pasta primivera

Preference # 75


Niall: “Niall why are you smiling like that ?.” You asked smirk on your face, curious. “Nothing babe.” He answered, humor in his tone as he began to laugh that boyish throaty laugh of his. He was sitting on the couch with your favorite sweater of his on, the black one that says a bunch of city names, and wearing black basketball shorts. Not to mention his “heat” hat lazily placed on his head that has been reluctant to come off his head ever since the end of the tour. “Niall……” You said nervously as you walked away from the stove. He was now nearly off the couch, head placed in pillow, to stop his laughter. “Fine, fine, look at your bum.” He barely got out. You put your hand on your backside and felt a piece of paper. It was a sticky note saying “I’m hot” on it and you found it childish, but also hilarious at the same time because Niall found it so funny. “You little booger.” You said laughing, face hot red. You ran to the couch and pinned Niall to the floor. “Y/N Please NO PLEASE DON’T PLEASE PLEASE.” Niall said begging because he knew what you were going to do to him. “Well….. you asked for it.” You said laughing as you pinned his hands down harder starting to tickle at his armpits. 

Louis: While cooking in the kitchen, you heard loud laughing coming from your daughters bedroom upstairs. Louis was supposed to be getting her to sleep, she had a really bad cold and the doctor said she needed rest but Louis obviously wasn’t doing that. You smiled at the sounds of your daughters laughs and turned off the stove. You wanted to be a part of this too. “IT TICKLES” Your daughter squealed. You opened your daughter Emmi’s pink bedroom door to the cutest scene you have ever laid eyes on. Emmi’s shirt was all the way up, Louis biting and blowing raspberries to her soft little tummy while he pinned her down to the floor so the only thing she could do was wail her tiny little 4 year old legs around. Her blue eyes, identical to his, lit up with happniess ans it put a smile on your face. Louis stopped and looked up at you smiling. Emmi had the widest grin on her face and her laughter died down after he stopped. He gave her a quick peck to the lips and picked her up to bring her to her bed, where she was originally supposed to go. You couldn’t stop smiling at what you were looking at. It was the perfect daddy - daughter moment. Louis gave Emmi another kiss, this time inhaling the scent of her blond hair, that she got from you, and laid her on the bed. “Daddy, I don’t want to go to bed, it’s light out.” “Yes you do or the tickle monster is coming for you !!!” Louis yelled and she screamed out of pure joy. After he put her to sleep, he closed the door lightly, not wanting to wake her. “That was adorable you know.” You said smiling. “Oh I know.” Louis said smirking, hands wiggling under your armpits as you screamed and ran away.

Harry: Harry came back from a rehearsal exhausted and cranky. So you both decided to cuddle on the bed while watching re runs of your favorite show Teen wolf. You were already on the bed when Harry started to undress his way to his boxers. He went to the bathroom, washed his face, brushed his teeth, and when he finished, he made his way to your embrace on your shared bed. You immediately brushed your fingers along his torso, but you got bored with that and started to draw circles around his chest, hoping that calms him down also. His eyes started to droop slightly after around 14 minutes and you knew it was working. In the middle of the show, he turned his body so that he was basically cuddled into you and you started to rub his back a little. You could hear giggling coming from your neck, coming from Harry. Oblivious to the fact that you were basically tickling him, you continued. Your hands moved up to his neck and that’s when he lost it. He turned around so that he could face you and started cracking up. “That……that tickled.” He said finally able to talk between laughs. You started cracking up yourself, his laugh was contagious. “Harry I’m not even doing it anymore.” You said laughing even more. You stopped laughing because of the stomach cramps it gave you and smiled at your silly giggly boyfriend.

Liam: Liam came into the house after a long day at the studio and immediately put a smile on his face knowing what he was about to see inside. He smelt the familiar smell of his favorite dish  "Pasta Primivera,“ and he felt at ease. He came into the kitchen to see both his twins Ethan and Aiden on their high chairs, smiling their toothless grins. "My boys !!” Liam shouted walking over to them to give a kiss to each of their chubby faces. He turned around and faced you. “My girl..” Liam said smirking referring to you cooking dinner. He pulled you into a tight embrace, giving you a passionate kiss to the lips. “Where’s James ? Is he hiding ?” Liam said laughing, yelling James name loud enough for him to hear. James was your oldest son, and he was about to turn 5 in a month. “Liam,” you said pulling at his hands after he tried to go to James’s bedroom.“Yeah.” He answered, brown eyes confused. “James had a little injury before and he’s really upset, he won’t talk to me at all, so can you go cheer him up?” You asked. “Yeah I’m on it.” Liam made his way to his son’s bedroom and opened the door. Light blonde hair, which he got from you peeked outside the bed sheets, while the rest of his body was covered. Liam tore the sheets off his son’s body and placed James on his lap. “What wrong bud?” Liam said kissing his cheek. “I got hurt !! I’m so mad !” James yelled, rimmed red green eyes tearing up even more. “Well, I can fix that !!” Liam shouted also, as he started to tickle James’s armpits. You heard the sound of both your boys laughing upstairs and you laughed as well.  

Zayn: “Zayn.” You said getting his attention. “Hmmm” he answered not looking away from his phone. “Are you ticklish ?” You asked childish grin on your face. His face suddenly turned to shear panic and he hopped off the bed. “No.” He said heat rising to his cheeks. “Oh really.” You answered mischievous smirk on your face. You leaped off the bed and ran to Zayn but he was too smart for you and he started to run as fast as he can. He stopped at the bathroom and locked himself in. “Zayn let me in, I promise I won’t tickle you.” You said smiling silently. “No.” He said stubbornly. “Zayn stop being a child.” You said sternly, hoping he’ll believe your act. “No.” He repeated. You quietly took the key from the top of the door an unlocked it. “OH NO” Zayn yelled as you put wiggled your fingers into his stomach.