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Emimike domestic headcanon

I lost track of how many of these I already did, but here we go:

  • Michele is extremely tidy. Things have to be at the exact same spot as always or he feels uncomfortable and cringy.
  • Emil is an in-bed-eater. Every night before sleep he curls up in bed with a late night snack and watches an episode or two of his current favourite show
  • Michele is really angry about it, every night he keeps hissing at Emil to get out because the crumbs everywhere are disgusting
  • Eventually Michele gives up, he sees how tired Emil is every evening due to practice and school and dealing with such a grumpy boyfriend, so he lets him do it.
  • Over time he joins Emil because they both are just smol tired boys, so they cuddle and eat in the bed.
  • Michele is so angry about the pasta dishes Emil cooks. He even uses the wrong kind of pasta! It always tastes good, it just doesn’t taste right.
  • Emil keeps teasing Michele with “Fine, you can cook if you know better!” every time, he knows Michele can’t cook shit.
  • Emil really tries, though, he just doesn’t know the real Italian stuff and also
  • “No, we’re not spending that much money on fricking c h e e s e, Mickey!”
  • They’ve been together for over 4 years and Michele still instinctively slaps Emil’s hand when he wants to touch Sara sometimes.
  • When they visit Emil’s family, they find out Emil’s dog hates Michele. They both are really sad about it, but Michele is just not an animal person and the doggo can feel it.
  • They eventually get a cat later in their relationship. So Emil has to take care of two grumpy idiots.
“Rejection”; Chapter Twelve

NOTES: Extra long chapter today to make up for the wait. No swears, and… well, you’ll find out for yourself towards the end of the chapter.  (▰˘◡˘▰) (=゚ω゚)ノ


                                             (The next morning…)

You awoke at around 9:30 to the scent of something sweet. Rubbing the crust from around your eyelids and ruffling your hair, you saw Papyrus setting something down on the kitchen table. It appeared to be… spaghetti. You frowned, and sat up straight. The tall skeleton must have saw your sudden movement, as he rushed over to you. He sat down on the floor beside you, booming out a hello.

You covered your ears, wincing from the loud noise. “GOOD MORNING, SLEEPY HEAD!” Papyrus chuckled, and cocked his head to the side. You smiled from his goofiness, and stretched. None of your bones popped, which irritated you, but it didn’t last long. “Hey there, Paps.” You yawned mid-sentence, and scratched your shoulders. Papyrus’s happy demeanor faltered for a second, and he fiddled with his gloved thumbs.

“HUMAN, I AM SORRY THAT I MADE YOU CRY LAST NIGHT. I HEATED UP SOME LEFTOVER PASTA TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!” He lowered his head the same a puppy would do when being yelled at, and your brain ached. Oh yeah. I’d completely forgotten. I don’t think I had any dreams last night either; except for one part where I was in the Arctic, freezing, and a warm breeze passed over me to keep me warm. Weird. It felt real…

You reached out a hand, and massaged the innocent skeleton’s skull lovingly. “Oh, Papyrus. I could never stay mad at you!” Papyrus jumped up into the air, and scooped you up into his arms. You braced yourself for the spinning, but instead Papyrus settled back down onto the couch behind you and embraced your body tightly. “THANK YOU, FRIEND (Nickname)! I CANNOT IMAGINE GOING ON WITH MY DAY KNOWING THAT YOU WERE STILL UPSET!”

You felt a tear streak down your cheek at his worry, and squeezed him back hard. “Papyrus, I will always be your friend. Don’t you ever forget that.” You whispered by his face where his ears should be, and felt his cheekbones warm with pure joy. The two of you stayed like that for a moment, until he reached for your blanket and laid it atop your lap. He scooched from out under you, and handed you the remote.

“YOU WAKE UP EARLY COMPARED TO MY BROTHER, (Nickname).” Papyrus mentioned, and an idea occurred to you. “What time do you wake up?” You asked, and Papyrus struck a heroic pose. “I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, WAKE UP AT 6 O'CLOCK SHARP.” Your jaw dropped, and wrinkled your nose. “Why?” You laughed, when his eye sockets bulged slightly.

“DON’T ALL HUMANS WAKE UP AT THE SAME TIME THE GREAT PAPYRUS DOES?” He inquired, and you shook your head. “As you can probably see…” You gestured to yourself, “…that is not true.” You giggled, and Papyrus brought a hand up around his chin. “INTERESTING… FRISK IS AN EARLY RISER LIKE I AM. PERHAPS YOU ARE SPECIAL HUMAN, (Nickname).” You blushed at his compliment (was it a compliment?) and waved a hand at him.

“Hey, what can I say? I’m a night owl.” You shrugged, and Papyrus made a bewildered expression. “I THOUGHT YOU WERE A HUMAN!!” It took you a second to figure out what he meant by that, and when you did, you burst out into laughter. The walls reflected the loud noise, and Papyrus started yelling at you to calm down. “I’M SO CONFUSED!!!” He shouted, and started flailing his arms about like an idiot.

You only laughed harder, and plopped flat onto the floor. Papyrus stopped his crazed running around, and threw you on top of his shoulders. “(Nickname)!! EXPLAIN YOUR RACE!” You wiped a tear, not even minding how strong this guy must have been in order to pick you up so fast like that. “It’s a figure of speech, Paps. I’m a human; when I say I’m a ‘night owl’, that means I like to stay up later than most.”

The skeleton pondered for a moment, and then started chuckling. The rattling of his laughs made you bounce slightly, causing you to wrap your arms around his neck for safety. “OH! THEN MY BROTHER MUST BE AN OWL TOO. HE SELDOM GOES TO HIS ROOM EARLY; MAINLY BECAUSE HE HAS TO READ ME MY BEDTIME STORY.” You recalled how he told Frisk that same bit of information, making you smiled.

“IT’S CALLED-” “-Tales of the Fluffy Bunny?” You finished his sentence for him; he looked up towards you, smiling wide. “HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT, HUMAN?” You flinched, reminding yourself that around Papyrus you had to keep your mouth shut. “U-uh, you told me last night while making dinner! Remember?’

He frowned, and narrowed his eyes at the messed up couch. “HMM… I THINK I DO. BUT, ANYWAYS, LET’S GO EAT THAT DELICIOUS BREAKFAST THAT I HEATED UP JUST FOR YOU!” Papyrus cheered, and took off towards the kitchen. You clung to his scarf, and froze. “Wait, Papyrus-! I’m not gonna fit through the-” Your head clunked painfully against the entryway, and you slipped off of the younger brother’s shoulders.

You fell to the ground hard, and cried out when your spine landed first. You shrunk into the fetal position, and Papyrus spun around quickly. “OH MY GOD!! DEAR (Nickname), ARE YOU ALRIGHT?! I AM SO SORRY!! HOLD ON, LEMME GET SOME HEALING SPAGHETTI-” You cringed at the thought of him pouring spaghetti on you while you mentally screamed in agony. Hair was stuck in your mouth, so you spat it out grossly.

Dear God… I’m about to fall victim to a pasta avalanche. Papyrus came out from the kitchen, and held your breakfast up in the air. He had a fork clutched in the other glove, and you widened your eyes. “HERE YOU GO! THIS SHOULD FIX YOU RIGHT UP!” He fret, and you wrapped your hands around your head, preparing for the attack. Just as you could hear the fork scratching against the plate, a voice called out from above the stairway.

