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Congratulations to Queen Bey and Jay Z! The couple will welcome twins in September and we’re guessing the pregnancy cravings are likely in full force. People Magazine reported Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Basil is Beyoncé’s favorite pasta dish—so, enjoy in honor of Bey tonight. 

Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Basil

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Hard to Find

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town.

Part Twelve: Better Together
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2780
Warnings: Implied sexy time. 


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“Is That Even a Word?” (Jay Park)

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    “So then we have to add the garlic, lemon juice, chicken broth, green onion, and some salt,” you said, checking over the list of ingredients one more time to make sure you hadn’t missed anything.

    “Got it,” Jay said, and you grabbed the wooden spoon to stir the ingredients into the shrimp in the pan as he added them.

    “Damn, this smells good,” Jay said, watching as the green of the parsley speckled the food.

    “Yeah,” you agreed, giving the pan another stir.

    Soon you were spooning the sauce into a large bowl of pasta while Jay held the pan and you breathed in a deep smell of the food. “Wow.”

    “Yeah,” Jay said. “Let’s eat.”

     Twenty minutes later, you sat back from the table with a very, very full stomach. “Wow. That was scrum… licious.” You cleared your throat, considering what had just come out of your mouth.

    “‘Scrumlicious?’” Jay repeated. “Is that even a word?”

    “Well, I was gonna say ‘scrumptious’ but then I changed it to ‘delicious’ but then it was kinda too late,” you said sheepishly.

    “I see,” Jay said. “Well, I think I’m gonna keep using it. It has kind of a nice ring to it.”

    You laughed. “I guess it does. Hey, how was your food?” You winked at him and he laughed.

     “Positively scrumlicious.” He only managed to keep a straight face for a few moments before he burst out laughing and you did as well.

    “I mean, it is kinda catchy,” you admitted.

    “All right, it’ll be our thing then,” Jay said.

     You laughed. “All right then.”

First Kiss

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Artist: Jay Park

You were making dinner because Jay was coming over tonight and you and him were going to have a movie night kind of date, you decided to bake chicken in the oven and make a salad and pasta, Jay has been working extra hard these couple months and he barely has time to eat a proper meal, so you made sure to do that for him.

You were extra excited because you guys haven’t had a proper date in a while, it’s all been texting and face-timing mostly. You were setting the table when you heard the door bell, you walked to the door and opened it to see your lovely boyfriend, you gave Jay a hug and said

“Hey baby” you said.


Yeah you and Jay haven’t been dating for a long time, you knew him before but you guys have been only dating for two months now, which kind of leads to why you guys haven’t kissed yet.

“It smells good” Jay said

I made chicken with pasta and some salad, I hope you like that” you said hoping he likes that kind of food

“I like food in general, but I’ll love it when you make it” he said and just smiled at you, you just started giggling and went back to setting the table.

“Jay I have a few movies laid out, you could see and check which one you want to watch for the night, and the food will be right out” you told him, so he doesn’t get bored waiting.

“Babe, I’ve been wanting to watch this movie” Jay said in an excited voice.

“I know, that’s why I rented it for the night, I remembered when you said you wanted to watch it, but I figured your very busy” you told him.

It was Central Intelligence, you and Jay liked these type of movies, so it was always easy to choose one.

“Babe, the dinner is ready come eat ” you called out Jay.

“Hmm, everything looks so good” he said. “Wait” he said and you looked at him confused.

“What’s wrong”

“I have to take a picture of this and show everyone how my lovely girlfriend takes care of me” he said.

“Jay, it’s nothing, really” you looked at amused.

Dinner was amazing you and Jay got to talk about your missed times together and what you guys have plans for later on.

“The movie is almost starting” Jay called out

“I’ll be right back, just finishing up the popcorn” you got the popcorn and you surprised him with your homemade Oreo Cheesecake.

“Woow, that looks really good” Jay said when he saw the cheesecake.

“I hope it turned out good though” you said, since you did it in a hurry.

