i am super excited. for weeks already, since Toys That Kill - finally - play in vienna. they were on my wishlist for a show in vienna for a long time. and the funny thing is: it took me almost as many years to get into Toys That Kill in the first place. i was a very big F.Y.P fan from the day on i missed their show in vienna, 1997. they were touring w/ their Toilet Kids Bread LP, and as often in those days, people forgot to tell me about F.Y.P’s appearance at the EKH; i simply did not know the show was happening. 

both bands - F.Y.P and Toys That Kill - are going to play at the arena, april 22nd and april 23rd. there are even 2 day passes available that are much cheaper (ARENA).

the infamous Bad Weed will support the Toys That Kill show, and Pasta Shutup, a freshly found Punk band consisting of members of Plaided, Just Friends and Lovers, Goldsoundz and Killed By 9V Batteries will play before F.Y.P !

oh and if this wasnt pretty special already: F.Y.P have only two confirmed dates in Europe - one of those is vienna.

please check out Todd Congelliere’s label R E C E S S  R E C O R D S as well.