“woah, woah, woah! paps, what are you doing?!

                                          (About a half hour earlier…)

Sans opened his eye sockets slowly and took in a deep breath from his nasal cavity. A distant noise had disrupted him from his slumber, and it annoyed him greatly. He glared at the clock on his desk across the room, and growled. 9:34. seriously? this is probably the earliest i’ve woken up in a long time. He sat up on his mattress, and cracked his bones tiredly. The loud vibrations bouncing off his door continued, and it almost sounded like...laughter.

Not bothering to get dressed, Sans slipped on his slippers and passed his treadmill. Santa had gotten it for him as a Christmas present a couple of months ago, or whenever the first reset was. He rest a hand on the doorknob, and ignored the dog flying around in his self-sustaining tornado.

The noise was indeed laughter, he confirmed, but it sounded nothing like his brother’s. It was a little deeper, but not much. It made Sans’ hand tremble on the brass, from either anxiety or nerves. The door creaked open, and the noise stopped. He yawned, and scratched his sternum. An emptiness grew inside his ribs at the void of the sudden laughter that made his pulse rise quickly.

He peered over the stairwell, and smiled when he saw Papyrus messing around with someone. Sans squinted, and realized it was (Y/N). He remembered everything that happened the day before, and was shocked how Frisk still hadn’t reset yet. It’d been a few days since the kid moved back in with Toriel, and befriended all the monsters Underground.

A weight fell upon his shoulders from all the information he now has to deal with and try to comprehend that was given to him from the new human yesterday. His grin fell into a frown, and he shut his eyes. (y/n) said that our entire world is a videogame. got it. she also mentioned that she practically knows everything, except for this timeline. she apparently has a very unique soul; one that does not remain the same color or dominant personality trait.

He rubbed his temples frustratingly, but relaxed when he heard Papyrus say something about “breakfast”. Sans opened his eye sockets just as (Y/N) collided with the top part of the doorway to the kitchen; he practically jumped a foot into the air from shock. Sans winced as she hit the ground with an “oomph!”, and curled up into a ball. He waited to see if Papyrus would check for any injuries, pick her up and lay her on the green couch on which she slept, or perhaps even take her hand and-

“OH MY GOD!! DEAR (Nickname), ARE YOU ALRIGHT?! I AM SO SORRY!! HOLD ON, LEMME GET SOME HEALING SPAGHETTI-” Papyrus nearly shrieked, and ran into the room beside him. Sans just watched in confusion from his brother’s choice of action, but made no move to teleport by (Y/N) to make sure she was okay.

However, when he saw how Papyrus was about to dump some “healing spaghetti” onto the wounded human, Sans decided to intervene. “woah, woah, woah! paps, what are you doing?!” Sans shouted, but not so loud that Papyrus would think that he was angry at him again. Sans ran down the stairs, and slid across the carpet next to (Y/N).

He held his hands up in the air, ready to flip the girl and look her over. “I-I WAS JUST PLAYING WITH (Nickname) HERE AND SHE FELL OFF MY SHOULDERS! I THOUGHT THAT SINCE THE PASTA TASTED REALLY GOOD, IT WOULD HEAL HER TOO-” Papyrus stammered, freaking out a little at (Y/N)’s almost unconscious body. Sans grabbed her bicep gently and tugged to see her face.

She laid still, but was groaning under her breath at the welt that was sure to appear on her forehead. Sans sucked in a breath through his teeth upon seeing a large bruise already starting to form above her right eyebrow, and forced himself to remain calm when blood seeped out of the left gash. “paps, use your magic on her.” Sans commanded tenderly, and Papyrus kneeled down across from Sans quickly.

“WHAT SPELL?” He asked, and Sans tripped over his own words. “i-i dunno; the one you used when i broke my finger the other day.” Papyrus nodded, and waved his hands just above her big glasses. Sans wasn’t one for learning healing magic; all his life he was trained to use blue magic, the kinds of spells and summonings for attacks and destruction only.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Paps was really good at treating illnesses and fixing things. There was no way his magic could rival Toriel’s; she was practically the master of all things medicine and curing. But while Tori was far away from most towns to help sick subjects, Papyrus was always there when someone needed him. He could run very fast, as his legs were practically four feet long, which was an attribute Sans did not have.

Sans was not meant for taking hits, as he had very little HP and a low attack stat, but that didn’t mean he was weak. In fact, Sans was probably the strongest and scariest monster there is in the Underground. He’s right up there next to Asriel Dreemur in his godly form; proving that whenever Chara possesses Frisk and goes through the Genocide route, it’s going to take an insane amount of time and skill in order to beat him.

Sans’ endurance in battle is amazing; most would think that the bigger and bulkier you are, the more of a chance that you’ll win in battle. At least, that’s what the Underground’s mindset was. This is why people always underestimated Sans; because he wasn’t bulky, and he most definitely wasn’t a big bad-ass Boss Monster with a huge reputation. If only people saw what his true capabilities were when he needed to dunk a certain demon wreaking havoc to all monsterkind.

Normally, Sans was a lazy skeleton who enjoyed ketchup and making puns all day. But when you take away his most valued and prized possession, you might as well just give up completely. Because that possession was Papyrus, the only family he has left and the only thing he has to live for whilst dealing with his depression.

After a few silent minutes of Papyrus working away and doing his thing, (Y/N)’s eyelids fluttered open. The blood on her face had evaporated into thin air, and the bruise on her forehead had disappeared back into her tan skin. She also noticed that the pain in her spine had gone away, too. Sans breathed a sigh of relief, and sat back onto his heels. Papyrus wiped the sweat beads that formed on his skull away, and looked down at (Y/N).

She groaned softly, and blinked when she saw the two skeletons above her. “What is it with you two making me hit my forehead on stuff?” She chuckled, and bringing a hand up to her hairline. When she brushed it back, Sans smiled at the genius joke that popped into his mind. “i guess papyrus was getting a little a-head of himself.” Sans smiled when his bro glared and reprimanded him.

“I SWEAR TO ASGORE SANS, IF YOU START WITH THAT NONSENSE I’M DISOWNING YOU.” Papyrus mumbled, and (Y/N) giggled. Sans was glad to see that she was already feeling better. “sorry, i didn’t mean to make that as-gorey as it came out. maybe a less bloody joke will help lighten the mood.” Sans chuckled deeply, and his ribs rattled softly. (Y/N) laughed a little louder, and Papyrus shot up immediately.

“THAT’S IT! YOU ARE NO LONGER RELATED TO ME.” Papyrus stormed out of the living room, taking the plate of spaghetti with him. Sans sighed happily, and turned his attention to the clock above the TV. 10:02. “wow, time sure does fly when you’re making puns.” Sans looked back down to (Y/N), who was trying to sit up.

When she let out a cry, Sans’ smile dropped. “hey, take it easy pal. i know paps’ magic is pretty awesome, but that doesn’t mean you should be making any sudden movements so soon.” She grinned sweetly, and nodded. “I thought the phrase was, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’?” Sans raised his non existent eyebrows, and thought to himself. He shrugged, and winked playfully at her.