You guys were in the middle of the movie, but you started shifting trying to get a comfortable spot,

“Come here” Jay said and opened his arms so you could lay on his chest.

“Mmm” you said but gave him a shy smile and went into his welcomed embrace.

You looked at but saw that he was already looking at you.

“What” you said

“Nothing” he just smiled at you.

You usually would look away and just dismiss the moment, but you guys have been dating for two months now, and it was probably time for you guys to share your first kiss So continued

“Why are you looking at me, hmm” you asked

“Because your so pretty”

“Well your not bad yourself” you said and he just started laughing.

You had your hand behind his neck and you were playing with his hair, you felt like the moment was just right, you looked into Jays eyes and got closer and looked at his lips and then back at his eyes.

Jay got closer and closed the distance and kissed you. It was a simple make out and then Jay pecked your lips a couple times and looked into your eyes. You were so shy you looked away and just cuddled inti his chest, Jay just chuckled and cuddled you even tighter.

Thank you so much for reading it and I hope you enjoy it.


Hearts Wide Open

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Part 8 - The Deepest Secrets

Master List

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1,795
Warnings: language, mentions of adoption, mentions of cheating, mentions of pregnancy, mentions of giving birth
A/N: Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted this! There will only be maybe 4 more parts left of this! I hope you enjoy! Anyway, feedback is super cool :)

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The name Canyonlands doesn’t really do the park justice, there is so much more to see beyond the massive canyons carved out by the Colorado and Green Rivers.  I only had time to visit the Island in the Sky area.  Appropriately named so beause of its massive mesas (mesa= flat tableland with steep edges) which have 300+ feet drops down to an expansive middle level that is then carved by an additional level of steep canyons into the third level down (photo).

It was a perfectly clear day (as the various hikers I ran into kept reminding me) and as I hiked around the top level you could see 30-40 miles into the distance.  Mesa Arch (photo) sits on the top mesa directly above a 300 foot drop, which made walking on top of it sphincter tightening fun.  

The previous night I returned back to town too late for dinner as apparently all restaurants close their kitchens around 8:30 in Moab (really?), something you’d never expect coming from NYC, and ended up eating at Denny’s.  Turns out eating dinner alone at Denny’s, surrounded by truckers and drifters, is a somewhat depressing experience.  I made sure to get back in time this time and try the famous Alfredo William’s at Pasta Joe’s.  A fried chicken cutlet bigger than my head laying on top of Linguine Alfredo?  Oh, hell yes (photo).  Although it did make it nearly impossible for me to stay awake for the 1:30 hour drive afterwards to Bluff, UT. 

Canyonlands National Park and Moab, Utah.

Day 10


  • Kanye: Okay Jay-Z this song is called 'Glutton' so I ne--
  • Jay-Z: Hell yeah I love food. I know a bunch of food.
  • Kanye: Well its really about greed and the consumi--
New York Surprises (Tayvin AU) Part 18


As soon as mommy and Adam left the table I snuck out of the booth to watch them.

“Jay, come on…. You have to help me spy!” I told him, making him slide out of the booth as well and follow me as we ducked behind a chair.

We watched Mommy and Adam hug and then start talking as Adam got her a drink.

“Hey kids! Where are your mom and da-… I mean Adam?” Charlie asked us.

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New York Surprises (Tayvin AU) Part 10


As soon as I sat down at my desk after leaving the café, the reality of the situation actually sunk in. I had just invited Adam over to my apartment for a movie night with my, sorry…our, kids having only spoken to him once and only seen him twice, basically since the twins were conceived.

What the heck was I thinking? I just got so wrapped up in the situation, so enamoured by Adam’s easy going attitude and smile. I tried to calm myself down, not wanting to draw attention to the fact I was going crazy.

Karlie. Urgent need of best friend therapy tonight. Are you free?’ I texted Karlie.

yeah sure! I’ll be at yours by 6 for dinner ;)’ She replied almost immediately, calming me down substantially. Karlie took every opportunity possible to come over to own apartment and see the kids, as well as the fact that, despite being a food photographer, she hated to cook.

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