i am super excited. for weeks already, since Toys That Kill - finally - play in vienna. they were on my wishlist for a show in vienna for a long time. and the funny thing is: it took me almost as many years to get into Toys That Kill in the first place. i was a very big F.Y.P fan from the day on i missed their show in vienna, 1997. they were touring w/ their Toilet Kids Bread LP, and as often in those days, people forgot to tell me about F.Y.P’s appearance at the EKH; i simply did not know the show was happening. 

both bands - F.Y.P and Toys That Kill - are going to play at the arena, april 22nd and april 23rd. there are even 2 day passes available that are much cheaper (ARENA).

the infamous Bad Weed will support the Toys That Kill show, and Pasta Shutup, a freshly found Punk band consisting of members of Plaided, Just Friends and Lovers, Goldsoundz and Killed By 9V Batteries will play before F.Y.P !

oh and if this wasnt pretty special already: F.Y.P have only two confirmed dates in Europe - one of those is vienna.

please check out Todd Congelliere’s label R E C E S S  R E C O R D S as well. 

2012 was a year full of travels. it ended today w/ coming back from the tweety that took place last night in graz. and even though me and my friends werent barely here - a lot of new projects arose in 2012. FKK has released two 7"es + 3 LPs in 2012, followed by a bunch of tours. and again. just some days before the tweety - Veronika came up with another project called Pasta Shutup - that features Martin from the Goldsoundz, Mario from Killed By 9 Volt Batteries, Lena from Just Friends and Lovers - and Veronika of Plaided & Tirana.

after having seen them live, and heard 2 bands cover their smash hit - i took this photo of half of the band this morning, saying good bye to wonderfull 2012 and hope for so much more fun and goodness in 2013.

with love and best wishes, 

andi fettkakao