“it is, but i don’t think that getting injured is much fun. unless to you it is, which i can respect. a bit masochistic, but i’ll accept it.” He said nonchalantly, and (Y/N) rolled her eyes back. “Touche.” She laughed again, and went quiet. She stared down at her clothes, then brought her attention back up to Sans.

“So…am I just gonna lay here until Papyrus’s magic settles, or…?” Her voice trailed off, and she bit her lip. The way she looked at that moment with her all messed up and long eyelashes batting slowly towards him made his soul jump unexpectedly. An idea came to his mind, and he thought it would work fine.

“nah. here, lemme help you over to the couch.” Sans leaned over, and curled his arms under (Y/N)’s back. She gulped, and let out a nervous yelp. Sans stood up, and she wrapped her arms around his neck like she had done to Papyrus’s scarf. “S-S-Sans!! What are you doing?!” Her face turned beet red, and the skeleton chuckled. His own cheekbones released a light blue tint, and his eye flared softly.

As he walked her over to the couch, Papyrus peeked from around the corner and saw what was happening. He saw both of their expressions, and smiled devilishly from his spot in the kitchen. He knew something had been off with Sans ever since (Y/N) arrived, and was sure to talk to him about it later in private.




Chapter Ten (Where all the chapters before that are.)

anonymous asked:

Okay so at the mall today I was walking past two guys talking and I shit you not I overheard one of them say "David you can't put fucking cream cheese in Macoroni and cheese it just doesn't taste good."

cream cheese???  hmmm i think cream cheese honey and pasta taste good together but macaroni and cheese yikes

Vegan recess/lunch ideas for school/work

It’s no secret that finding things to pack for recess and lunch can be tricky sometimes. All the most convenient and conventional ideas just aren’t suitable for somebody doing their best to live a whole food plant based lifestyle. I’ve been out of school for three years now but I’ve been trying to prepare lunch before work lately so I don’t find myself stuck and needing to buy something on the spot. Hopefully I can give you a few ideas and maybe even help myself out for future reference :)

1. Fruit

Like any lunch, this might require some preparation ahead of time but this is the most simple idea that I have. My favourite fruit to have for lunch is bananas. I find that about 11 is perfect for me to eat throughout the day at work. I also love mandarins and apples. Any fruit that comes with its own natural, convenient packaging is the best. If you have some time to chop things up, watermelon is a delicious snack and so are strawberries.

2. Rice

Rice is one of my favourite things to take to work for a few reasons- it’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s fast. I put the rice cooker on when I get up to make breakfast and it’s ready by the time I need to leave. All I do it stir through some herbs and some canned tomatoes and spinach and I’m done. You could also do the same with corn pasta. These still taste really good cold too so they’re great for when you don’t have access to a microwave.

3. Smoothies

Some smoothies I prefer to drink cold but some I could honestly drink at just about any temperature. Here are a few that I’ve taken for lunch in the past that tasted just fine hours after preparation-

Banana mylk-
All you need is bananas and water. If you want to spice it up a little with vanilla or cinnamon, go right ahead because those are delicious also. 8 bananas to a liter of water and you’re ready to take on the rest of your day.

Literally just blend oranges. I prefer this to juice because I looooove love love fibre. This will fill you up and oranges taste great at room temp.

If you haven’t tried this yet, you’re missing out! 20 dates + a liter of water = caramel for lunch. Mhmm you heard correctly. Again, cinnamon and vanilla- both amazing in this but totally optional.

Pineapple and strawberry-
Just blend a whole pineapple with as many strawberries as you like (I usually use heaps because they’re my absolute favourite) and you’re good to go.

4. Wraps

Veggie wraps can take a little preparation sometimes because otherwise you’ll end up with spinach and tomato and maybe some cucumber if you’re lucky. There is nothing wrong with this if it’s what you love but I think if I was in the middle of a hard day of learning and was super hungry only to remember that that’s all I brought, I’d probably be a little disappointed. I suggest that to take your veggie wrap game to the next level, take a couple of minutes the night before to prepare a couple of things. This is what I’d do-

- grate some carrot, slice some tomato, cucumber, capsicum (bell pepper), cabbage, spinach, lettuce, kale WHATEVER VEGGIES YOU HAVE just go for it. A little bit of everything is amazing. Also maybe some avocado! Toss these all together and store in a Tupperware container.
- blend some chickpeas, tahini + lemon juice. However much tahini and lemon juice you use is totally up to you. You can add some water to thin it out a little if you like and garlic if you like garlic. This is just lazy, low fat hummus. I would start with one can of chickpeas, one tablespoon of tahini and a dash of lemon and see how it tastes. Scoop into a little container.

Now all you have to do is bring these to school with your wraps and assemble as you eat them. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers. Tossing your salad in the same container means that you get an even distribution of everything while taking the components separately means that you don’t ever have a soggy wrap come lunch/recess. You can do the same thing with rice/corn cakes or crackers too!

5. Left overs!

If you’re a person who makes delicious dinners, start making a little extra and taking left overs with you the next day. Dinners that are great for this include- stir fry, vegan pizza, shepherds pie, veggie soup and so many more.

6. Bliss balls

Bliss balls are perfect for recess and for snacking on throughout the day when you need some more carbs to get you through. There are also so many fun things you can add in to them. You can find the recipe a couple of posts back with some fluffy pink nice cream but that is just the beginning. The options are endless. In the past I’ve used cashews, goji berries and cranberries and they have been so so SO good! I also love using a lot of maple syrup (slight addiction). If you love almond butter, go for it. If you want to keep it low fat, load those bad boys up with plenty of dates and other dried fruit and oats.

It’s getting late and that’s all I have for the time being but when I think of more ideas, you guys will be the first to know! I’d also love to hear what your favourite lunches for school or work are so let me know :)

Things nobody tells you about being vegan

- You can go for longer without washing your hair bc it won’t go all greasy
- You will stop missing meat and dairy. I promise. You will.
- Food tastes better??? It just does??
- Your immune system is going to go on a turbo boost and colds will be few and far between
- Oreos are vegan
- Your body temperature will be lower but that means mORE SNUGGLY SWEATERS
- Just think…….nothing was tortured in order to get on your plate
- Risk of food poisoning = almost non-existent
- You will become more health-conscious which means your body will be great
- Soups. Soups will become your dearest friends
- Peanut butter will also become one of your dearest friends
- Sometimes you get called hardcore which is really cool
- Embarrassing farting problem? nOT ANYMORE
- Food babies will cease to be a problem
- Try making cheeseless pestos to go on pasta. They taste so good I have this hazelnut one that is like the food of the gods
- Pssst…….vegan chocolate is actually nicer than normal chocolate
- You are literally helping save the planet you live on how does that not make you feel great about yourself

We are Tumblr

In a country called, hetalia.

We’re all stuck at home,

We say everyday, “Who’s that doctor?”

a kingdom full of hearts,

a fantasy that is final,

a calibur full of souls,

little ponies that are theirs,

a hill that is silent,

a resident that is evil,

a pasta tasting good, but creepy,

avenging super heroes,

attacking titans,

free swimmers,

we are sonic fast,

we are tumblr.

mine is yours

four times hope and kelley were just too domestic for their own good


It’s a Sunday afternoon in July when Kelley decides to open a bottle of white wine. The breeze that flutters through the open kitchen window is warm and sticks to skin like steam that rises from a fresh pot of coffee.

