaguelands

⚫ She was once captured by a number of warlocks who tortured her for days on end and nearly starved her to death.  She only escaped when she pleaded with one of the weaker ones and convinced her to let her go, she still has effects from the fel energy they had cast on her and is still rather fearful of any warlock she comes across.

⚫  She was the last person her husband saw before he died and saw the light leaving his eyes and that sight haunts her ever night since then and it was the reason she turned away from everything she believed and joined the Scarlet Crusade at that point.

⚫  After Ann joined she had cut all ties to everyone in her family and started to just go numb to everything.  The last spark of her humanity was reignited after seeing what happened to a number of people in the argent crusade  in the scarlet enclave.  That was when she had turned against the scarlets and started on the path to redemption and she surrendered herself to the argents for judgement.

⚫  She loves to cook, she will make cookies or great elaborate meals for anyone who is around.

⚫  Growing up she was never allowed to have animals because they never knew how long they would be able to stay at one place so when her and her husband got married, the first present he got her was a corgi that her father took care of when she went into the scarlets, but she got him back after she started with the argents.

Five Things -

Things they like:
-Her corgi dog she affectionately named Toni after Archmage Antonidas
- Alchemy

Things they dislike:
-The Scarlet Crusade
-Using faith to do horrible things
-Manipulative people

Good traits/habits:
-Seeking atonement

Bad traits/habits:
-Judgmental(of herself)
-Holds on to past wrongs
-Suspicious of certain groups.

Personalities they gravitate toward:
-Faith based people

Personality types they avoid:
-Overly suspicious

-People getting too close.
-The Scourge
-The past repeating itself
-Losing control

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Chicken Pasta

I’m not a huge fan of red sauce for pasta unless its my mom’s spaghetti, so here’s a decent recipe that also doesn’t take a ton of time and is budget friendly!


  • Italian Dressing
  • Chicken (of choice)
  • Sliced Mushrooms
  • Butter / Margarine
  • White Wine (optional)
  • Cayenne Pepper (optional)
  • Pasta (I used rotelle gluten free pasta)

Because chicken thighs usually are cheaper than chicken breasts, and easier to portion for one person, I will usually buy packs of chicken thighs from the grocery store and separate them into one-meal portions before freezing them for easier access. Take a one-meal portion of defrosted chicken of your choice and smother in italian dressing and stick in the freezer to marinade. I would recommend at least forty-five minutes, but the best option would be to stick it in the fridge in the morning and then go about your day! I just used the 99 cent value italian dressing from Kroger.

When ready to eat, start a pot of boiling water and toss your chicken on the pan if preferred, or in the oven (at 350 degrees). It takes about twenty minutes for a pan or fifteen in the oven. At this time you should also wash the mushrooms!

When the chicken is about five minutes out from being done, melt butter into the pan at a high temperature. For personal preference I added white wine and cayenne pepper into the mix. Toss the sliced mushrooms in and sautee for around five minutes, flipping in between until the mushrooms are browned.

Strain the pasta, and serve! This was slightly more expensive for me because I’m gluten intolerant and bought gluten free noodles. But the italian dressing was a dollar, the chicken was $4.50 for 1.5 pounds (six chicken thighs, and I used two for the recipe so that I had extra for leftover), $2 for the sliced mushrooms, and $3.50 for the pasta. White wine was $1.20 for Kroger brand cooking wine. Altogether that comes out to about $13 for everything, but not all of the chicken / pasta / mushrooms were used. In this case, I already owned the margarine and cayenne pepper.