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One of my favourite quick healthy meals to make: tuna pasta salad - gf pasta shells mixed with canned tuna (in spring water), a bit of mayonnaise (or olive oil), finely chopped spring onions, celery, cucumber, salt and a generous amount of black pepper; served on a bed mixed lettuce leaves. :)


I was so hungry and I was not thinking so I made myself a pierogie (sharp cheddar cheese and creamy whipped potatoes, folded in a pasta shell) I sat down, cut it open and picked it up, I then stared at it for a good minute realizing what I’m about to do…so I stop instantly and I did something really weird, I started to squish it in my hand and it made me feel in control, like I’m stronger than I think… that I might have a little tiny sliver of self control :-)

Mac and Cheese (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Words: who knows 

Request: Request ? Alright hum… How about an everyday situation (w/ Thomas J turn) into something stupid ? Like an odd conversation, a silly debate, pranks etc… 

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 A/N: the only thing I could think of was mac and cheese lol 

You and Thomas were sitting in the living room, watching a television show about cooking. His arms was wrapped around your shoulder, and he held you close. Once you told him you had to go to the bathroom, he groaned, reluctantly letting you go. You laughed at his antics, walking to the bathroom. Once you were out, you noticed the chair empty. 

“Thomas?” You called, glancing around the apartment, he appeared, carrying boxes of shells for pasta. You watched him, confused. He grinned, putting the (you counted 8) on the island, his hands on his hips.

“Ready for dinner?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows. 

“Uh, I though we said that we were going to get takeout?” 

“Well, that tv show we were watching made me want to cook my famous mac and cheese. You like that, don’t you?” Your stomach growled, and not in a good way. 

Thomas’s cheese was very famous, but not in the way you would want. Everyone in your friend group hated it, for some reason it just didn’t taste all that great. At the end of the night, everyone would be in a line to the bathroom. Hamilton told him about how terrible it was, but Thomas ignored him, saying that he was just trying to upset him. 

When you met him, he made dinner for you. To your surprise, it was just his mac and cheese. It was a first date, so you told him it was great. He hasn’t made it for you since, and you haven’t thought of it ever again. Not until now. 

“Are you sure, Tom? I already have the place on speed dial.” He waved his hand, grabbing a pot out of the cabinet. You panicked. 

“No worries, my love. It’ll be ready in no time.”

“I don’t want you to cook, you have a meeting tomorrow with the other lawyers, and being tired won’t help you at all. Remember what happened last time with Madison?” He chuckled, placing the pot on the stove to boil. 

“That was one time, and Madison gave me some caffeine to wake me up.” 

“But, still…” You mumbled, trailing off. You couldn’t come up with anymore excuses. 

He stopped what he was doing, and looked at you suspiciously. You gave him a sly smile, looking away from his face. He turned down the flame on the stove, crossing his arms across his chest. 

“You don’t like my macaroni,” he stated, peering down at you. You rubbed the back of your neck. 

“Well…” he gasped, putting his hand against his chest. You held in your laugh at his actions, biting your lip. 

“You said you liked it! Why would you tell me you liked it?” 

“Hey, in my defense, I didn’t even know you that well, so I wanted to compliment you! Is that wrong?” he frowned. 

“But you lied.” He replied, turning off the stove. You walked over to him, trying to give him a hug. He marched away, avoiding your outstretched arms. “I tried so hard on the cheese. There were at least four in it…” he grumbled. 

“Come on, Tommy, don’t be like that.” You groaned, following him around the counter. He continued walking around, and you picked up your pace. He did the same, changing directions as quickly as you did. After you grew tired of this cat and mouse game, you leaped over the island, bumping into him. 

“Hey!” He yelped, shocked that you pulled that move. Your arms were around his torso, and you pushed your face into his chest, smelling his cologne. 

“I’m so sorry for lying to you. Next time I’ll make sure to tell you when I don’t like something, okay?” He rolled his eyes, tilting your head up so your eyes met his. He pecked your lips quickly, smirking. 

“Fine. But under one condition.” You nodded. “What do you not like about the mac?” 

You sighed.

Creamed Avocado and Lime Chilled Pasta

  • 1 1/2cup dry shell pasta or short pasta of your choice
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • handful of cilantro, roughly chopped
  • 1 1/2Tbsp lime juice
  • 3Tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1tsp garlic paste
  • salt & pepper
  • chopped cilantro and/or jalapeno for garnish
  1. Cook pasta according to the package instructions. Drain well, set aside to cool.
  2. Peel avocado and remove the pit. Put it in a food processor together with chopped cilantro, lime juice, mayonnaise and garlic paste. Blend it until it’s creamy. Add salt and pepper to taste. (Cover it with plastic wrap and keep it in a refrigerator if you have time.)
  3. Transfer the avocado sauce to a medium sized bowl. Add cooked pasta and toss them well. Sprinkle chopped cilantro and/or jalapeno on top.

I used chopped jalapeno on top for garnish but you can also put jalapeno in a food processor to blend in the sauce for spiciness.

eldiahope  asked:

what your fave food and if pork dont say i like pig to much so would upsteing for me to her

(Second day of cold for Feitan. He doesn’t look better…)

I like anything as long as it’s spicy. If Shalnark doesn’t start to cry just by smelling at it, I don’t want none. - mod Uvogin

I have simple tastes, and I’m not picky. But when it comes to candies, I love the more sour ones. You know, those that make you feel like they dislodge your teeth and peel off your scalp? Yummy. (*´ڡ`●) - mod Shalnark

I like tsukune. No matter what kind of tsukune. I like the texture. - mod Shizuku

Sweets are my weakness… Especially chocolate. But I’d rather die than eating Shalnark’s candies. He creates holes in the floor when he spits. - mod Chrollo

I like sushi. My family used to have a chief specially dedicated to them. He invented exclusive recipes for us. You can’t eat them anywhere but at our house. But of course I won’t return for such a trivial reason. I’m not a baby. They tasted great, still… - mod Kalluto

I like shell pasta with ham this is my favorite food I also like apple sauce and strawberries - mod Kortopi

With my hole in my stomach, I need highly digestible food. I mostly drink rich beverages and soups.  When i was a child my mother used to make a traditional gruel of my clan. It’s my favorite food and I wish I cook it as well as her. - mod Bonolenov

 Nothing is better than fried chicken eaten with the fingers. - mod Machi

I have a soft spot for seafood. My favorite dish is oysters à la diable. - mod Pakunoda

Pizza and cheeseburgers. Because you don’t need tableware so no washing-up afterwards. - mod Phinks

Da bitter tears of by edebies. See dem driven before me. Hear da labentation of der wobem. - mod Feitan

Phinks : would have sound better without the stuffy nose

Chrollo : But… for real Feitan?

Feitan : Chicken doodles

Chrollo : Chicken… what?

Phinks : You doodle chickens and you lick the paper?

Feitan : No! Doodles! Like in pasta!

Phinks : You doodle chicken in pastel? You eat the concept of chicken? Wow, that’s deep. No wonder why you’re so skinny.

Feitan : Fuck y…*tcha!*