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Chapter Fourteen


“Yo B, make sure you havent forgot anything in the room!”, I yelled out too Briana who had been getting ready for the past 2 hours while I sat in the lounge room eating my last dose of room service food. Forreal Four Season could get it popping with the food that they be making.

“Ive already made sure 3 times, Ace”, I heard her mutter with attitude as she made her way out of the bathroom looking hella sexy. Her long black hair was dead straight with a part in the middle, her thick thighs were tightly wrapped up in some figure hugging jeans and the top she wore showed of her perfect sized breasts.

“Why you got a attitude for? Im just making sure damn”, I grumbled as I shook my head while peeling my eyes from her body and continued to eat my pasta marinara that tasted so good I wanted to groan out but refrain from doing so as Briana had just pissed me off.

Ever since Briana came back to the hotel room yesterday after going to see Lani she had been distant and giving a nigga attitude. Only time shit changed was when the crew was all chilling but soon as we left the same ole attitude came back and forreal a nigga was getting sick of it. One thing I couldnt stand was when a women gave a nigga attitude without giving them a reason.

“I dont have a attitude”, I heard her huff under her breath causing me to look up and mugged her as she kept her attention on her phone. Swallowing the rest of the food in my mouth, I cleared my throat before deciding to put her ass in check .

“Forreal B Imma leave ya ass here in LA if you keep that shit up”, I gritted out as I threw the fork down on the plate causing a loud bang to erupt from the metal hitting the glass which resulted in her jumping back a little but quickly composed herself

“Who the fuck you think your getting buck with nigga? I aint one of your little side hoes so dont come at me like I am one”, She spat out while throwing her phone on the couch before coming forward and getting in a niggas face like she was about to do something.

If she wasnt pissing me off so much I would have ripped her clothes off by now and fucked the attitude outta her. Woulda taught her reckless mouth a damn lesson.

“This the reason I dont do relationships cause females always up in they feelings and instead of talking bout it like a normal fuckin human being they wanna give niggas attitude and shit. Fuck that man I aint got time for that shit”, I spat out in anger as I snatched my phone and keys off the table and headed towards the front door not wanting to be around her right now.

“Did you know what he did to her Adrian? Did you even try to stop him?”, I heard her muttered in a low voice causing me to stop in my tracks with wide eyes as I knew exactly what she was talking about.

Taking a deep breath I slowly turned around only to be faced with a crying Briana who was looking straight at me with disgust and hurt, but instead of feeling bad I felt my temper rise and I struggled to keep it at bay.

“Dont speak about shit you know nothing about”, I said as calmly as possible which only caused her to frown as she chuckled bitterly.

“She told me everything you piece of shit, how could you stand around and let him rape her like that?!”, She spat out with a little more base in her voice which only caused me to grind my teeth at the disrespect that was being thrown my way.

“You digging in places you dont wanna look B. Imma warn you now dont go prying into Tysons life, he dont take that shit lightly and I aint gonna help you when shit back fires”, I spat out, my voice a little louder than intended although she seemed un bothered by it 

“You think I give a fuck about Tyson? No nigga ! This is about my boyfriend standing around while his piece of shit friend raped my best friend!”, She yelled out as she took a step closer towards me which only pissed me off more.

“The fuck you wanted me to do B? That nigga kills for sport, FOR SPORT Briana. Besides, that nigga’s the closet thing I have to family, no matter how fucked up or wrong the shit he does Imma always stand by him no matter what and aint no girl gonna randomly come in our life’s and try to fuck it up!”, I roared feeling my anger taking over.

Tyson was my brother, my family and aint no one gonna sit there and talk shit about him and I aint gonna say nothing bout it. Briana had no idea what it was like for him, sure what he did was messed up but to him it was the only way he could survive. Besides Lani had forgiven him and moved on so Brianas nosey ass needed to stay the fuck out of it.

“What about Nalani, Ace? How can you even face her knowing you let him rape her repeatedly? Are you really as heartless as he is?”, She questioned causing me to clench my jaw tight. I wasnt about to let this little girl make me feel like it was my fault or put me through no guilt trip, hell na.

“Imma tell you something once and once only. That nigga love’s that girl like you would never understand, he would literally carve out his fuckin heart for her is she asked . Yes the shit he did to her back then was fucked up but he was sick in the head, mentally fucked up and there was nothing J or I could do to stop it without loosing him and that was something neither one of us was prepared to do.”, I gritted out each word as I stepped towards her until she was pressed up against the wall with my tall frame hovering over her small body.

“You may not understand our reasoning because you nothing about Tyson and Im warning you now B cause I actually like and care about you, after this conversation leave it alone. Dont try to dig shit up or turn Lani against him Briana because trust me you dont wanna feel the wrath of Tyson. She didnt use to call him the devil for no reason.”, I grumbled as I ran my hand down my face before pushing off the wall and making my way out of the hotel room so I could cool off.

As soon as I stepped out of the room, my eyes connected to Jeremiahs who was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed against his chest. Before I could speak, I lent against the opposite wall and mentally coached myself to calm my breathing down before I let my anger completely take over and do something I might regret.

“How much you hear?”, I grumbled already knowing the answer, while running a hand down my face and blowing out a frustrated sigh.

“All of it, you good?”, He sighed as he stood up straight and adjusted his snap back before nodding his head towards the elevator which I gladly began to walk too.

“I'on give a fuck what she or no one says, his ma brother dog and I wouldnt change shit”, I spat out as I felt the need to get that out in the open with him although I knew it was un needed.

“Man you aint needa tell me twice. They dont understand Ace, so dont what they say get to you ight?”, He muttered as he patted my shoulder before reaching over and repeatedly pressing the button for the elevator

“You right bra. I just fuckin cant stand when people talk shit and on top of that wanna turn around with bullshit like ‘Why you aint stop him’, They aint no him or what his his like, so stay in ya place and dont speak about shit you aint know”, I grumbled while shaking my head with a frown.

“Im always right cuh, but like I said they dont understand or know him, so hey opinion dont matter. Sure it sucks cause its ya girl but if she cant and wont even try to understand your best friend, than is she really worth it?, He muttered with a raised eyebrow as we both stepped into the elevator that had arrived and pressed the penthouse one to many times.

“Fucking sucks cause I actually like this girl but you know no one comes above ma brothers no matter how good the pussy is”, I chuckled lightly with him before turning serious, “You think she told Jasmine bout it too?” I suddenly asked as I debated in my mind if I should be annoyed with Lani for bringing Briana into this mess.

“Na Jas has no idea. I think Lani’s closer with B and I think she just needed to talk to someone bra so do be too hard on her. Y'all forgetting that Lani been alone through this for years”, J muttered knowing that I was having a internal battle about how I should feel about Lani going out and talking about Tysons demons.

“I know bra but fuck I don’t even no where B and I stand now and what if she goes out a spills? Everything we fought hard to hid will come out”, I sighed as we both stepped off the elevator and made our way to the front doors of the penthouse

“Just give her time Ace, she obviously needs some time to let everything sink in cause I dono if you forgot or not but our past wasn’t chocolates’ and roses man. As for spilling, Briana wouldnt do that to Lani, she loves the girl like a sister and would never betray her man”, J assured me causing me to un tense almost instantly.

Jeremiah was the man to talk to. No matter how bad the situation he always had a way of making you feel better about it and always ked us in the right direction. I could almost guarantee we’d all be locked up if it wasnt for him and his smart mind.

“You right bra, you always damn right”, I chuckled as I started to bang on the door hard which swung opened minutes later and revealed a mean mugging Tyson whose frown disappeared when he realised it was us.

“You’s was bout to get cussed the fuck out bra”, He chuckled as he dapped us both with his good arm and nodded with his head to invite us in.

“How you feeling nigga?”, J cheesed as he playfully pretended to throw a few jabs at Tysons direction who dodged them all before returning the gesture with only one arm.

“Man theses meds are crazy good, I cant feel shit forreal”, He chuckled as he led us towards the mini bar and pulled out a bottle of Hennessy and smirked at both of us with a raised eyebrow, silently offering.

“Nigga I’on think you can mix your meds with that shit”, I chuckled as I watched his crazy ass shrug before taking a swing of it straight from the bottle. Nigga drunk alcohol like it was water but it took a shit load of it to get him even slightly drunk.

“Fuck it bra, it works better with it anyways”, He smirked as he grabbed to whiskey glasses and set them on the counter before pouring both J and I a large amount.

“You saying fuck it now cause Lani aint around wait till she finds out, she gonna straight whoop yo yellow ass”, J taunted as he looked around for Nalani who was no where in sight which was strange as her and Ty are usually glued to the hip.

“Im a grown ass man, she aint gonna do shit”, He huffed causing us to look at him with a amused expression, while he took another swing of the bottle before looking around for some packets of salted nuts that I had downed yesterday.

"Lani’s ass better not of eaten my salted nuts”, He muttered to himself while narrowing his eyes in search as if it would make him see better. Quickly changing the subject so he wouldnt figure out it was mean, I decided to mess with him a little.

“She aint gonna do shit? Ight no worries Imma let her no right know”, I smirked as I looked around the pent house before yelling out, “YO LANIIIIIII!?”,

“Nigga shut the fuck up, you trying to get ya brother killed?!”, Tyson whispered harshly as his head darted towards the main bedroom door with wide eyes.

“Nigga I thought you was a ‘Grown Ass Man’”, J muttered as he and I hunched over and laughed at his reaction. Forreal Lani was the only one who could put even the slightest bit of fear in him and thats only cause he loves her so much that his afraid to disappoint her.

“Man y’all know Lani’s feisty little ass, wont ever let a nigga hear the last of it”, He huffed as he took a seat on one of the bar stools and lit up a cigarette.

“What you expec you aint suppose to be drinking it anyways, ya dumb ass”, J grumbled going all responsible adult on us which we both were use too.

“Where she at anyways?”, I mumbled quickly trying to avoid the lecture that we both knew was coming and  downed the rest of the contents in my glass causing a little burn to erupt in the back of my throat. Id never no how Ty could drink large amounts at a time and not even flinch a little.

“She taking a shower, we gotta be heading out to the airport in about a hour or so. Cant wait to get the fuck outta this state and back home bra", He muttered causing us both to nod our head in agreement.

“Have you guys spoken about the whole Bipolar shit yet?”, J asked causing my attention to turn on Tyson as I waited for his response and reaction although as always his emotions were blank.

“Na not really, I mean I know she hurt that I knew and never told her but we aint really sit down and talk bout it yet”, He confessed casually causing me to shake my head as I knew he was trying to avoid it as much as possible. 

Tyson hated talking about his Bipolar with a passion, it wasnt something he was proud of and preferred to never mention it or even knowledge it .

“She aint no that we knew you had Bipolar this whole time?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow, knowing fully well she didnt.

“Na man she thinks I kept y’all in the dark too and honestly it’s best if she thinks that cause I know she gonna have my balls if she finds out that you and J knew and she didn’t”, He grumbled with frustration.

“She told Briana everything you know”, I blurted out accidentally causing J to groan as he smacked his hand against his forehead. I couldnt lie or keep anything from either one of them and same goes for them. We grew up only trusting each other and confiding in no one but us so it was hard trying to keep secrets, it just wasting in our nature to do so with each other.

“The fuck mean?”, He grumbled as he narrowed his eyes at me before looking over at J for some answers although J just sat there not saying a word knowing it was my secret to tell.

“Exactly what I just said bra she told B. Now B got a attitude with a nigga and forreal I think she done with me”, I huffed out knowing that wasnt the biggest issue in this but was still up in my feelings.

“Briana running her mouth?”, He gritted out in anger as he slammed his fist down on the counter causing a echo to erupt in the room.

“Dont stress bra, I already told her to stay in her place and she wont be talking bout it or nuthin”, I quickly assured him realising he may fall into a manic stage if he got too angry and than we’d all be fucked.

“Bra calm down and dont go putting shit on Lani either ight? She aint never have no one and she needed to talk to someone who cares about her”, J stressed to Ty knowing fully well that Ty would blow this back on Lani .

“She got me cuh ! She aint need to be running to no one else, she can talk to me !”, Ty spat out with frustration laced in his voice. We knew exactly what this was. Ty wanted Lani to himself and hated to sharing her with anyone, both J and I were surprised when we found out she had made friends that Ty actually got a long with because it wasnt in his nature. To Tyson, Lani only ever needs and no one else, so for her to confide in someone other than himself caused anger and hurt.

To anyone else it doesnt make sense but to him and us because we understand him and know how his mind helps, it does make sense.

“Bra you forreal right now? She a young girl Ty, she needs a girlfriend to confide in and shit. You gotta let her talk to someone she trust to help her through her past. And get that shit outta ya head, she doesnt love or trust anyone more than she does with you”, J argued causing him to let out a sigh before taking another swing from the bottle of Henny to calm his nerves.

“Man whatever, I'on like it but I aint gonna interfere cause Im trying to o this her way but Ace you better make sure ya girl dont be going around talking shit and filling Lani’s head with all that crap”, He stated sternly

“Relax bra she aint not gonna be no problem”, I assured him although the look he gave me told me he was still sceptical and would now have his eye on Briana just in case.

“TY?”, Lani’s small voice yelled from inside the bedroom causing Ty’s eyes to go wide as he hid the bottle of Hennessy in record time as J and I tried to stifle our laughs.

“Both of you, shut up”, He whispered just as Nalani made her way out of the bedroom causing Tyson to smile almost instantly. Lani was a beautiful girl and she loved his crazy ass just as much as he loved her, so know matter what Briana or anyone else has to say, I know they were meant for each other.

“Wassup Jamaica?”, J smiled as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into him as she laughed.

“Hi JJ, what y'all doing?”, She cheesed as she jumped onto one of the bar stools next to Ty and leant over pecking his lips which he gladly accepted.

“Nothing, just hanging out before we all gotta jet off”, I muttered as I brought my glass to my lips and took a swing causing Lani too look at me with a raised eyebrow.

“You drinking this early Chincky?”, She frowned as her eyes darted over to J whose glass was sitting in front of him before turning her attention to Ty who was avoiding her gaze. She was too smart for her own good.

“Ty?”, She gritted out causing him to look down at her with a fake confused look on his face, which only caused her to mug him.

“What baby?”, He muttered lowly as I tried my hardest not to crack a smile that was so desperately fighting to come out.

“You been drinking?”, She questioned with a raise eyebrow causing Ty to act offended at her question. Nigga shoulda been a actor instead.

“What? Hell no baby, you know I cant drink while Im meds. These fools just needed a buzz”, He shrugged it off causing J and I to narrow our eyes at him for ratting us out.

Suddenly Lani grabbed his face with her two small hands and crushed her lips on his, making sure to slip her tongue in. She was tasting him. See? Like I said, too smart for her own good.

Pulling away she socked him in his good arm before grabbing the hidden bottle that he tried to hide behind the glasses and poured it down the sink that was at the mini bar,

“Damn baby, you got hands Mike Tyson or Ali”, He muttered as he rubbed the spot she punched while we laughed at her feisty ass.

“I can taste that shit in your mouth Tyson”, She huffed as she hopped off the stool and started to make her way back towards the bedroom only for him to grab her arm and pull her back.

“It was just a sip Lani, calm the fuck down”, He grumbled as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into his chest, not letting her go as she tried to pull away.

“Lord give me strength not to punch this nigga in the balls”, She muttered into his chest as we all died of laughter.

Once we all settled down from our laughing fit, we all made our way to the couches in the lounge room and sat down as we just mucked around to pass time before we all needed to get up and head to the air port.

It wasnt until a hour later did we realise that J and I had left our girls back in our hotel rooms and havent heard from them since until they both showed up at Tyson’s door banging to be let in.

“Man, y'all foul as fuck for leaving your girls hanging like that”, Lani laughed out loud as she shook her head in amusement while walking over to open the door.

“Yo bra, it didnt even cross my mind for a second”, J confessed lowly as Ty held his stomach and laughed .

“Jeremiah !”, Jasmine yelled as she marched her way in with her curly hair all wild and shit which only caused us to laugh harder while J sat there with wide eyes afraid to be cussed out.

“Baby relax, Ty needed us so we been here helping him out”, He lied which she didnt buy for a second 

“Nigga only thing Ive been needing help with is this bottle of Hennessy which y'all gladly assisted me with”, Ty chuckled causing us both to groan at him ratting us out yet again until I realised that Briana had yet to say anything to me or even look my way.

“Come sit down B?”, I chuckled causing her to narrow her eyes at me which caught the attention of all our friends.

“Im just perfect standing right here. Matter of fact Ill be even more perfect when I get out of this damn hotel”, She muttered causing Lani to frown and look at her with confusion.

“You okay B?”, Lani asked softly unaware that Briana was salty at a nigga because of what she revealed to her yesterday.

“Yer B, you okay?”, Tyson smirked causing me to lowly groan as I knew he was getting a kick out of it.

“Never been better, thank you for your concern Tyson”, She mumbled with sarcasm laced in her voice causing me to narrow my eyes at her in a silent warning not to get bold with him.

“Um B, Jas come help me pack the rest of my suitcases”, Lani quickly piped in once she noticed Tyson gritted his teeth as he sent a death stare towards Briana.

Jasmine stood up instantly, not without kissing J on the lips and led the girls out back towards the master room.

“Ty really nigga?”, J chuckled once the girls were in the room with the door closed.

“What bra? I was just asking if she was okay. Fuck it I aint ever gonna try be nice again”, He huffed causing us both to look at him with amused expressions.

“Nigga you couldn’t be nice to no one if ya life depended on it!”, I laughed loudly causing him to smack his lips as he waved me off.

“Yo forreal though we gotta start heading out, like now”, J mumbled as he glanced down at his rolex.

“YO LANI!”, Tyson yelled at the top of his lungs causing poor Nala to rush out of the room while looking around frantically.

“What? What? What happened?”, She stressed as she ran over to Ty

“We need too go baby”, He said as calm as possible as she looked down at him with confused than angry eyes.

“I thought you were dying nigga!”, She yelled in frustration causing us all to bark out in laughter as she walked away while shaking her head.

“Man I'on how she puts up with yo crazy ass”, I chuckled as we all stood up just as Remy and Brock made there way into the hotel room.

“She loves ma sexy ass”, He grinned causing Brock to pretend to throw up.

“The fuck y'all sitting around for? We got a plane to catch shitheads”, Remy barked out causing us all to groan out just as the girls all existed the room with Lani’s suitcase in tow.

“Us girls are ready Rem”, Lani cheesed before turning her attention to Tyson and sticking her tongue out at him causing him to mouth 'When and where?’, towards her just to piss her off which worked.

“We’ll meet y'all in the lobby in 10”, J muttered as he slipped his arm around a giggling Jasmines waist and leading her out.

Gesturing my head towards the door at Briana, she rolled her eyes and stomped her way out the door as Tyson flipped her off as her back was turned to him causing Lani to slap his good arm.

“Wish me luck dawggg”, I chuckled as I dapped his crazy ass and jogged after Briana who was impatiently tapping her foot on the ground as she waited for the elevator to arrive with a irritated look on her face.

Sneaking up behind her I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her back into my chest as I kissed her neck. In a instant she tried to get out of my hold but I only held her tighter as I grounded my rock hard dick into her ass.

“Why you mad at ya man?”, I grumbled huskily into her ear causing her to shudder almost instantly as she stopped resisting for a second until the elevator arrived causing me to let her go so we can walk in.

“Dont come near me Ace”, She gritted out as she stood in the corner after repeatedly hitting the button that our floor was on.

Smirking as I licked my lips I placed my arms on either side of the wall, caging her in, “You so fucking sexy when you feisty baby”, I muttered as I grabbed her bottom lip in between my teeth and pulled a little causing her to moan lowly.

“Always tasting so damn good”, I mumbled as I began to suck on her lip causing her to push her hips into my straining dick that was begging to be released from my sweats and pushed deep inside of her.

Trailing my hands up her waist and up to the molds of her perfect, perky breasts, I didnt waste any time cupping one of them and while my other hand went down to her ass and gripped it hard.

“Tell daddy you aint mad anymore”, I grunted as she bit down on my neck making sure to leave a mark which I allowed only this once.

“Im not mad daddy”, She moaned almost instantly causing me to smirk as I gripped the sides of her hips and hiked her up causing her to instantly wrap her legs around my waist.

Just when I thought I was going to get my dick wet in this very elevator, the dinging of the bell went off followed by the doors opening.

Ignoring it, I slapped her ass hard causing her to moan but quickly pulled away at the sound of someone clearing there throat.

Looking over my shoulder, there we were faced with a elderly couple who looked at us with wide eyes and a shocked expression causing Briana to quickly hide her face in my chest as I sat her down on her feet.

“Sorry bout that ladies and gentlemen, my ladies just looking so damn sexy I couldnt wait”, I cheesed causing the old lady to gasp as Briana playfully hit my chest while stepping out of the elevator and headed to our door.

“Have a good day !”, I yelled out over my shoulder at the older couple who still stayed stuck in there position while Briana giggled and ran to our door to hide.

“Ace! They looked petrified !”, She squealed as soon as we made it into the room and quickly closed the door behind us.

Silently standing by the door I couldn’t help but smile at how beautiful she looked when she was laughing. I knew this was nothing like what Tyson and Lani had but I could see myself getting there one say with Briana. Only if she’d let me.

“You still wanna be with a nigga or what?”, I muttered as I slowly made my way over to her causing her to stop in her tracks and sigh as she dropped her eyes.

“Aceee”, She dragged out causing me to shake my head as I placed my hands on either side of her hips.

“Look at me B”, I mumbled causing her to slowly lift her head until I could see her eyes.

“You gonna hold it down for me or na B? Cause honestly, I dont do this we no girls . Shit I aint ever do girlfriends, but you are different and I wanna know if Im wasting my time or not?”, I flat out asked her not wanting to drag this on if she wasn’t feeling it. 

“Ace but what about Ty and Lani-”, She began but I quickly cut her off by shaking my head.

“B Im asking to be in a relationship with you, not you, Lani and Ty. So tell me now cause I'on wanna get in a relationship if you gonna be constantly bringing up our best friends relationship and shit. It aint our business, this is about you and I, bout Adrian and Briana, no one else”, I grumbled out in frustration causing a small smile to play across her lips which confused me.

“I like the sound of that”, She said softly causing me to raise a eyebrow in confusion.


“Adrian and Briana, I like the sound of them put together”, She cheesed before throwing her arms around my neck and crashing her lips with mine.

“You think we got time for a quicky?”, I groaned as her legs wrapped around my waist.

“We got 7 minutes”, She mumbled in a breathless tone.

“Shit Imma take you to heaven and back in 7 minutes”, I smirked causing her to playfully roll her eyes before squealing as I threw her down on the bed.

No doubt it was the best 7 minutes yet.


Once we had left the hotel, we made a quick stop off at In and Out burger where we all chowed down on some serious meals. The word of three Miami Heat players got out and we were constantly trailed by fans and paparazzi desperate to get a picture.

Airport check in went as smoothly as it could and we had finally made our way through the pack of vulture paparazzi and safely got into the private jet that was taking us home to Miami.

Usually I didnt pay much attention to the paps or worry about them to much but when Lani was with me, my senses where always one hunnid and full alert as I didnt trust no one around her.

Stepping on the Jet, Lani and the girls looked around with wide eyes and their mouths opened as they took in the scene of the Jet that belonged to us boys.

“Holy crap this is nice! We travelled coach here for what?”, Jas muttered causing J to chuckle as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into him.

Usually Im not into that sappy shit and dont care to watch people all loved up and shit cause it usually made me sick but no lie I was happy for my boy J.

Forreal out of all three of us, if there was one that deserved love and happiness it would be him. J was a good bloke, he was loyal as shit and had a heart of gold and no lie any girl who ended up with him would be lucky as hell.

Jasmine seemed to make him happy as hell and anyone who could keep my boy smiling like the way he has been lately was good in my books.

As for Ace and Briana, well by the way they were humping each others legs since leaving the hotel Im guessing they fucked and made up. I had no problems with B to be honest, as long as she stayed in her place and didnt pry into mine and Lani’s relationship than we was good.

Honestly I didnt think Ace would settle any time soon, shit neither with J due to the fact that they both liked to go out and fuck around. I was right there with them until Lani made her way back into my life.

“Baby lets just try to sleep the whole flight, okay?”, Lani mumbled in a sleepy tone as she kicked her jordans off and brought her legs up on the chair so that she was cradled in a ball.

Planting my ass on one of the big lounge chairs next to her, I left out a sigh of relief as my shoulder had been killing me and all I really wanted to do was take my meds and crash out for a few hours.

“Imma pop a few painkillers, my shoulders hurting”, I muttered as I reached down and pulled out the bottle of Oxycoatin from my Miami Heat duffle bag.

“Only take two Ty”, She yawned as she rested her head on my good shoulder and kept her eyes on the bottle to make sure .

“I aint no little baby Lani”, I huffed as I poured only two pills in my palm so she wouldnt drill a nigga, before swallowing them without any water.

“Your my big baby”, She laughed lightly as she struggled to keep her eyes open. Forreal she looked hella cute right now as she struggled with herself to stay awake.

“You looking like the baby right now, come on lets go sleep on the lounge”, I chuckled as I stood up and helped her up by using my right arm. Leading her over to the lounge which was big enough to be considered a bed, she jumped onto it and moved across to the window side.

“Come on TyTy, Im so tired”, She once again yawned as I rolled my eyes at the gay ass nickname she had gave me and refused to stop using.

“Quit with the corny shit Lani”, I huffed as I climbed onto the lounge and used my good arm to cover us with the blanket because Lani’s ass was seconds from crashing.

“Dont you love me though?”, She mumbled in a sleepy tone while her eyes were closed.

“You no I do”, I muttered as she snuggled her body into mine carefully so she wouldnt hurt me. Smiling softly I nested my nose into curly hair that smelled of coconut and vanilla mixed together.

“Goodnight TyTy”, She whispered softly causing me to chuckle

“Its 1:00pm Nala”, I smirked with amusement 

“All the same to me”, She giggled in a sleepy tone.

Within minutes she was knocked out with myself following behind her not to long after.


“Just carry her and follow me bra”, I muttered to Brock who held a small, sleeping Nalani up the stairs as I led them towards my bedroom. Usually I wouldnt ever let anyone touch her like his but I couldnt carry her due to my arm and I didnt wanna wake her up because she was hella tired. Besides Brock looked at her like a little sister so I let that play in my mind as he carried up my girl, bridal style.

Lani had been crashed out since taking off in LA, like baby girl was dead to the world that I literally checked her pulse a few times to make sure she was still breathing.

“How has she not woken up yet?”, Brock chuckled with amusement and he gently tossed her onto my California king bed causing her to frown as she stirred in her sleep.

“I'on bra, I think shes getting sick. She usually lazy as hell and always sleepy when she gets sick”, I laughed as I helped him take her shoes off and tuck her under the blankets.

“Ight walk with me”, He muttered once we had finished getting Lani in bed and made our way back downstairs towards my kitchen.

“Whats going on?”, I grumbled as I lifted up on the bench after getting myself and him a bottle of water from the fridge.

“So coach whats you to check in tomorrow during training, the team has got you your own personal physical therapist to help you keep in shape as we as help use your arm once again”, He explained causing me to nod my head as I refrained from groaning at the thought of having to work on using my arm again.

“Man this is gonna be a long year”, I sighed causing him nod his head sympathetically .

“You’ll be alright man, forreal you were made for basketball and nothing, not even a small ass injury is gonna stop you , you hear me?”, He grumbled sternly causing me to nod my head in agreement.

“Oh one more thing, they found out the name of that dickhead who drove into the bus, names Terrance Combs”.

“They catch him?”

“Na man, he hiding out but they got every cop in LA out looking for him ight?”,

“Should kept my ass there, bet I would have found him straight away”, I huffed in annoyance at the poor job the cops were doing.

“Na man you need to keep ya ass outta trouble and focus on healing”, He stated sternly causing me to mentally roll my eyes as I walked him towards the door.

“Whatever bra, I want that piece of shit to pay for this. Done lost his mind if he thinks his gonna get away with fucking up my shoulder”, I muttered causing him to chuckle as he shook his head.

“Ight, Im out. Ill see you tomorrow man, dont be late!”, He smirked while dapping me before heading off to the black SUV that brought us home from the airport.

Needing to use the bathroom, I made my way to the toilet downstairs and quickly done my business before going off to find my packet of cigarettes.

Finding a packet of Malbouro Gold in my office, I quickly lit one up and let out a satisfied groan as I sat back in my large, leather office chair and kicked my feet up on the oversized oakwood desk,

The urge to pour myself a glass of whiskey was there but I pushed the thought to the back of my mind as I desperately wanted to stay clean and sober for Lani’s sake.

“Well, well, well if it isnt the King in all his glory”, I heard a icy voice muttered causing me to become tense as I lifted my gaze to the entrance of my office.

There standing in a dress that was way to short to even be considered a dress stood Adrianna. The hoe who who I had living here before I got Lani back.

“See now you’ve just gone and fucked up my whole mood”, I grumbled as I place the cigarette in my lips and made my way to my bar that I had set up in the office. I know I just debated with myself not to drink but this hoe just had to come and kill my vibe and now I needed it to keep calm with otherwise I’d kill her right now.

“Aww come on King, dont act like your dick didnt just jump at the sight of me”, She purred causing me to choke on my drink as I tried not to laugh at how desperately she tried to sound sexy.

“Did the opposite actually, ma dicks never been so soft before”, I smirked causing her to glare at me for only a minute before licking her lips and smiling.

“Dont tell me your still hung up on that young, inexperienced pussy?”, She chuckled bitterly causing me to laugh at how jealous she sounded.

Licking my lips I brought my glass up to them, not once breaking eye contact with her was I took a gulp than proceeded to make my way back to my desk and sit down.

“Why you here Adrianna?”, I sighed out in a bored tone just as she began to walk further into my office until she was right on the other side of my desk.

“I came here so you can fuck me Tyson”, She stated simply causing me to throw my head back at laugh at how much this chick was a hoe. 

“My girls right upstairs”, I chuckled as I wiped away the few tears from laughing so hard as she wore a irritated expression.

“I can be quiet”, She moaned lowly as she parted her legs and slowly rubbed her hand on the inner side of her thigh. Licking my lips at the sight, I raised my eyes until they found hers as she was already watching my reaction.

“I aint fucking you Adrianna”, I grumbled lowly causing her to smirk as her hand moved further up until she started to stroke her pussy that was now in clear due to her not wearing any thong.

“You sure about that daddy, you dont miss fucking me on this very desk? Legs spread out and you burying yourself as deep as you can?”, She muttered in a low tone causing me to bring my glass back up so I could take another swing.

“My girls upstairs”, I repeated just as her fingers disappeared into her swollen pussy that was glistering due to how wet she was.

“Your girl?”, She breathed out as she moaned

“Yer my girl”, I muttered as I watched her continue to finger fuck herself.

“Oh yes, Lani right?”, She moaned out causing me gritt my teeth out in anger.

“THE FUCK I TELL YOU ABOUT SAYING HER NAME?”, I roared as I slammed my fist of my good arm down on the desk causing her to jump back before quickly recollecting herself.

“Oh please King, you act like that girl is gods gift. News flash nigga she isnt and you were about to prove it, a few seconds longer and you would have been fucking me on this desk while your precious Lani was sleeping upstairs!”, She yelled out causing me to laugh out loudly.

“You thought I was gonna fuck you? Oh hell na girl I was just enjoying you making a damn fool of yourself. Standing here fingering yourself like the hoe you are. Aint even get me the slightest bit hard”, I laughed even harder when I noticed Lani leaning against the door silently laughing to herself.

“WHAT?! You stupid mother fucker ! You aint shit nigga!”, She screamed out cause both Lani and I to erupt in laughter which caught the attention of Adrianna who turned around and glared at Lani.

“What them eyes Adrianna, dont be looking at my girl like that”, I gritted out as Lani walked over to the desk with a smirk on her face that only pissed Adrianna off more.

“Ty whats this whore doing in our house?”, Lani yawned out as she came around the desk before jumping on top of it with her back to Adrianna who was shooting death stares.

“Your house?”, Adrianna spat out with attitude causing Lani to look over her shoulder with a bored expression.

“Yes bitch, my house that I live in with MY man”, She chuckled before looking back over at me with a tired looked.

“Get rid of the trash so we can go to bed?”, She sighed causing me to chuckle at all the shade that she was throwing.

“You heard my lady, get the stepping”, I laughed at Adrianna who was red in the face and looked like she was about to murder someone. I knew she wasnt dumb enough to do anything though so I just sat back and enjoyed the show that was playing out in front of me.

“Mark my words King, this wont be the last time you hear from me, okay? Your going to regret it, you and that little slut of yours”, She spat out causing Lani to roll her eyes as she slipped off the desk and stepped back before she began to lift her shirt above her head, throwing it to the side.

Next she slipped her shorts off, leaving her in a red lace bra and matching string thong that showed off her perfect round ass. Licking my mouths, I instantly felt my dick jump as my eyes roamed my babies perfect body that was now on display.

“Unless you want to watch me fuck my man, I suggest you leave now”, Lani calmly said as Adrianna stood there with wide eyes and a mouth hung open not believing Lani had it in her to do such a bold thing.

Shaking her head out of her shock, her embarrassed look quickly turned into a glare as yelled out in frustration and turned around, marching her way out of my house making sure to slam the door hard behind her.

Turning my attention back on Lani only to find her grabbing her clothes and quickly putting them back on causing me to frown.

“Why you getting dress baby?”, I raised a eyebrow as I quickly stood up and made my way over to her only for her to back up a bit.

“Not right now Ty”, She sighed causing me to frown in confusion.

“I dont no how she got in Lani, I aint tell her to come”, I quickly explained, afraid she might think that I somehow told her to come over or something.

“I know you didnt you big fool, I just got a really bad headache Ty and I think I have a fever too”, She sighed before pouting and caving her small body into my chest as I chuckled at how much she acted like a baby sometimes.

“You know you suppose to be looking after ya man, right?”

“I’ll look after you, if you look after me?”, She cheesed with hopeful eyes and I just chuckled and nodded my head.

“Come on lets go to bed”, I yawned while wrapping my arm around her neck and pulling her into me as we began to walk out of the office and up the stairs to my bed room.

“Ty I hate this house”, She mumbled lowly causing me to frown.

“The fuck? Why?”, I grumbled although I knew exactly why.

“You had that hoe living here Ty and god knows how many other groupies you’ve brought here or no where you live”, She huffed with jealously laced in her voice causing me to smirk.

“Ill get you a new house”, I stated simply causing her to roll her eyes as she jumped on the bed.

“I didnt mean that you fool, I meant lets just live in my apartment?”,

“No”, I grumbled as I slid in behind her and got comfortable on my pillows.

“What why not? You dont wanna live with me?”, She mumbled lowly with a pout.

“I wanna live with you Lani just not in a apartment thats the size of my bedroom, fuck that”, I mumbled as I turned on the plasma screen that hung from the roof in front of my bed and switched over the channel to ESPN.

“Hey ! Its a nice apartment you shit head”, She huffed causing me to smirk as I kept my attention on the screen.

“Shut up and come sleep with ya man, we’ll talk bout it later”, I yawned as I laced my arm around her small waist and pulled her into me.

Yawning just after me, her eyes got droopy and once again I was watching my baby girl as she feel asleep snuggled close beside me.

Smiling softly, I lent down and kissed her hair before falling asleep moments after.